Three roads meet oedipus rex play

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three roads meet oedipus rex play

cross-roads where Oedipus met and killed his father.' nation on this detail of the play and the myth. In 1 Sophocles: Oedipus Rex (Cambridge ) 3. Sophocles' work Oedipus the King focuses on the consequences and ill-fated this symbol reveals and its impact on a reader's perspective of the play. It is a curious thing that the crossroad is where three roads meet. A major symbol in Oedipus Rex is that of the crossroads, the place where the three roads meet in Phocis. When people are said to be at a crossroads, they are .

Appreciating the Diversity of Others Essay Oedipus the King represented by many symbols such as the three-way crossroads. The three-way crossroads was a big clue to the identity of Oedipus the King. Little did Oedipus know that the three-way crossroads would help determine his fate Lesser At the beginning, readers learn of the dreadful prophecy. The prophecy said Oedipus would kill his father. Long before the Oedipus had become king, Oedipus had killed a an at the three-way crossroad.

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Oedipus had thought the man be one ofa band of thieves Lesser As the play goes on, readers will see that the three-way crossroads are bought up a few times. Decisions can have important consequences with different choices that can still happen and be mad. This would be the moment where Oedipus and Laius would be reunited. Oedipus is very unaware that at that im moment he would be making a decision for his own fate.

three roads meet oedipus rex play

The paths are not Just roads but the outcomes of varies decisions. The decision on what path to take is up to the person in the crossroads. Picking a positive path is up to the person and would remain a mystery until one embarks on that Journey. He could have went on the path that led to his destiny or take the path that led away from the prophecy.

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Oedipus had the choice of ow to live his life despite what the prophecy foreshadowed. Even though the three-way crossroads was all a symbol of its own, the curiosity of why there was three roads. The three-way crossroads was when all three the past, present, and future come together. It was like the past, which would be the prophecy, would come together with the present at that moment, hich have been Laius and Oedipus meeting at the crossroads.

All of this would led to Oedipus future, which would be that he would kill his own father Just like the prophecy said he would Schroeter Oedipus was blinded by the truth of his fate. It is not until the end does Oedipus see the light of his fate. He will then blind himself from the world. Turning himself into something e was all along, blind.

Oedipus was marked at birth with this fate and was scarred with it forever. Had Oedipus not been abandon on the mountainside, would his life had been different?

three roads meet oedipus rex play

The three-way crossroads was a symbol of choices and decisions. It meant picking represent the three roads the three-way crossroads made up? Readers can conclude Oedipus may have the free will to take charge of his life in spite of the supposed prophecy. The prophecy may say Oedipus's life is full of doom, but the crossroads oppose the notion by signifying alternative options.

three roads meet oedipus rex play

It is a curious thing that the crossroad is where three roads meet. Why is it there are three roads?

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The crossroads may have been even five roads. However, the number three might be significant in Oedipus's life.

three roads meet oedipus rex play

I perceive the number three as possibly being the representation of Oedipus himself. Aside from his identity as king, Oedipus has three identities in the familial aspect.

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Altogether, he is a son, father, and husband but not in the normal standards of a family structure. His wife is also his mother while his children are his siblings. Oedipus emphasizes this point as he recognizes his true identity as " father, brother, and son" Sophocles The usage of the number three can also refer to Jocasta's status for she is also " bride, wife, mother" Sophocles These three identifications haunt Jocasta and Oedipus for it reminds them of the incestuous interrelations within their family.

The three roads may be foretelling what Oedipus is to become. Each road identifies a part of him. The three associations tie back to the predictions of the oracle. Additionally, the three roads may allude to the three possible paths Oedipus could embark. First, Oedipus can turn around and find his way back home. He could ignore the prophecy.

He goes back to his adopted parents and remains Prince of Corinth. Secondly, he holds his temper although Laius and his entourage antagonize him. This results in no murders and fights.

Oedipus continues his journey while Laius returns to his kingdom. Then it comes down to the final option which Oedipus kills Laius and most of his entourage. These three paths emphasize the various ways Oedipus's life may turn out.

three roads meet oedipus rex play

Then again, these three roads may also allude to Oedipus's life but in terms of time. Each of the roads may represent the past, present, and future. The crossroad is ultimately where the past, present, and future collide with each other. The past finally catches up with the present as Laius and Oedipus meet again.


Once Oedipus loses his temper, he embarks on the road to his future. Furthermore, the number three can come down to the circumstances of Oedipus's birth. This may be the reason why three is such a symbolic number. The unraveling of the prophecy begins to unfold after the exile of Oedipus. Hypothetically, we can assume three is an extremely significant number. After Oedipus's abandonment, the number three arises in several points of the play. Look back to the previously mentioned hypothetical connotations.

These connotations occur when Oedipus grows up. His birth parents' rejection eventually releases a chain of events to play out in his life. Consequently, my interpretation of the symbol of the crossroads changes my earlier perceptions of the play. There are suspicions that the prophecy comes true especially when Tiresias the blind prophet proclaims " the killer you are seeking for " is Oedipus Sophocles I infer Oedipus has been condemned to lead the life in accordance to the prophecy.

There are no ways out of this disastrous situation. Fate is undoubtedly irreversible and rigid with no loopholes. Then the symbol of the crossroad sparks some hope and assumptions of changing the prophecy.