Krystal amber relationship

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krystal amber relationship

Ohwell whatever their real relationship is, i'm still gonna ship them:D. 0 krystal's possesive towards amber, that's for sure. whether she loves. Amber Liu I did not know that f(x) member Amber is Taiwanese. group, f(x), which is also composed of Krystal, Sulli, Victoria, and Luna. Also. Amber mentioned that the nickname 'stupid' that krystal (an soo jung) used in High the dj asked f(X) what are some good ways to develop relationships with .

krystal amber relationship

He told me not to forget my feelings at this moment. My oldest brother is going into the military at the end of this month, and I will miss him a lot. Since his sibling is a f x member, his military life will be comfortable. Hoho laughing [Amber] I called my mother who is currently in America. They said they were very proud of their daughter. I tend to sweat a lot, and my sister told me to be more careful because you can see all the beads of sweat, and she also said to work harder on my face expressions.

As a sunbae seniormy sister cheers for me, and also gives a lot of advice, so I like it. I need to work harder, in everything. As a matter of fact, I became casted into the agency together with my sister, but since I was so young at that time, I started my training years later.

Although I did go to acting school ever since I was younger, but I only went because my mother registered me.

krystal amber relationship

However after successfully passing the auditions, I went entirely on my own will. I formed a curiosity of how it would feel of standing on stage as a singer.

krystal amber relationship

If the opportunity comes, I would like to be both an actress and a singer together. I also want to meet Lee Hyori sunbae. I would like to learn from her on, how to seize the stage.

She is intelligent and attractive, and symbolizes woman. Amber likes me a lot.

krystal amber relationship

Though didn't Amber visit her later that year on the set of her drama and pose with her for a picture? Someone also pointed out that the two plus Luna went to a coffee shop. This shows they were on speaking terms, if nothing else. I guess since they're coworkers they kind of have to be, so if there was an issue that would be the reason they fixed it quickly, because I'm not so sure that a person would be so inclined to be with their ex.

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That whole situation was really, really weird and I'm still scratching me head at it. Someone said they doubted the validity of kryber's interactions and they have a point. We don't know how much is manufactured and it's good to be skeptical.

f(x)’s Amber dating someone?!

The fan accounts are probably best dismissed when trying to figure out the kryber relationship, since we simply can't see them. Going on, I don't think they're all forced or purely for show, for various reasons. We do have moments where the two aren't aware the cameras were on them and times when they either don't care, or forget that they can be filmed. Anyway onto the fake stuff.

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We know they're well aware that they're shipped and that Amber is a troll who clearly understands what it's like to ship celebrities may we all reach the heights of Shipping Master Amber.

So we have her posting things on social media about Krystal and acting a bit more touchy than usual in public. Someone said they noticed Krystal makes Amber act really cut and out of character, so I have to wonder if when she's acting that way if she's not teasing us a little bit.

The one thing I've always wondered is: For example, Super Junior, they are a group that is mixed with Chinese and Korean members. And there's boy group EXO, who you probably don't need me to introduce.

Another group is Skarf which is composed of members that are from Singapore who are Ferlyn and Tasha. So, it looks like K-Pop is looking for talented members from other parts of Asia and are mixing it up by not only having Korean members.

This is great because it is good to have different members from other countries because it shows that the Korean entertainment industry is open to other countries by looking for talented singers. Let's talk about who Amber Liu is in-case you do not know who she is. Also, just to throw in some information about Victoria, she is not Korean as well.

So the group has members from other parts of Asia as well. So when did this talented singer and rapper get noticed by SM Entertainment? They loved what they saw in Amber and knew that she was talented and quickly put her on a plane to South Korea to initiate her rigorous training.

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Amber was so excited during that year and knew what she was going to get herself into with the training that she had to go through. She has prevailed as evidenced by her singing as well as rapping skills. Amber has passed all of the training and gained numerous fans in Los Angeles, Taipei, and of course South Korea.