The notebook movie relationship analysis

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the notebook movie relationship analysis

Noah is a most engaging character who is unimpressed with striving for success no matter the cost. He is a blue-collar worker who spends an. Sociohistorical and geographical location – Many decisions made within the movie, especially in regards to Allie's future, were influenced by. Free Essay: Introduction The Notebook (Cassavetes, ) is a love story about a young couple named Allie wanted to keep up a relationship with Noah simply because she was in love, and she was Essay Analysis Of ' The Notebook ' Interpersonal Conflict in Film COM July 6, Interpersonal Conflict in Film .

For a counselor looking into the cases of these two characters in their youth, the weakness and promiscuity displayed by Iris Murdoch would come across as abnormal.

the notebook movie relationship analysis

It would then follow that the counselor would devise ways to curb this tendency in the subject. But there are divergences between the two characters in their faithfulness to their partners.

Character analysis from the movies Iris and The Notebook

In the case of Allie, it was unforeseen circumstances that parted her from Noah and led to her engagement with Lon. The circumstances turn favorable to the former lovers, when Allie eventually agrees to heed to her heart and returns to Noah. This is despite the fact that Lon was of good social and economic standing.

the notebook movie relationship analysis

Cue romantic rainstorm where Allie involuntarily participates in a wet T-shirt contest. I wrote you letters. I wrote you everyday for a year.

the notebook movie relationship analysis

Noah and Allie asleep on the floor in blankets. Can I meet her? Martha then leaves and Noah walks the poor lonely widow out. Then her mom shows up.

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I might know you better than you think. My father was furious so we ran away but the police picked us up. What about the past couple of days?

the notebook movie relationship analysis

I know what this is about. Would you just stay with me? Stay with you, what for? Everyday you and me. They both drink wine and Noah finishes the story. James Marsden AKA nicest man ever: I can shoot him, kick the crap out of him, or leave you, but none of those options give me you and I love you. Can this guy get a spinoff movie?

Do you think that our love can create miracles? She spends a wonderful summer with him, loses her virginity to him, and then loses him for fourteen years. When she sees an article on his house, she is compelled to find him again and either tell him she is engaged or reconnect their love for each other.

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When Noah sees her again, he knows that she is still the wonderful woman he has missed for the last fourteen years. He describes her best: She is a dream, a creator of happiness, am artist who has touched a thousand souls.

the notebook movie relationship analysis

She is kind and loyal, and she is able to see beauty where others do not. She is a teacher of wonderful lessons, a dreamer of better things.