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relationship counselling sydney city

Specialist marriage & relationship counselling Sydney CBD. We are expert trained to help your relationship - Associated Marriage & Relationship Counsellors. Results We have found businesses for Marriage, Family & Personal Counselling in SYDNEY CBD, NSW - PsychelpSydney, Anglicare Counselling. Sydney Relationship Counsellor and Marriage Therapist + Associates provides counselling in Sydney from two office locations including the Sydney CBD and.

Conflicts about gambling, addictions or other behaviours. All these can be examples of the sorts of issues which, if unresolved, can lead to frustration, conflict and bitterness between partners.

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Many couples also choose to attend pre-marriage counselling to learn about each other and prevent future conflict. The therapist will help the couple discuss their thoughts and feelings, in order to help them gain a better understanding of their own, and each others position.

Often the therapist is able to highlight misunderstandings in the couple's communication. This process itself motivates a change in the way each partner feels and behaves toward the other. Often the therapist will also offer a new perspective on the issues at hand or suggest a direction for treatment to help both partners achieve their goals. This may include the teaching of strategies to help improve communications.

Each partner's active participation is vital in promoting the success of the therapy. For most couples, these sexual issues are a symptom of general relationship problems.

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It may be that there is less affection in the relationship than there used to be, that stress has increased, or that there are some anxieties about sex itself. Most of these concerns can be addressed by your couple counsellor and most couples find that sexual issues resolve once the intimacy in the relationship is restored. For some couples sexual dysfunction or sexual issues predominate even though the couple is closely bonded and in love.

relationship counselling sydney city

Sex therapy can help when you have an otherwise functional relationship in which sexual dysfunction is the only problem. If required a couple therapists can also refer you on to a Sex Therapist. This can leave both partners hurt, and with a sense of injustice, reducing their willingness to compromise and negotiate. This is similar to attack and counterattack, except that one member of the pair repeatedly defends themselves against perceived or actual criticism.

In the end, one person feels berated and put down, and the other feels that their partner is not listening or taking their concerns seriously.

relationship counselling sydney city

Labelling and blaming, in which couples frame issues in terms of the other person's character rather than their behaviour. For example, one person calls the other lazy or selfish rather than pointing out that the dishes are dirty. Labelling and blaming increases defensiveness, anger, and hurt, and reduces the chances that each partner will engage constructively with the other. Mindreading and personalising, in which one partner makes assumptions and inferences about what their partner's behaviour means, e.

This kind of reasoning can turn manageable problems into larger issues than they need to be, and can exacerbate a couple's feeling that they don't understand one another. Overgeneralising, which involves thinking - and saying - that something is more frequent or pervasive than it really is. Overgeneralising statements often start with "You always" or "You never". One outcome can be that the partner on the receiving end feels unfairly accused and unappreciated, and is more likely to "give up" or stop trying, and to take their partners concerns less seriously.

relationship counselling sydney city

Colouring the relationship black. This occurs when one or both members of a couple see problems in the relationship as a sign that the whole partnership is flawed, rather than viewing problems as contained issues that can be addressed while the rest of the relationship remains intact.

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Such thinking can make problems seem more threatening and overwhelming than they need to be, leading to reactions and approaches that are out of proportion to the issue at hand. When conflict is excessive, frequent, or unnecessarily intense, a couples counsellor or psychologist can help you to identify and change your unhelpful approaches to problem resolution.

Once this layer of interpersonal dynamics is improved, you and your partner are in a position to constructively and collaboratively address your underlying differences together. The ability to do so is a very important ingredient for the long term health of your relationship, and is a cornerstone of stability and satisfaction.

relationship counselling sydney city

Couples counselling or marriage counselling also helps you to re-establish your connection and bond to one another, so that your relationship is a source of support and wellbeing. Our approach to couples or marriage counselling is informed by therapies shown by research to be effective even for couples who are in significant distress, on the verge of separation, or who have been experiencing problems for a long time, as well as for couples who are less distressed or with less entrenched problems, but would like to enhance their relationship.