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"No Khaleesi," Doreah purred, taking Daenerys's chin and turning the young . in a relationship but still receive great sex is amazing, until you catch feelings. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To Jon, Dany looked ethereal in the pre-dawn, her skin nearly glowing He guessed that Irri and Jhiqui normally built up the fire, but there was no . The dilemma posed by a secret relationship was that he couldn't defend it.

The scene with the stone men on the bridge is heavily altered for the show. In the novels, it is called the Bridge of Dreams, and Tyrion sails under it while traveling with another group. In the books, Tyrion does fall into the water near the Bridge of Dreams, but this is a much bigger deal as simply touching the water is known to cause greyscale.

Daenerys bringing the leaders of the houses of Meereen down to her Dragons is original to the series. A conversation is added between Jon Snow and Olly. As Olly is a character original to the HBO series, this scene does not happen in the novels. A conversation is added between Brienne and an innkeeper. As Myranda does not appear in the books, the scene between her and Ramsay is original to the series. The scene where a woman tells Sansa Stark to light a candle if she is ever in trouble is original to the series.

In the books, Sansa is still in the Eyrie, and this conversation is not analogous to any events that happen there. Likewise, all other scenes involving Sansa's presence in the north are original to the HBO series. Sansa and Theon Greyjoy do not meet again in the novels. A conversation between Roose and Ramsay Bolton about Ramsay's mother does not occur in the books.

In the novels, Ramsay knew his mother and was raised by her as a child. A scene between Gilly and Sam is added to the show, as is the subsequent conversation between Sam and Stannis Baratheon. In the novels, both Gilly and Sam have already left Castle Black. A conversation between Grey Worm and Missandei regarding Grey Worm's "failure" is original to the series. The pair's romantic relationship is also not taken from the novels.

A scene where Missandei counsels Dany is original to the TV series. Jorah Mormont and Tyrion reciting poetry to each other is original to the series. No POV character in the books actually sees Valyria, so it is never described first-hand. In the show, we actually get to see it as Jorah and Tyrion sail through it.

Tyrion does not see a dragon while traveling to Meereen in the books. Yes he is all for killing his queen's enemies, but he will also vouch for Jorah's return to court after he helps save Daenerys and shows respect to Tyrion's talents of governing. In the show, Daario's garb and appearance is toned down from in the novels, where he favors fancy clothes with lace and dyes his beard a bright blue.

All Men Are Perverts: He makes no secret of his lust to Daenerys when they meet. And he kills his two fellow leaders and pledges his entire army to Daenerys because he wants her for himself. Implied, as long as the thing in question wants it.

Of the pragmatic kind. He vouches for some ruthless measures when it comes to dealing with Dany's enemies, but nonetheless seems devoted to her cause. The only way you rise to the top of the Second Sons. With Jorah Mormont and Grey Worm. Since the recast, and a normal one, unlike the books. He gets asked if he wants to use a horse against Meereen's champion.

He asks why on earth he would want or need one, and proves he can back his boast up. He believes that the gods gave two sources of pleasure to man: The shape of his lips turns a garden-variety smug smile into this.

During the Siege of Meereen Chivalrous Pervert: He won't pay for sex or rape women, because he prefers making women want to fuck him instead. Ed Skrein's version was more than a little unhinged, complete with a truly bizarre but non-evil worldview.

Michiel Huisman's portrayal is much more grounded, though still not completely rational i. His solution to a champion on horseback charging at him? Throw his knife at the horse's head, killing it instantly and then killing the champion. In Season 5, he has also taken up Belwas' role as a former pit fighter who wants the practice resumed.

In Season 5, he also replaces the Adapted Out Shavepate as Dany's ruthless advisor, who, quite ironically, considers Dario himself to be a loose end and expendable in the books to the point of advocating leaving him for dead when he becomes a hostage. The hilts of his arakh and dagger are shaped like naked women. At the end of "Breaker of Chains", he disposes of Meereen's champion quickly and with little effort.

He's got more principles that he actually sticks to than most characters on the show, and is definitely a slut. He loves sex and fighting. When delivering Daenerys the heads of her enemies and other shows of valor fail to impress his Queen, Daario decides to take her more seriously, making a surprisingly astute statesman for a wandering merc.

He counsels Dany to adapt to the customs and society of the slaves she is freeing if she hopes to effectively lead them. By using the metaphor of three different flowering plants, he not only successfully continues his long game courtship but also imparts genuinely useful advice to Dany considering the social issues she will likely face in Season 4 and onwards.

As a mercenary captain, along with the Second Sons as a whole, though it's implied he serves Daenerys for free presumably he still pays his men, or else they wouldn't stick around.

He did not approve of Mero and Prendahl's plan to kill Daenerys, mainly on account of her beauty, and when they tried to kill him for refusing to carry out the assassination, he killed them.

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Still, Daario doesn't have what you'd typically call a sense of honor, it's more that he really doesn't like being told to do things he doesn't want to do. Doesn't appear in the series until Season 3. In "Breaker of Chains", he throws a knife at a charging horse and hits it in the eye from about twenty feet, killing it instantly and tossing the rider into decapitation range. For now we must do as we should.

You're more than that, whether or not you chose to accept it. You're an embodiment of two great houses. You are both Targaryen and Stark and so is our child.

Just never doubt yourself to me again. Never question why we belong to each other. What if the lords don't accept this. The lords don't have a choice. You are my choice, that's all they need be concerned with. I'm securing the friendship of the North. Anyone can see that it's an advantageous match. She's getting annoyed with me.

But she needs to think about the consequences. I will rule best knowing there is someone by my side who loves me and supports me, not just because I'm the queen. I need someone I can trust.

Jon pressed his lips to Dany's forehead and lingered for a moment. These moments when they were alone together helped him remember who he was, what he was fighting for, what they were fighting for. When he had sent Sam to the Citadel to find answers about how to fight the White Walkers he had no idea that his friend would return with the newly self-proclaimed Queen of Westeros with her dragons in tow.

He had admittedly been unconcerned with most of the squabbling and fighting that took place in and around King's Landing involving Daenerys and Aegon, the so-called Mummer's Dragon. Sam had sent ravens informing him of her victory, insisting that Maester Aemon must've been right about her all along.

She had asked him to serve as her Maester, a post which he needed Jon's permission in order to accept. She knew who Jon was, whose son he was, and it came as little surprise to him that she required him to bend the knee to her. He'd told her in no uncertain terms that he had no desires for a throne, but he couldn't help who his parents were.

She smiled at him for the first time and said she understood. She certainly hadn't chosen to be the Mad King's daughter. Fewer people will ask questions. Meet me at the stables then. Jon reluctantly stepped away from her embrace and fastened his sword about him, tossing his heavy cloak over his shoulders he called Ghost to him from his place near the hearth before walking out into the breaking daylight.

He was no more than three steps from Daenerys's door when he nearly ran into Ser Barristan. I didn't know you'd be here and. Who listens to everything, yet hear nothing? What can a man who hears nothing say? Good day, Lord Snow. Despite the old knight's words he couldn't help but feel self-conscious about being seen leaving Daenerys's rooms.

Better Ser Barristan than Ser Jorah. While Jon believed the Queensguard's words to be true: He could not say the same for Ser Jorah. From the onset of even his friendship with Dany, Jon felt as if shades of jealousy painted Jorah's face. She had told him all that transpired over the years between her and the man she met upon her marriage to Khal Drogo. His service, betrayal, exile, and ultimately, her forgiveness. Jon wasn't sure he would have been so kind, Even without Dany blatantly saying so, it was clear Jorah was perhaps more than devoted to her.

He worships the ground she walks upon and hangs on her every word. He's even kissed her once long ago. The one time he brought it up in conversation late at night, Dany merely shook her head and said he had nothing to fear where Jorah was concerned, he wasn't the one sharing her bed or her heart. That should have been enough for him.

Indeed, it was enough for him, he didn't doubt her devotion. She had never given him a reason to. The dilemma posed by a secret relationship was that he couldn't defend it to the likes of Ser Jorah Mormont.

The Unsullied

Jon proceeded through the motions of the day as if it had been any other. He dined with the men in the hall and tried to avoid any unnecessary glances towards Daenerys. She was flanked by Ser Jorah on one side and Missandei on the other. He was sure Ser Barristan wasn't far away. He had noted early on that she didn't stay cooped up in the King's Tower, but preferred to be about the men.

It was no wonder they were so devoted to her. Having left the Common Hall he made his way down to the training yard, content to see the men already hard at work. He had been impressed by the obedience and sheer will and determination of the Unsullied that Dany brought with her to the wall, along with about half of her Dothraki horde. There were so many of them that Castle Black couldn't possibly hope to accommodate them all.

Jon had sent a number of them to the different strongholds along the Wall.

Tower of the Hand

Satisfied with the progress of the trainees, Jon left the yard for the rookery. He tried hard not to think about all of the times he visited Maester Aemon there, seeking his sage advice. His words of Kill the boy and let the man be born still often rang in his ears. It was from the Maester's lips that he first heard the name Daenerys. He could still remember the inexplicable feeling it evoked. She was young, she was alone in the world, and Aemon believed she needed to be protected.

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From what or whom he could not say, but he felt keenly aware of his responsibility to respect the Maester's words. The space was dimly lit and smelled of old books and scrolls, of candle wax and ink. Are you alone now? Does she know about it? And no, that's not all that's between us. I can assure you. You don't need a maester to marry in front of a heart tree. Take a lantern or two and wait for us there.

And I need you to find the words we're to say to each other. Can you do that for me, Sam? Do you love her then? The queen I mean. More than I ever wanted to. More than I probably should. Nightfall came at an excruciatingly slow pace, but just after the watch changed he slipped from his rooms and made his way to the stables.

With a bit of luck Sam would have already been gone out ahead of them already. Jon didn't fear the thought of leaving Castle Black alone with Daenerys. There were any number of excuses to be used as an explanation of why they were riding out together north of the Wall, but because she was the Queen she answered to no one. He doubted any of his men would dare ask her why she was leaving. He dressed that night not in the black garments his still wore on day in and day out of habit, but instead donned the attire of the Starks.

The doublet was a greyish shade of blue and his surcoat was supple brown leather. It reminded him of the only father he ever knew, the man who put duty, honor, and promises he made above everything else.

It pained Jon that he would never know his mother. He tried hard to remember every detail of the stories he heard about her when he was growing up, when he still believed she was his headstrong aunt. Whenever he went south to Winterfell he visited the crypt to pay his respects, but stone statues couldn't speak or comfort and he always left with a heavy heart.

He asked Dany to tell him stories she had been told about Rhaegar as well. He searched them for similarities to himself, longing to feel a connection to a man, no a legend, he would never meet.

He was jealous when Dany told him she sometimes still dreamt of her eldest brother. He expected to arrive first and saddle the horses but when he reached the stable doors he saw Daenerys already tending to her silver. He held back for a moment, taking in the sight before him. Beneath her heavy, grey fur-lined cloak she wore a long blue dress.

It was a color she wore often. As always she wore boots. Her hair was down about her shoulders, adorned with only a few small braids. He liked it best that way and allowed himself to think briefly that she knew and had it fixed accordingly. It was something she would do. He noticed that Dany preferred small gestures of that nature as opposed to grand ones just to make a show.

She'd stocked her decanters with his favorite wine, wore a gown in his presence if he'd commented on it, teased him in ways she knew she could get away with. She was effortlessly beautiful even inside of a dank stable. He covered her hand on the silver's bridle, the only gesture he could allow himself. I sent Sam out ahead of us.