Relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay outline

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relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay outline

quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. On the whole, however, Steinbeck's depiction of Curley's wife is quite The parental nature of George and Lennie's relationship is quite clear in. Free Essay: Essay about Curley's wife Curley's wife is the only female character in to Lennie about the dream and when Curley's wife first meets both the men. Curley's relationship with his wife seems as if they don't even like each other. Using this information I will draw a conclusion about her personality and nature. Research essay sample on Curley Wife George And Lennie custom essay writing lennie from a companion, which he cannot have in his relationship with Lennie. . essays on topics related to: curley wife, loneliness and isolation, lennie and.

The quote A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. Dont matter no difference who the guy is, longs he with you. I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an he gets sick was his means of finding a personal connection to Lennie. Like Lennie, Crooks has a relationship with loneliness. Crooks is rejected from every group of people and cannot socially interact with others, just like Lennie who can?

They play cards in there, but I cant play because Im Black. They say I stink. Well I tell you, you all stink to me! Crooks loneliness results from rejection; others treat him unjust because he is different from them given that he is black. He is treated unfairly and therefore acts the same way toward the white people who have offended him Crooks is fascinated by the strength of the friendship of Lennie and George, especially how close they are.

Crooks said, Well, some, jus some he dont come back. What you do then? Crooks asks these questions because he does not have any friends, and wouldn?

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He was curious and envious, about the friendship of Lennie and George, noticing that Lennie is retarded, he takes advantage of this situation to? He wants the people to feel the way that he did when he was lonely, having nobody with them.

He is striving to achieve sympathy and understanding from others. Crooks would work for nothing if it meant communicating with others. He even offers his services to Candy to work on their? Candy, like Crooks is an outcast because his age and physical disability make him different from the rest of the men on the ranch, but he always tries to communicate with them as much as he can. Candy has one true friend in the world, his dog, which he cannot even talk to.

However, when his dog dies, he has to look elsewhere for friendship. He hopes that these friends can be George and Lennie. Because of his age and disability, he has a feeling of uselessness?

The relationship between Curley and his wife Essay

Candy thinks that nobody wants to be friends with him because of this disability. Eventually, he tries to find friendship by attempting to join the dream of George and Lennie.

Candy offered his services to become a part of George and Lennie's friendship and dream, this is one of Candy's desperate attempts to find a place in society and meaning in life by making himself useful to someone, by proposing the various things he could do to show that his is in fact useful and could bring a lot in the dream as well and the friendship? I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some?

After Candy lost his dog, he felt much more lonely than he was before. The dog was something that Candy had owned and confided with within his years. Candy and his dog had the same relationship that George and Lennie had shared for so many years.

He offers everything that he had to support the friendship including money, he offers the biggest share of money to realize the dream as well as services hoping that the pair will?

An interesting sentence is? Maybe I can give you guys my money, you? Curley's Wifes loneliness has a different source; her husband causes it. Even though Curley's wife is mentioned frequently, nobody asks what her name is.

Nobody wants to talk her because people are afraid of Curley; he is jealous and would start a fight with anyone who tried approaching her.

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She does not like Curley, and furthermore he doesn? But because she is Curley's Wife, most of the ranchers avoid talking to her, and she notices that she is being rejected and ignored and asks them several times what is wrong with her, and why doesn?

Aint I got a righ to talk to nobody?

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay outline

She dresses the way she does heavily made up, in flashy colorsto gain the attention of the ranchers and to sooth her loneliness. These acts give her a sense of relief and made her feel wanted so she can share her personal concerns and experiences, she notices that Lennie finds her?

She is obviously very desperate if she wants to talk to someone as dumb as Lennie, her words tumbled out rushes when she talks to Lennie as though she were afraid that someone was going to take him away from her she hurried before her listener could be taken away from her, thanks to this sentence we understand that she doesnt have the chance to talk to people often, and is trying to say as much as she can, about the emotions that have been building up inside of her she went on with her story before she could be interrupted.

She also makes sure that Lennie is listening to her when she speaks You listening? Her death could be thought of as a misfortune, but as a positive thing as well because it ended her suffering; being the only woman in the ranch and having married a man like Curley she was inevitably destined for loneliness.

But now that she is dead, she will not have to worry about being lonely ever again. Curley's wifes case of loneliness was the most severe throughout the novel.

She struggled in her society to find somebody that she could befriend in vain. We can notice interesting parallels between certain characters in the novel. What would be the point of emphasizing her as Curley's property?

How would such an emphasis fit thematically or from a plot angle? Women's rights would be a digression, a distraction. I worked on a ranch for over five years. Naming conventions can be tricky for members of the ownership clan.

If Curley wanted to be called Curley and refused to be called "Mister Jones" or whatever, what option did it leave for the men but to label her as "Curley's wife," unless someone in management provided an alternative? I was up to Curley to introduce his wife to the men, but his social skills weren't exactly stellar. Apparently he had not done so. His motive could have been sexist, but the text provides no such evidence. In the s life was a good deal more formal than today.

Maybe Curley wanted to discourage contact with the field workers.

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay outline

She had no business being around them nor they her. Not introducing her would be a way of enforcing social distance, preserving the elevated status of those in the ownership ranks. Curley refers to her as "my wife," discouraging familiarity.

Even if the men knew her name, maybe they men didn't dare use it for fear of offending her hotheaded husband; so they played it safe. Maybe the men didn't even know Curley's last name. Given Curley's lack of social refinement it is entirely believable that he would have not introduced his wife to the men. In such a case, and absent a last name for Curley, the men were left with "Curley's wife" as the obvious reference.

Denying Curley's wife a name could be a way of emphasizing how she's universally mistrusted among the workers. She has not a kind word for anyone but the puppy she calls a "mutt" and is vicious toward Crooks, Candy and Lennie the "weak ones" in her words. And she had not the least sympathy for her newlywed husband after he was severely injured.

She mocked him for it and flirted with Lennie in the same breath. Ironically, an effect of not giving her a proper name is that it draws reader attention to her.

Many characters in the book are referred to by description. Curley is "the boss's son. Besides, what would be the point of emphasizing her as Curley's property? Women's rights are very important to modern readers, but in the Depression era people were much more concerned about jobs and feeding themselves. People are trying to overlay today's urban values onto an agrarian culture more than half a century old.

If Steinbeck was making a feminist point by withholding her name, he'd have mentioned that at least once, either in an interview or in his correspondence, neither of which has been brought to light. It would have been uncharacteristic of Steinbeck, if he were taking a feminist position, not to step up and take credit for it. From the very beginning he has shown in his works no shyness in confronting sensitive social issues, e.

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay outline