Mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

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mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

Appearances, Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis . Suddenly, the male students show up at the workshop, but quickly retreat when they see Nikki, . In Nikki's ending, the screen is pitch-black as Vayne and Nikki are sneaking out of a . For Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis on the PlayStation 2, Android · 3DS · DS · iOS · PC · PlayStation 3 · PlayStation 4 · PSP · Switch If you do all of Nikki's character quests, Vayne and her end up together in the end. It depends rather you believe their relationship will remain 'friends' forever. Title: Mana Khemia: Student AlliancePlatform: PSPDeveloper: you developed a character and that character's relationship with Vayne. Personally I like the ending with Nikki or Anna or even the awesome Flay (haha!).

In battle, he wields cards- both as throwing items and a whip. Pacted to the Mana of Light. Most of his attack skills. Not as bad as Nikki, but some of the most hilarious moments of the game are caused by Flay and his own Mana having fun at his expense. Cannot Spit It Out: This is what the True Companions thought his feelings were regarding Pamela.

With a Mana like that. Character Quest 1, 2, 4. Pamela Character Quest 4. A scene where he is forced to drink one of Jess' potions and then spends the following week unable to sleep. A near perfect textbook example, mostly thanks to his Mana and Flay And though he isn't doesn't have a Fear of Thunderhis err, traumatization by Pamela scaring him during summer break of freshman year manifests in his very, very subpar ability ranked as Super Hard for him to gather at places like Old Schoolhouse, Resource Center, etc Note that he actually confesses to being traumatized if Vayne chooses the correct set of questions in quest 4.

Death Dealer Whip It Good: When you upgrade the number of hits enough, his normal attack has him using his cards in this manner Defeat Means Friendship And then later in his final character quest, this is played straight. He's not too bad once Vayne gets to know him. Don't You Dare Pity Me! It doesn't help that in the beginning, the latter has a sort of inferiority complex.

His ending seems to imply this, especially the "I'll follow you until I win subtext: It doesn't help that in his Character diary, he calls himself out on his obsession with Vayne. Roxis, despite the fact that accepting them would be the 'polite' thing to do, learn from Vayne's example and don't go anywhere near those potions that Jess and Pamela offer force on people. His family is famous for producing brilliant alchemists, but he's the first in over a century to show any potential.

He mentions in one cutscene that his father made the money they lived on by playing cards. Right, so, um, having 'hardly any talent in alchemy' equates to being able to synthesize most usables with an Easy or Super Easy ranking? If anything, he's one of the more capable alchemists in the workshop. Perhaps it's just a low self-opinion, since when Vayne brings up the fact that Roxis is getting better, Roxis only retorts that Vayne must be slacking.

And then we have him apparently being 'not that tough.

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That is, until you visit the dungeon, and talk to the captured monster, hear her plead for you to free her and mention her children must be hungryand realize there's nothing programmed into the game that allows you to free her.

Pamela; also Nikki and the other Beastman girls. And then there are those angel and demon enemies Dark Is Not Evil: Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: When your party dies, you conveniently wake up in the school infirmary, none the worse for wear- unless you died in a story important battle, where you get a game over. Not quite friendship, but you get Roxis in this manner.

Played straight with Nikki's gimmick — see ' Monster Allies ' below. Frequently enough for the Defender of Justice, at least until his second-to-last Character Quest. Also, Jess confesses to being one before being accepted into the academy.

There has to be some reason that certain characters' hair and outfits billow around in battle while others in the same environment don't The kids in the Music Room.

Also, Tony and Renee are almost always fought as this, unless the latter summons her Mana. Comes up in Flay, Anna, and Roxis' final character quests. Jess, Pamela, Roxis and Muppy use magic for everything, including standard attacks, which makes their attack stats useless. Once Pamela gets Physical Immunity her defense stat has no point either.

Especially notable as this is Pamela's first appearance, before her formal introduction in Chapter 3. The latter was even described this way: The strongest, worst thing in the world.

A concentrated mass of power, this being hints that the end of the world is near Wouldn't you believe it, this shows up near the end of the game. If the player really counts the Quirky Miniboss Squad as real "enemies". At the end of Chapter 8, the workshop goes off into the monster-infested depths of an abandoned schoolhouse to find a rare flower that just so happens to be the cure for an ailing friend.

Cue Renee and Tonywho, under orders, come to assist them. Not very heroically either; the party's reactions are, amusingly enough: Pride makes himself known: Umm, maybe you shoulda been honest and let them help. Coming to their rescue to ask for help?

Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The Final Boss"Crazed Eye s ".

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The so-called "trivia" questions in the School Trivia contest somewhat fall into this, much to the surprise of the contestants. Melanie, the school nurseis a dead ringer for Justice High's school nurse Kyoko. Just as bootilicious, too. Both the school principal and Professor Zeppel lack backbone. About two thirds of the character sidequests involve his friends browbeating him into doing something. The Vice-Principal does this fairly often.

The Mana, which are Elemental Embodiments of their respective element. Vayne, run far away should Flay ever come up with an idea he won't explain to you. Mana were experimented on loooong ago. One that breaks free ends up fighting the party out of revenge. The aptly named Finishing Bursts. The school grounds are held up by a Wind Mana. Endgame speech from select party member to Vayne.

Many of the character's final character quests apply too: Jess's finishing burst has her fuse with her mana. See Power Gives You Wings below.

Also, Anna's Finishing Burst fuses her with her mana, making her older. Amazingly, the Party Switch mechanic will save you a lot from the hard-hitting enemies in the Bonus Dungeon. So, no matter how powerful the enemy's attack is, Guts will keep the switched character from being killed by said attack. And with most enemies in the Bonus Dungeon specifically the Delinquent-types having attacks so powerful that they're practically One-Hit Killand said Delinquents take a really long time to beat.

mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

Once Vayne learns Over Realm, you can set up an infinte chain of attacks with it for as long as your SP restoring items can last. Gameplay and Story Segregation: The game's chapters are divided in the form of a curriculum. Roxis, upon joining the workshop, refuses to work with Vayne or anyone for that matter because he hates him.

This results in Roxis not joining in with Co-op Synthesis. You can get him to cooperate sometime after he joins. Oh yes, her bag can eat her enemy and spit out candies for her. She is a beastmen half human — half beast and uses a huge hammer in battle. Since beastmen populations are decreasing, she became keen on finding a good husband to bear kids for her. Pamela Ibis Pamela is my most favorite girl of this game.

Yes, you read it right. Pamela is a dwelling ghost that lives within the library of the Al-Revis Academy. She was kept hidden from the freshmen during the first semester. After that, she will appear to scare the newcomers. She is a kind playful ghost that loves teddy bear. After meeting with Vayne, she decides to join the workshop and moves away from the library. Anyway, during battle, Pamela is proficient in using magic to aid the party in several ways. But most importantly, she is arguably the best tank of the game.

If her HP hits 0, she will automatically be revived after a few turns. This means that unless your whole party is wiped out at the same time, Pamela can never truly die in battle. Not to mention that later on, she gains the ability to become completely vulnerable to physical attacks and her special Switch Support ability allows her to nullify any attack in place of a party member. Yup, Pamela is just that awesome. He spent the first few chapters of the story trying to convince the Mana of Gold to forge a pact with him, which is why he was not in your party until later.

And when he joins your party, things get really fun. His attack rating is sky-high and he can deal damage as high as any characters in your current team.

Oh, we also completely ignore the fact that he is wayyyyy too old to be in this school. Why is he still here? Well, basically, he just cuts all classes and skips all exams. Roxis fits such position. They did not like each other at first. I was really expecting Roxis to have a personality like Lezard due to his appearance, but it turns out that aside from badass-ism, he is nowhere close to Lezard lol.

mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

In fact, there are times where he even became a comic relief thanks to the Mana of Light. In battle, Roxis uses cards as his weapon. He has a couple of skills that deals directly with the Time Cards as well as many other Time Card skills.

These two skills saved my hide a lot in many battles, and it also creates a lot of nifty combos. Anna Lemouri Anna is the youngest member of the workshop.

mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

She is an alchemist and knows how to wield katana. That fits the definition of badass in my dictionary. Anna is my second favorite girl of this game due to how powerful she is in battle.

mana khemia student alliance nikki ending a relationship

She has fairly high stats in attack, magic, and speed. This allows her to get her turn quickly as well as allow her to attack both with physical and magical attacks. Random mobs are taken out very easily with her help.

Her Switch Support skills, while simple, are extremely useful — it allows her to get her turn instantly after switching with another party member. Muppy Muppy is an alien who plans on taking over this school because his ship was broken and he cannot return to his home.

However, looking at his ability, he seems like another viable candidate for tanking due to his Defense Support that allows him to take hits in place of all of his party members. Since I prefer Pamela, Muppy has no place in my team.

A total of 6 characters can participate in battle — 3 Vanguard members and 3 Reserve members. The Vanguard members are allowed to take action fight directly with enemies, while the Reserve members will wait at the back, restoring their SP.