Nagato and konan meet naruto episodes

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nagato and konan meet naruto episodes

Fair use rationale. Description, Naruto talking to Nagato and Konan. Source, Naruto: Shippūden, Episode # Portion of copyrighted work used, Single frame. The flashbacks start when Naruto meets Nagato which is episode There are more flashbacks at the time of Konan vs Obito episodes. Watch Naruto Shippuden: The Two Saviors Episode , Meeting, on Crunchyroll. Naruto comes face to face with Nagato and Konan. Naruto.

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Naruto Shippuden 434 Yahiko,Nagato & Konan vs Team 10

By using the tailed beastsPain planned on making a weapon strong enough to destroy a country, and the fear of that weapon would prevent more fighting. Shikamaru Narahaving survived the destruction of Konoha, met with the Yamanaka group carrying Shizune's body. When they were told what information she knew, Shikamaru concluded that Pain's real body was somewhere close to the village, at a high enough place that he could send his chakra across a large enough distance to control the Six Paths with no difficulty.

As Pain was describing his quest for world peace, his true body, Nagato, emaciated and with several chakra blades sticking out of his back, was shown in his and Konan's hiding place, a makeshift tree on a high mountain close to the village.

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Hinata comes to Naruto's rescue. Believing that Pain had killed her, Naruto lost control of his anger and slipped into his six-tailed transformation.

The First Hokage's necklace reacted to this and tried to suppress the Nine-Tails' chakra, but was removed and destroyed. With the Nine-Tails in control of Naruto's body, it fought and overwhelmed Pain, causing him to retreat from the village in order to get close enough to Nagato to use Chibaku Tensei. With the Nine-Tails controlling Naruto, and Pain out of the village, Sakura Haruno ordered all who could help to tend to the wounded and for a team, including herself, to help the critically wounded Hinata.

Team Guywho was returning from a mission, passed the injured Gamabunta, who informed them that Konoha was in danger. Elsewhere, Yamatowho was with Sai and Anko Mitarashi on a mission hunting Kabuto Yakushisensed that Naruto had released six tails of the Nine-Tails, and headed back to find and stop Naruto. Naruto in his eight-tailed transformation. While still being pursued by the Nine-Tails, Pain, through the great strain of Nagato, used the Chibaku Tensei to create a giant miniature moon in an attempt to capture the Nine-Tails.

During this time, Naruto, locked in his own subconscious and lost in despair, called out for help to a response of Pain's visions of peace. In the end, while the apparently evil Pain had a plan to deal with the hatred in the world, Naruto did not.

Taking advantage of his pain, the Nine-Tails convinced Naruto to destroy everything in the world by releasing the seal. This caused the seal to distort. Despite the strength of the miniature moon, the distorted seal allowed the eighth-tail to grow, partially breaking free of the sphere.

In his mind, just as he was about to remove the seal to release the ninth tail, Minato Namikazethe Fourth Hokageappeared, and spoke with Naruto.

nagato and konan meet naruto episodes

Minato revealed to Naruto that he was his father, and he sealed the Nine-Tails into him because he too felt that the Nine-Tails was forced to come to Konoha, and believed a masked being within Akatsuki was behind the attack.

After easing Naruto's fears that he couldn't change the world, Minato repaired the seal and sent Naruto back to finish his battle with Pain. With the Nine-Tails' chakra suppressed, Naruto and Pain resumed their battle, with Naruto tricking Pain into using a Shinra Tensei on dozens of shadow clonesgiving Naruto enough time to strike him with a Rasengan during the five second window.

The last body of Pain was defeated, and Naruto used its black receivers to track down and confront Nagato himself. Having reached the makeshift tree, Naruto asked Nagato why he hated Konoha, and what had made him the way he was. Nagato, still wanting to know Naruto's reply to his question, answered with two stories. The first was how his parents were killed during the Second Shinobi World Warwhich led to the activation of his Rinnegan.

The second he began with how he met his friends Konan and Yahikothe boy whose body would later become the Deva Path. Yahiko had revealed to the small makeshift family that he wanted to rule the world, to stop the world's wars. Nagato then revealed how Yahiko approached Jiraiya to ask him to train himself, Nagato and Konan to be ninja.

nagato and konan meet naruto episodes

During the training, Nagato had used the Rinnegan to save Yahiko. Seeing this, Jiraiya told Nagato about the time of never-ending wars, when a "messiah", the Sage of the Six Pathsappeared, and spread his religion across the world, which came to be the ninja techniques that the shinobi used today. Jiraiya thought the Sage had been "reborn" as Nagato, and entrusted him to find the "answer" and spread peace in the world, before leaving the three orphans.

Years later, the three formed a gang in Amegakure, led by Yahiko, to abolish wars and bring peace to the world.

He threw a kunai in Nagato's direction, and ordered him to kill Yahiko. Yahiko agreed to die, but Nagato refused to kill him. Seeing this, Yahiko forcibly held Nagato's hand with the kunai and slit his own throat with it. A dying Yahiko told Nagato that he had to live, as he was the "messiah". Nagato told Naruto that Yahiko's death was the second great source of pain for him. He ultimately summoned a large, animated statue for battle, which imbued several chakra rods from its body into Nagato's back in order to use the latter's chakra.

Nagato told Naruto that he had become the leader of their gang, and had carried on Yahiko's agenda to bring peace to the world. Nagato resurrecting the people of Konoha.

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After hearing Nagato's story, Naruto reflected on everything he had heard. Naruto agreed that some of the things Nagato mentioned were true, but he also said that Jiraiya had believed in him, and that he would believe in what Jiraiya had believed in, and that was why he would not kill Nagato. Nagato questioned this, and Naruto pulled out the book that Jiraiya had written.

He began reading from it, and told Nagato the main character's name was Naruto. Naruto then said that he would become Hokage, and he promised peace for Amegakure as well. Nagato then stated that Naruto was like him when he was younger.

nagato and konan meet naruto episodes

He said that he would believe in Naruto, and prepared to use a technique. Konan gives Naruto the "flowers of hope". Upon using the technique, Nagato used his Outer Path to release all the souls that had been captured, and used it to also revive those who had died, including Kakashi, Fukasaku and Shizune.

Nagato then entrusted his will to Naruto, and passed away. Konan decided to leave the Akatsuki, and took both Nagato and Yahiko's bodies, telling Naruto that she would believe in him.