Cat human relationship

Cat-Human Relationships

cat human relationship

Feb 17, Cats, like dogs, have a tendency to pick a favorite human, but they have a that explores the unique relationships between cats and humans. Nov 28, Want to understand cats? Get this: Ancestral humans who domesticated cats selected for both (a) cuteness and (b) killing prowess. Here is a. Hundreds of millions of cats are kept as pets around the world. Cats have either a mutualistic or commensal relationship with humans. Cats and humans.

Beyond the observation that the cats vocalized more when their owners left them with strangers than the other way around, the researchers found no other evidence to suggest the kitties had formed a secure attachment to their humans. According to the researchers: Cats Evolved as Self-Sufficient Loners If you know much about felines, it's no great mystery why they're so different from dogs and therefore, in their relationships with people.

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Cats evolved as independent loners, unlike dogs, whose wolf ancestors lived in packs with a well-defined social structure. The domestic cat's ancestor is the African wildcatwhich hunts alone for small prey animals such as mice, rats, birds and reptiles. Wolves, on the other hand, need members of their pack to help them bring down bigger prey. The exception to this rule is the lion, who lives in packs prides like wolves, and hunts and eats communally. In domestic cats, socialization during the first 2 to 8 weeks of life gives them the ability to socially attach to their human, but only on their terms, of course.

Our complicated relationship with cats

Once a feral kittenfor example, is over 2 months old, it can be very challenging to try to "tame" him or turn him into an indoor kitty.

But regardless of how well-socialized a kitten is, she'll retain her independence throughout her life. She can be extremely friendly and extroverted, but she'll never submit to you as a dog will.

She won't hesitate to set you straight if you do something that displeases her, either. And because cats evolved to be loners, they don't have the communication skills dogs do. That's why it's so important to monitor your kitty's behavior for signs she's feeling stressed, ill or has an injury. If you find her hiding in her covered litterbox or in a closet she never visits, for example, chances are something's wrong and you need to investigate.

Semi-Foreign More or less the middle range of body conformation types, this type of cat is less slender without being stocky.

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Example breeds would be the Devon Rex and the Egyptian Mau. Semi-Cobby These cats look more rounded without looking too stocky. Example breeds would be the American Shorthair and British Shorthair.

cat human relationship

Cobby Any cat with a short, muscular, compact build, roundish eyes, short nose, and small ears. Persian cats and Exotic cats are two prime examples of such a body type. Effects on human health[ edit ] Because of their small size, domesticated house cats pose little physical danger to adult humans. However, in the USA cats inflict aboutbites per year. This number represents about one in ten of all animal bites.

According to a Swiss study carried out incats may change the overall psychological state of their owner as their company's effect appears to be comparable to that of a human partner. Therapy cats have been used as companions to help the recovery and well-being of people who have had strokes, [45] high blood pressure[46] [47] anxiety[46] [47] or depression.

Any study in which you place total strangers into the animal's home environment is going to produce some abnormal behavior, and judging a cat on that behavior only is probably unfair to the cat.

Furthermore, some of the tests of the cats' behavior may not have given an accurate accounting of the cats' personality. For example, they tested the cats' response to a novel object, a plush owlet left on the floor.

cat human relationship

Many cats, like Sabrina, ignore most anything simply lying on the floor perhaps they are used to messy housekeeping but are happy to pounce on on object suspended just an inch above. And there are some cats, like my own, that do not enjoy the sensation of being picked up would you?

If I were to do this study, I would use a much bigger sample size, add more behavioral tests and have the human in each study pair repeat the tests without the researchers present but in front of a camera. All that said, the researchers deserve some credit for being the first to attempt to tackle the complex personality dynamics within cat-human relationship.