Perils of penelope pitstop ending relationship

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perils of penelope pitstop ending relationship

Penelope was popular enough that after Wacky Races ended, she received her own short-lived spin-off series, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop! Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships · Co-Stars Who. But when the show ended, HB noticed that how popular Penelope was in The show was called "The Perils of Penelope Pitstop", and it was. The show features the most successful characters of Wacky Races, namely Penelope Pitstop and the members of Ant Hill Mob, who take on.

perils of penelope pitstop ending relationship

He's got a giant nose, a flabby chin, and a lanky body with a walk to match! As Sylvester Sneekly, he has a Horned Hairdowhich indicates his true colors. Frankly, I'm surprised nobody ever commented on this before. Only Known by Their Nickname: Six of the mobsters.

Surprisingly subverted, as despite the pleasure that Sneekly gets from slowly and painfully killing Penelope, when someone else tried to attack her, he was perfectly content to watch and get rid of her.

Clyde of the Ant Hill Mob. The Hooded Claw used obvious disguises a lot, and sometimes would wear his purple ribbon mask with them, too. In the first episode, "Jungle Jeopardy", a single small umbrella is enough to lower the entire Ant Hill Mob and Chuggaboom safely to the ground. We never find out what happened to Penelope's parents, or why they were crazy enough to entrust her guardianship to Sneekly.

We can presume they're deceased, as Penelope lampshaded in the episode "The Hair-Raising Harness Race," in which she is attempting to win the Pitstop Cup in said race: Dear Daddy would have wanted it that way. He paid for the cup, y'know. In "London Town Treachery", the Hooded Claw captures Penelope and attempts to kill her using a bladed pendulum that swings lower and lower.

Penelope Pitstop is a woman who wears pink. Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Penelope looooves pink; all the mobsters except Clyde wear blue suits. Softy has a pink hat-band, however. In fact, each member of the mob has a different colour hat-band. The Ant Hill Mob doesn't do very much mob-type stuff.

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Granted, as they're the heroes of the show, there isn't a lot mob-like they can get away with anymore, they did a bit more in Wacky Races where they were more antagonistic.

The Hooded Claw lights one in "Jungle Jeopardy". In "North Pole Peril", Penelope wears a fur-trimmed coat. Penelope's Improvised Parachute above. Rising Water, Rising Tension: While the water rises, the Ant Hill Mob search the ship for her. Just as Penelope is near the harpoon on the ceiling, the mobsters open the door and release all the water. Rube Goldberg Hates Your Guts: The Hooded Claw could be the poster boy for this trope with how complicated some of his death traps can be.

From the debut episode, "Jungle Jeopardy": My arch enemy, the Hooded Claw! Who did you expect? Unlike the Penelope of Wacky Races, it's averted here. She is given whites in her eyes, and the DVD package interior art appears to have given her blue irises.

The Hooded Claw can Snark with the best of 'em, since he is played by Paul Lyndeand none of this should come as a surprise. A magnifying glass is set so that the sun's rays will burn the rope and send the mob plummeting into a deep chasm.

Penelope is a beautiful woman with a Southern accent. Why do you think they call him Zippy? Spell My Name with a "The": Chugaboom is occasionally referred to as "the Chugaboom". Penelope is tall, blond and gorgeous. But then, the Ant Hill Mobsters are very short. The narrator throws in a doozy after the Claw has a fit over a plan gone wrong: Typical of Hanna-Barbera during this era, quite a bit of animation gets reused, such as certain shots of characters speaking including a couple shots of the Hooded Claw laughingand the various walk and run cycles including Penelope Pitstop's distinctive leg-kicking run.

When Penelope needs protection, it will be fashionable. The Hooded Claw's traps always consisted of some kind of crazy Rube Goldberg-esque setup that would eventually lead to Penelope's death. More often than not, the Claw would always spend nearly a minute explaining how the trap works, and Penelope often takes advantage of the time it takes for the trap to go into action to save herself.

On the original CBS run, a teaser for the next episode was presented at the conclusion of the just-aired story followed by a "To be continued next week" announcement and title card. It was retained when the show went into syndication in the late s; it was edited out from Cartoon Network and Boomerang runs as well as from the DVD set.

He certainly was the luckiest of the mob. Penelope kissed him twice. And he's only the most pronounced example as all members of the Ant Hill Mob qualify for this.

Heck, even the Hooded Claw has had moments of mindblowing stupidity, like attempting to see if a ball can shake a moving platform that sends to a squashing machine, while standing on it.

One of Zippy's many talents. The Ant Hill Mob often were successful in saving Penelope, but frequently got themselves in trouble in the process, requiring their rescued friend to help them out.

The characters are always traveling abroad. And, yes, the incongruity of forcing someone to walk the plank in the desert was lampshaded by Penelope.

The cannonballs were an interesting addition, though. We Will Meet Again: Done at the end of almost every episode, if not every one, with the Hooded Claw vowing to get Penelope "next time". The Hooded Claw's time-activated death traps for Penelope.

You'd swear he made it a requirement that Penelope die in only this manner. It seems likely that he is a sadist who can never resist the temptation of playing with his food first. Penelope would never believe that her guardian, Sneekly, was the Hooded Claw, even after she pointed out many times that they look just alike.

Upon seeing the episode again, one can see that Sneekly saved his butt by assuming his normal identity and volunteering his time at the circus as a quick-change artist. His getting up as the Claw was just him showing a sample to Penelope, again to cover himself. Penelope idealistically doesn't believe Sneekly would stoop to that level. Little does she know. Just to show how much of an idealist she is, she knows the Hooded Claw is "also" a quick-change artist, meaning she believes Sneekly and the Claw are two of that kind of artist instead of only one.

You Just Ruined the Shot: Still, it was only a matter of time. How much jail time did attempted murder get someone, anyway? And multiple counts, at that! It was rather hot out here. Sylvester took his pince-nez glasses off his long nose, feeling slight relief. Of course, wearing a three-piece suit out here didn't help. Penelope turned her head at that moment and saw him standing there.

He wondered if she knew how long he'd been standing there watching her. He went across the grounds to the cabana, where swimwear was stored. He swiftly changed to swimwear, then went over to the pool, sat down at the edge, and dunked his feet.

It felt so much better out here. From where he sat, he studied his charge. She did not treat him like a servant, but as a trusted friend, almost like an uncle. Like always, he pushed that from his thoughts-or tried to.

perils of penelope pitstop ending relationship

He had to view her as an obstacle between him and vast wealth. The problem was, every so often what conscience he had would stab at him and remind him that he at least had a home at the Pitstop estate. He had been orphaned at a young age himself, raised in an orphanage, and not treated very well. He'd managed to put himself through school.

He had been determined to succeed and become fabulously wealthy, and for him that meant no romantic entanglements and very few friends. Penelope's father had been a very friendly type, and Sylvester had been genuinely sad at his passing. Penelope had matured greatly over the past few years, he had to admit.

perils of penelope pitstop ending relationship

She'd been a typical spoiled rich girl and Sylvester had felt that she didn't deserve all that wealth, especially since she hadn't worked for it. But in the past couple of years, she'd taken on different charitable causes and had become a pillar in the community. Her long blond hair was down. Sylvester couldn't help but admire it. She was the epitome of a Southern belle-cute, fun, and gracious.

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As far as he knew, she had never seriously dated anyone, as she was too busy with her charities and the like, and she couldn't seem to find a man that suited her. Since men were just about beating down the door for a chance at one date with her, she could easily afford to take her time and choose. Sylvester had never dated anyone himself, as he'd been too busy trying to pull himself out of poverty.

While he found women attractive as any average man would, he'd forced himself to shut down any of those thoughts. Somehow, though, Penelope, whether she was aware of it or not, had been penetrating that wall he'd put up. It might be her close proximity; they did live in the same home, but at opposite ends of the mansion, so that it might well be different addresses. Penelope got up, put her book down, and sat beside him at the edge of the pool.

She dunked her small feet into the water. Inwardly, though, he thought he felt a kind of heat building up. Their relationship had always been platonic at least to her, at any rateand he wondered if she had any idea at all what effect she had been having on him lately. As Sylvester-when he was not in Hooded Claw mode-he was always kind to Penelope, thoughtful, and generous.

To him it was all an act. Or at least it had been until recently. He found himself wondering if it had all been just an act this entire time. Which was his real self-Sylvester the loyal guardian, or the criminal known as the Hooded Claw? A thought came to him. She turned her head and looked him in the eyes as she said it. Sylvester fought to keep his composure. What was it about this girl that made it difficult, if not impossible?

Sylvester watched as she strode into the mansion.