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However, a player may not participate on two teams in the same league. A player is allowed to participate on one Co-Rec team while participating in a Men's, Women's, or Open league. What kind of situations can I protest? Only protests based on questions of player eligibility and rule interpretation when misinterpretation affects the outcome of the game will be accepted. Protests that challenge judgment calls made by the officials or Intramural Supervisors will not be accepted.

How can I protest a game? The team captain must make any protest involving rule interpretation to the Intramural Supervisor at the time of which the incident in question occurs. Once a situation has passed, however, it is no longer subject to change or protest. For more information on protests, please review the Intramural Sports Participants Guide.

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I was ejected from an Intramural Sports game. All ejected players must meet with the proper administrative staff member before he or she is permitted to participate in future Intramural Sports contests. Ejected players are prohibited from participating in any Intramural Sports contests until they have had their reinstatement meeting and served a suspension. When and where are Intramural Sports games played? Intramural Sports uses a variety of courts and fields around campus.

Intramural Sports contests usually take place 5 — 11 p. Monday through Thursday and Sunday 3 — 10 p. Can I reserve a field or court for practice? What fields or courts are open? There are no fields or courts designated for individuals to reserve for practice, however there are multiple fields with open recreation time slots.

Flavet Field is open to anyone wishing to practice or scrimmage. What must my team do to be eligible for the playoffs? In the Fall and Spring semesters, all teams who play in the appropriate leagues, have a. Teams with a below. These teams must also have a maximum of one forfeit or default during the regular season.

In the Summer semesters, teams must have a. Teams with a winning percentage below. Captain's must e-mail the league contact directly before the last day of the regular season. What are sportsmanship points? How are they related to Intramural Sports? The Intramural Sports Program expects all participants to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Sportsmanship points are awarded to teams during each contest, based on how teams conduct themselves during their respective game or match.

Teams must average at least a 4.

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In the playoffs, winning teams receiving less than a 4. I am interested in becoming an official or scorekeeper. Officials are needed for all Intramural Sports team sports.

No previous experience is necessary. Officials and Scorekeepers informational sessions are offered at the beginning of each semester. Can I participate in Intramural Sports and officiate during the same semester? The Sport Clubs Council with guidance from professional staff has the discretion to determine if the following criteria has been met. The Club must be physical and athletic in nature.

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The Club must show the existence of a national or regional governing body. The Club must maintain a schedule against outside competition. The Club must have access to a safe, suitable practice venue for the sport. The venue must have the capacity for future growth. Candidates must demonstrate the following: The Club must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement.

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The Club must have enough members to field a team for a team sport and at least 10 active members. The Club must actively promote their sport to the general student body. The Club cannot significantly duplicate an existing sport club or other campus program.

The Club must demonstrate financial stability through fundraising and other sources of revenue. They will rent to drivers who are 21 years of age or older. This discount applies to teams staying in Gainesville at the local Red Roof Inn and also for our teams when they travel to other locations.

See the Sport Clubs staff for the discount number. Such committees may assist the club in recruiting new members, special events, developing budgets, alumni relations, etc. Suggestions from other clubs have been using include: Alerts local media of events and results. Keeps track of past alumni, alumni newsletters, solicits donations and plans alumni events.

Checks the equipment to make sure that it is not lost or damaged, and reports status to Sport Clubs Office. Takes pictures, videos, or collects articles in order to track the progress of the club and its members.

Provides the members with social outlets other than the usual club activities, ranging from intramural teams to trips to the beach. What is the best way to communicate with the Sport Clubs office? There are several ways to communicate with the Sport Clubs office. The individual sport clubs should receive outside mail through this mailbox. The Sport Clubs Address is: E-Mail All important messages and reminders are sent out to the club's officers through a sport clubs listserv.

All club officers e-mail addresses should be kept up-to-date with the Sport Clubs Office. E-mail is also one of the easiest ways to get in contact with the Sport Clubs staff to discuss any issues. General e-mail inquiries can be sent to: Web Page The Sport Clubs program has a website to disseminate important information.

The website is the location for club participants and officers to find the handbook, forms and documents, home event calendar, general information on each club, contact information for the staff and Sport Clubs Council. The Sport Clubs website is viewed by students seeking information about the different sport clubs on campus, and can be a successful way to recruit, therefore, we encourage your club to keep club information current.