How to implement dependency relationship in java

Understanding Dependencies

how to implement dependency relationship in java

This article will explain some of the Object Oriented Programming concepts we use in most of the classes that we write, even if we don't know. Composition and Aggregation are the two forms of association. In above example two separate classes Bank and Employee are associated through their Objects. . Dependency: Aggregation implies a relationship where the child can exist. UML Dependency relationship overview diagram - usage, abstraction, UML spec inferior example: Car class has an instantiate dependency on the CarFactory.

Object Oriented programming ( OOP ) :- What is Aggregation , Association and Composition ?

What does that mean? If a component changes internally, its implementation, or externally, its interface, it is probable that all dependent components should change accordingly.

The stronger the dependency between the components, the higher the above probability. Coupling Coupling between components measures their degree of dependency. Tightly coupled components have a high probability of changing together; loosely coupled components have a lower probability.

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Dependency between components must be minimized, making components loose coupled. Why is this principle so important? The main concept behind it is that we should be free to change a component to resolve a bug, or to add a new feature, or to do whatever we want, without having to worry about changes to other components of the architecture.

  • Calculating Dependency

Why are changes considered so dangerous in software development? Every time we change a component, there is the risk that we are introducing a bug. To avoid regressions, we have to re-execute all tests associated with the changed components what if we have not automated testing? Martin … Moreover, we might not directly own the dependent components. In such cases, changes must be discussed with external developers, properly scheduled, and so on.

This is one of the main reasons that stops the evolution of an architecture. Finally, this principle is so important because of the dynamism of software architectures.

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There is no software product that does not change over its lifetime. Changes happen, changes are part of the software world.

how to implement dependency relationship in java

Basically, in object-oriented programming, we are interested in dependencies among types — concrete types classes or abstract types abstract classes and interfaces.

The different kinds of dependency between types are well-summarized in the following figure. The figure maps all possible types dependencies into four equivalence sets. The notation used is UML.

Dependency On the left, we find the weakest form of dependency. With a dashed arrow between two types in UML, we model a dependency that: The following code fits exactly the above definition. Association means that a class will actually contain a reference to an object, or objects, of the other class in the form of an attribute. Translating into code, we have something similar to the following.

Dependency in UML

Their behavior starts to be more coupled because the relationship between the types is not temporary anymore, but it starts to be something permanent i. Aggregation and Composition Aggregation and composition are stronger versions of the association relationship: An experienced software developer knows what happens at runtime when some dependency is missing, with application killed by LinkageError or ClassNotFoundException from the class loader.

So dependency could in fact have some grave runtime semantics implications. A dependency is generally shown as a dashed arrow pointing from the client dependent at the tail to the supplier provider at the arrowhead.

The arrow may be labeled with an optional stereotype and an optional name.

Understanding Dependencies

Class SearchController depends on requires SiteSearch interface. For many years UML specifications provide contradictory example of the dependency shown below. The explanation for the Figure 7. In this case, the dependency is an instantiate dependency, where the Car class is an instance of the CarFactory class. Car class has a dependency on the CarFactory class. CarFactory class depends on the Car class.

how to implement dependency relationship in java

This example in fact shows opposite to what UML specification states. CarFactory depends on the Car class. Car class could be defined without the knowledge of CarFactory class, but CarFactory requires Car for its definition because it produces Cars.

It is also wrong to say that " It is possible to have a set of elements for the client or supplier.