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Jan 12, Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge is doing what its title suggests into robbing a bank or believing they are witnessing the end of the world. Jan 12, The illusionist introduces his new show Pushed to the Edge, and reveals just Think again, says Derren Brown You sit at one end of a row of people, watching a man who is standing, We have a clear-cut sense of how we would react in situations, which sadly bears little relation to what we actually do. Jan 13, In Darren Brown: Pushed To The Edge, which aired last night on C4, the At the end of the programme, Derren revealed himself as the.

How does this differ from humiliating and embarrassing a spectator on stage, except on a grander scale? While the publicity may be heartening for Mr. Brown, I wonder if this is a net positive for magic in the public's eye. Perhaps he will have the last laugh by ultimately revealing that all the participants were stooges as RK spectulatesand we were the people who were hoodwinked instead.

Fri May 22, 3: I watched it, and it was not good. The emotional manipulation of the participants should be the subject of a lawsuit against the production company even though the poor suckers most likely signed away the right to do that in order to get on TV.

It really was a vile display of emotional manipulation that could have unforeseen consequences in the future for the "victims.

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The only way around this is for all the participants to have been stooged at some level in order to avoid subsequent litigation. Not my cup of tea, at all. And that is why it won't be on in America. The Zombie video game thing.

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The face mask car accident when the person saw themselves in a crash, Russian Roulette, Seance, the bloke landing the plane etc etc. It's a magic trick. He is a magician. He has two very good writers working with him. I really doubt it, that is just too lazy. But I am as sure as a sure thing that lawyers would not let him make a show where 4 people really went through what they appeared to go through on a very slick, high production value tv show.

The clues are there. Three actors, posing as auditionees, sit in a line and are gradually joined by real auditionees.

Derren Brown's 'Pushed To The Edge' Has Got A Lot Of People Worried

In the otherwise empty room, a bell sounds and the actors rise to their feet, apparently still filling in their questionnaires. Another bell sounds and they sit, and so on. The auditionees who copy them, unbidden, are marked as feeble-brained compliers and ushered through to the next stage.

Brown says he aims to discover if this particular human weakness can persuade a reasonable person to push another to their death. But the end result is so hard to credit, it leaves me thinking that for all the fun of the set-up, this may be a push too far. While admired for his mental cunning, his career is based largely around showing off his intellectual superiority.

Chris is told he is unsuccessful at the audition process and sent on his way. An unspecified amount of time later and it would be useful to know exactly how much time has lapsed he receives an email from a man played by the aforementioned actor asking him to pitch for a contract from a new charity called Push. Bernie sits, smoking a cigarette improbably close to the edge of a roof terrace.