Relationship between dss and erp

relationship between dss and erp

The differences between the idea of ERP and the DSS concept are on the current understanding of the relationships between the patterns. A Decision Support System for ERP Systems Implementation in Small Medium Based on primary data collected, the relationship between the variables of time. CSC MIS GROUP FOUR Describe the relationship between TPS, ESS:

  • The relationship between TPS, MIS and ESS
  • ERP vs. DSS

DSS is termed as system decision support that relies on information generated by computer with the intention of assisting in the process of decision making. The main role is during planning and operations when the decisions keep changing constantly and it is difficult to expect in advance. Few cases where DSS is useful in medical diagnosis are by examining loan applications, offering a process engineering company and so on.

DSS is taken advantage of the heavy in many industries and has proven to be very successful for the administration in the taking of appropriate decisions. DSS may be the model leads, communications lines, data lines, the paper leads or driving knowledge. DSS are used to collect data, develop and analyze and make sound decisions or strategies for the construction of this analysis.

relationship between dss and erp

What new acquisitions should we consider to increase market share? An example of an Executive Support System is an expert system or a knowledge based system which can be used for sales forecasting and perhaps lead to review of business strategy.

Difference Between ERP and DSS

Some of the questions it helps answer include: Given customer delivery requirements and an offered freight rate, which vessel should be assigned at what rate to maximize profits? What is the optimal speed at which a particular vessel can optimize its profit and still meet its delivery schedule?

A pictorial representation of the levels in which the different types of Systems are used in an organization.


Since they record daily routine transactions in an organization, they aid managers in monitoring the status of the operations and thus help in structured decision-making. The ESS is the major recipient of data from the lower-level systems which is mainly used in unstructured decision-making.

Difference Between ERP and DSS -

It is software that tries to integrate all external as well as internal information about different departments in an organization with the aim to allow free flow of information between accounting, finance, marketing, manufacturing etc while at the same time managing information about customer profile and preferences also. While in the earlier period, ERP focused on the back office functions and data pertaining to customers was left for customer relationship management to manage.

However, in its later models such as ERP II, all functions were integrated and ERP emerged as a successful means to tackle the problem of integration of information in an organization.

An effective ERP system, if installed properly can help in enhanced tracking and forecasting.

relationship between dss and erp

It can lead to improved efficiency, performance and productivity levels. ERP also helps in better customer service and satisfaction.