Iain de caestecker relationship quotes

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iain de caestecker relationship quotes

and Fitz-Simmons (Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge, respectively) and De Caestecker is a highlight week after week, and he truly deserves a bigger but by having the plot create obstacles in their relationship. The 30 Best TV Quotes of By Amy Amatangelo December 31, Iain De Caestecker portrayed Leo Fitz in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot episode Progress. He also portrayed Fitz's Life-Model. It helped establish the comfortable nature of their relationship right from the . Iain De Caestecker created a completely new Fitz who we had.

The Winter Soldier acted as a trampoline to bring Agents of S. The fall of the S. A main character who earned the trust of not only his teammates, but also likely the viewers, was not who he appeared to be.

At the time, a twist like this felt Sixth Sense level. Lesser-skilled writers would have messed this up eventually: But the show not only stuck with this, it went further—the once-bland Ward became truly evil, an emotionally troubled and downright sadistic antagonist.

iain de caestecker relationship quotes

As Ward developed, so did the series. With the situation now dire for the characters, the tone was significantly less optimistic, and enshrouded in paranoia and darkness.

The format became less monster-of-the-day, and more serialized. What felt like a chore suddenly became must-watch television for me.

Iain De Caestecker

The expanding cast of characters, storylines and other concepts that the show introduced allowed S. By the end of Season One, Agents of S.

iain de caestecker relationship quotes

These are actually very good actors. Watching De Caestecker who had a successful acting career in the U. The series has also made excellent use of guest stars: They have to constantly lie to their family, relationships almost never work and people keep trying to kill them.

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The one positive is that they get to save the world with their friends. It took awhile for Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter to be completely accepted by the team, but once they were, that was it, they were family.

In season three, a mission in Russia went wrong, and Bobbi and Hunter were arrested by the Russian military.

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To avoid exposing S. In a world of aliens and superheroes, he always finds a way to stay logical.

iain de caestecker relationship quotes

Knowing that and considering they had been through this with Ultron, it completely makes sense that he was ready for an evil robot.

In fact, Mack is so smart he has a special life insurance policy prepared for killer robots. His girlfriend YoYo seems very surprised by this, but really at this point, she should totally understand.

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Also, since they spend most of the hour listing off all the movies where robots go bad and end up killing people, it seems like something she knows a little about too. You just know Mack has a secret apocalypse bunker ready to go. As we learned in season one, this is because Fitz is in love with Jemma.

His love for her has never wavered, but it took her a little longer to get there. In the season one finale he sacrificed himself and suffered brain damage to save her life. In the season two finale he finally got the courage to ask her out, then held those reservations while she was trapped on another planet. He then worked tirelessly to find a way to get her off said planet. Fitz has never lost faith in Jemma, so it was great when she finally repaid the favor and rescued him from the Framework.

Later, in Captain America: It was clear from day one that they had a special relationship. They trust each other in a way that no one else on the team does.