Explain the relationship between adequate nutrition and reproductive health

Nutrition and Reproductive Health: Sperm versus Erythrocyte Lipidomic Profile and ω-3 Intake

explain the relationship between adequate nutrition and reproductive health

The relationship between nutrition and reproduction is a topic of increasing . Some of the following effects have been demonstrated to explain the poor . adequate amounts of calcium to maximize production and minimize health problems. Health care providers must be able to perform a basic nutritional assessment to health care provider in counseling women regarding the relationship of food. differences, the quality of reproductive health varies considerably between . use is governed by country policy on what is allowed to be promoted. due to lack of knowledge about sex and relationships, sexuality and reproductive health, and nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and.

Detrimental effects of lipid peroxidation should decrease sperm quality and be responsible for fertility problems, so we believe that the higher contents of DHA in good sperm samples are dependent not only on nutrition but also on the overall antioxidant capacity of each person.

We did not perform any specific measurement of oxidative stress nor evaluated ROS production in the gamete and neither did we determine the lipid profile in seminal plasma that was not the target of this study, focused on the sperm. The spermatozoa are in tight equilibrium with seminal plasma and are finally the responsible male cell of fertilization outcome. We could verify that 3 months of supplementation did not change conventional sperm parameters in a significant manner.

Data on sperm kinetics, although few, are promising to envisage slight differences in sperm function; they should be further studied. Our results give important and first evidence that there are quite different distribution rates of supplemented fatty acid in the membrane lipids of different tissues, comparing the changes recorded in erythrocytes and sperm cells of the same patient. Therefore, molecular diagnostic tools that are of great help in understanding clinical outcomes can monitor the success of supplementations, as well as of dietary treatments.

As it could be expected, the statistical prediction equation could not be applied to the erythrocyte and sperm values after supplementation. Spermatogenesis is a very complex, highly organized and regulated process that takes place in the seminiferous epithelium of testis tubules and involves three major fundamental biological processes: In our experience, three months of nutraceutical supplementation was not sufficient to remodel sperm membrane lipidomics, at least in these patients having also severe alteration in their red blood cell membrane lipidomic profile.

explain the relationship between adequate nutrition and reproductive health

Our study encourages longer trials with omega-3 supplementation to allow sperm lipidomic to adjust and then evaluate the treatment in regard to the irreversibility of some teratospermic cases. It would be interesting to pursue a multicentric survey of lipidomic profiles in order to expand the data from the initial collection of data performed with the Italian population [ 1821 ] and also compare geographically different patient cohorts with the average of healthy controls.

Nutrition in reproductive health.

We agree with Tavilani et al. We interpret the idea that the equilibrium installed between sperm and red cell lipidomic profile in relation to diet is disrupted by treatment. A first hypothesis is that administration of the capsules for a longer period would have redounded in a new equilibrium favouring spermatogenesis.

Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu and Carla Ferreri are cofounders of Lipinutragen srl, spin-off company recognized by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Italy.

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They wish to thank Daniel Ruffini for his technical support, Dr. Norma Pugliese and Dr. Julia Ariagno for helping in the logistics of the biological samples shipping, Dr. Maria Lujan Calcagno for statistical advice, and Dr. Patricia Chenlo for statistical analysis.

Also they would like to express their appreciation to the nutritionists who guided the nutritional questionnaire and in particular to all the staff of the Laboratory of Male Fertility and Dr.

explain the relationship between adequate nutrition and reproductive health

We already know that the food that we eat undergoes a combination of processes. It is digested, absorbed into the blood, transported to different parts of the body and utilized from the body.

The sum total of all the processes involved in the supplying of nourishment to the body is what is meant by the term Nutrition. Relationship between Nutrition and Health Source: WWW As you know, nutrition is a process in which the food that is consumed is used for nourishing the body. Good nutrition is essential for good health. Nutrition is very important for a person to grow and develop normally and to remain healthy throughout life.

When a person does not eat proper food, there are chances of his not developing normally- the likelihood that some organ of his body may start malfunctioning, or that he may get some disease? Poor nutrition may also influence his mental and social well-being. Thus, generally, the health of a person depends on the kind and amount of food he eats.

The right kind of food eaten in the right quantity is necessary for good health. Activity Ashik and Abeed are two boys in the same class. Both are strong and well built. Ashik fights with the other boys and beats them. Abeed is helpful and pleasant in nature and has a lot of friends. We have already defined the term nutrition. The two words together should then mean the position of an individual connected or related with his nutrition.

Nutritional status is the level of nutrition of an individual. The level to which the food eaten is used by the body and the effect it has on the health of the individual is the nutritional status.

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An adequate amount of the right food will provide the necessary nourishment required by the body. This will lead to a good nutritional status and therefore good health.

A person with no disease is healthy. Normal functioning of body organs is necessary for physical well-being. A mentally healthy person realises his limitations. Social well-being is indicated by having a good time with friends and ignoring the family. Fill in the blanks using the appropriate terms: WWW Our diet should be such that it meets our nutritional requirements and thus helps us in staying healthy.

The relationship between reproductive health and family nutrition in Africa

In addition, it should provide for storage of some amounts of nutrients in the body so that the body can withstand short periods of low dietary intake. It is called a balanced diet. Characteristics of balanced diet If we don't eat food, then our bodies don't work. WWW If we don't eat the right food, our bodies don't work as well as they can.

explain the relationship between adequate nutrition and reproductive health

Healthy food gives our bodies the tools they need to: