Relationship between politics and popular culture in america

So, How Does Popular Culture Relate to World Politics?

relationship between politics and popular culture in america

In teaching a unit entitled 'Popular Culture and World Politics' – which ), these PCWP relationships matter to different audiences for diverse Post-9/11 American cultural exchange programmes also emphasise popular. Questions about the influence of popular culture on society and about what, . there is at least an indirect relationship between popular culture and behavior. Mark Mellman, a political pollster who has studied Americans'. Politics and pop culture have long been intertwined, but it's true more This is due, in no small part, Hartman said, to Trump's status as America's first or distracting from their focus if they pile on without a point of difference.

However, Trump more than met one of the main requirements of modern-day political success: It mattered not that he had only a limited grasp of policy and world affairs. More important was his talent as a performer. A ratings success on television became a vote-winning success in politics. View image of Reagan actor This celebritisation of the presidency is hardly a new phenomenon. Long before that, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, through his mastery of radio, and John F Kennedy, through his mastery of television, demonstrated how the tools of mass media could be harnessed for political ends.

Playing the game Other presidents, who were not such gifted performers, realised they had at least to nod towards popular culture. Jimmy Carter agreed to be interviewed by Playboy, during which he famously admitted to mental adultery.

Even Dwight D Eisenhower, perhaps the stiffest of the post-war presidents, saw the value in appearing on the Ed Sullivan show and alongside the comedians Abbott and Costello. Whether it was donning shades to play his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show or revealing to an MTV youth forum that he preferred briefs to boxers, he revelled in what had increasingly become a job requirement. What once would have been considered unpresidential became standardised behaviour.

To not play this game risked appearing prudish and aloof. View image of Nixon Elvis Barack Obama went further. Not only was he a pop culture president; he became a pop culture icon. Whereas many of his predecessors looked like they had walked onto the wrong set when they ventured into the world of entertainment, Obama made the transition seamlessly. It was no longer a case of stepping between two different realms.

There was no line of demarcation. View image of Obama hope Increasingly, these pop culture moments were used to advance his agenda, as when he slammed-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon and appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

Both promoted Obamacare, the success of which relied upon young healthy people signing up in vast numbers. That marked a key development. Most presidents merely courted popularity when they went on chat shows. Obama had specific policy goals in mind. Obama seemed especially confident at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the annual black tie event where the worlds of politics and entertainment intersect. The ballroom of the Washington Hilton is usually filled with as many stars as briefing room reporters.

He also built his own media platform, on Twitter and Facebook. A master-self-publicist, he was nowhere as reliant on these outlets as previous candidates.

Donald Trump and the pop culture presidency

Besides, they were enemy territory. This matters because media and cultural representations have political effects.

Herman and Chomskypp. However, the relationship is much more complex than this correspondence theory of truth allows. Popular cultural texts discursively construct the objects about which they speak Foucault,p. Anthropologist Lila Abu-Lughodp.

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While popular cultural constructions are not the only sites in which identities, practices, institutions and objectives are discursively constituted, they are some of the most important. Popular culture is especially significant because we are all immersed in these discourses in our daily lives; they constitute our everyday common sense. Popular cultural representations, moreover, are constructed intertextually. That is, the meanings of any one text depend on their being read in relation to other texts.

relationship between politics and popular culture in america

And world politics and popular culture are very often read in relation to one another. While children can watch and enjoy the film Chicken Run without any knowledge of World War Two films, other viewers may make more complicated sense of the narrative and visual representations if they have seen The Great Escapewhich, in turn, itself represents, and can be intertextually interpreted in terms of, the Second World War in diverse ways.

Globalisation is constituted in the frontier masculinity of adverts in The Economist Hooper Star Trek represents both the light and the dark sides of US foreign policy Weldes We have written about these and other intertextual relationships extensively elsewhere WeldesRowley a. It is important to note that this argument is not just about the construction, deployment and effects of stereotypes simplistically understood. Textual meanings are made through much more complex processes, which include the diverse ways in which visual and narrative elements of texts interact Rowley b.

Popular culture

One viewer of Rambo: The politics of consumption extends beyond merely acknowledging that popular cultural artefacts are consumed in diverse ways. Consumption is inextricably linked to the production and re-production of meanings — the maintenance of some, the transformation of others whether through subversion, overt challenge or gradual change.

In some cases, these processes of production, challenge and transformation are overtly highlighted. For example, the satirical response [21] response to an Australia.

However, these processes of discursive re-production, maintenance and transformation are always already at work, whether we explicitly reflect on participating in them or not. The music and those who produce and consume it are entangled in complex and transformative processes of meaning- and identity-making.

This discussion of consumption has thus far focused on the consumption of texts.

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However, consumption as a practice highlights the more general importance of cultural practices. Grocery shopping — a ubiquitous popular cultural practice — is interconnected with all sorts of political discourses and choices, around fair trade, organic produce, luxury, food miles, nutrition, development, value for money and animal welfare to name just a few.

Indeed, the involvement of all of us in these relationships has been a tacit theme of all the preceding sections: The Many Facets of the Diamond [24] The diamond engagement ring links popular culture and world politics in a surprising number of ways.

relationship between politics and popular culture in america

In this final section, we deploy that ring — an ostensibly frivolous, and highly gendered, symbol of tradition and romance — as a springboard to highlight the intimate and complex interconnections between and among the six PCWP relationships outlined above. Through this slogan, and massive advertising campaigns built upon it — notably involving radio, television and print media reports about royalty and other celebrities sporting diamond jewellery — De Beers created a popular cultural myth on the basis of which it successfully revitalised US diamond sales, which had been falling dramatically since the Great Depression SullivanEpstein Because of the location of its raw material — the uncut diamond — this cartel, and the trade more generally, is implicated not only in global marketing but also in African politics and particularly in specific forms of African civil and international conflicts.

relationship between politics and popular culture in america

The Kimberley Process [27] Certification Scheme — a joint initiative of governments, industry and civil society — established inattempts to regulate uncut diamond production and trade. In particular, the film reproduces the colonialist representation of Africa as relentlessly chaotic, dangerous, backward, etc.

In contrast, and while simultaneously encouraging licit diamond consumption, West deliberately draws attention to the complicity of US blood diamond consumers himself includedlinking their purchases with conflict in Africa.

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Interestingly, in a striking example of intertextuality, films such as Blood Diamond now provide the interpretive frame used by Western news media to discuss these issues Sharma Intertextuality similarly defines Diamonds are Forever, the film, part of the globally successful Cold War franchise, in which British spy James Bond simultaneously combats South African diamond smuggling and an interconnected global nuclear threat.

On the one hand they represent the diamond ring as a quintessential symbol of heterosexual romantic love and eternal attachment. On the other, however, women gain financial security from their expensive jewellery and sometimes have a more reliable relationship with the trustworthy jewel lery Capon Finally, the diamond and jewellery more generally regularly appears in state diplomacy, perhaps most notably in the UK.

However, as we have already noted, problematising world politics by highlighting popular culture, while challenging world politics, also continues to privilege it, to reinforce its status. We hope for the day when we no longer need to explain or justify how and why popular culture is relevant to world politics and can just get on with studying it.

relationship between politics and popular culture in america

The massive analytical cost that comes with simplifying reducing the complexity of the world, of people, of processes and practices, has all too frequently been understated, ignored or denied in the pursuit of abstract models, laws and patterns. This distinction, while problematic, is useful for our argument.

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relationship between politics and popular culture in america

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