How to be playful in a relationship

how to be playful in a relationship

Be flirtatious, no matter how old the relationship is. This means small touches whenever you can, light kisses on the arm or neck, and genuinely playing with him. Relationships are all about growth, both as a team and as individuals, so instead of just settling for routine, try infusing some playfulness back. Do you LONG for the playful, fun, flirting and excitement that you used to have in your relationship? Sometimes it feels like life has become one.

how to be playful in a relationship

Until it becomes like another to-do on your list and just drops off your list, and you pretty much stop having sex or you go so long that you are not sure how to re-start it. You might even be really good parents together and good friends. Over time, when you are no longer sharing sex with the ONE person you are allowed to have sex with, upset and rejection starts to set in. Over time, rejection builds to resentment. This is very dangerous for a relationship. This is why I say….

You better start taking your FUN more seriously, because your relationship depends on it! SEX is a big hurdle to start with. It can feel insurmountable and it has a lot of energy tied to it for both of you. Then HOW do you bring the passion back? Bring the fun, playfulness and flirting back into your relationship!

how to be playful in a relationship

Make it a priority! Most people put being fun and playful at the bottom of a list of things that they never get to. Where you spent time fantasizing about where it might lead afterward?

How to Be Playful with Your Boyfriend: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Now, you might have been on some dates, but ask yourself honestly…. How many times in the last month have you been on a date like THAT?

You must MAKE time. Dating your partner is not an optional piece if you want to create an unshakable love and unleashed passion! Who the hell has time?! We all have the same 24 hours in a day! You can go out by just physically leaving your house with your partner next to you. Dating is completely different than that! One that can be learned. So how do you actually become playful? How do you practice it? And before anyone thinks: So my dad used to do all kinds of things with me.

I mean, come on.

This Is What Playfulness Does To Your Relationship | Thought Catalog

In fact, playfulness is actually a skill. But he never let me whine. He would just say: But the way he phrased it made me see what I was looking at in a different way. But wait — I can chase my brother around like a lunatic and make a game out of that. We can hide behind the cars.

How to Get the Playfulness, Fun & Flirting Back into Your Relationship!

I can do a cartwheel right here and no one would care. It was like instead of thinking: And fast forward to now, when I take out the trash or empty the dishwasher. But when I do them, I turn on music and me and those plates? Because in my mind, what other way is there?

This Is What Playfulness Does To Your Relationship

Why hate doing something, if you could turn it into play? They make you feel something. They wake you the hell up and make you want to LIVE.

And this is not to be confused with extroversion, or being the loudest person in the room.