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meet shady daze mlp

Shady Days and Burning Ways written by Mlp Kitty Walking back over to Shady she placed the box in front of her. . as Chairman of its planning committee, Sunset Shimmer meets her greatest opponent yet: Schadenfreude. The fanfic also brings minor ponies like Shady Daze, Twist and the Cake Shiner meets his chaotic dormmates and later hears some shocking. Main category: Shady Daze images Rarity checking on the Crusaders. CMC meeting with Diamond Tiara S2E23 Shady Daze getting the notebook S2E

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo both looked at each other puzzled. Main theme "Okay, class, see you tomorrow! I'm only involved as an advisor, so the editor-in-chief is the pony in charge, from choosing the stories to making sure it gets to the press on time.

Now, as I said, we have a new editor this year! Cheerilee then pointed to the door to introduce the new editor in chief. The door opened to reveal a familiar rich filly flicking her mane and smiling like the world bowed down to her. Then she immediately flipped to her normal commanding personality. No more Namby-Pamby stories like last year's editor.

Now get out there and report! All but the Cutie Mark Crusaders then took their leave to get to work. Sweetie Belle was wearing a grey reporters hat and had a notepad with her as she watched Rarity rushing about to do her wok. Sweetie Belle gives Rarity a smile and waved to get her attention, but Rarity was too focused on her dress to listen. Rarity then grabbed an extra feather and put it in Sweetie Belle's reporter hat, annoying the younger sister.

Sweetie Belle then leaned toward Rarity to get her attention again, but then Rarity got an idea and made Sweetie Belle model the new outfit. Sweetie Belle blushed from embarrassment. She tried to grab them, but ended up falling out of the tree. She did her best to hover about, but then fell right into a large puddle of mud below.

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Scootaloo was still trying to hover, but only her back end was inches from the ground while her face was in the mud. The birds laughed at her, making Scootaloo glare and blush from embarrassment. As Granny Smith knelt down to grab another book, Apple Bloom grabbed a book about Ponyville's history. However, Granny Smith unintentionally bumped the book out of the way for her own choice.

Apple Bloom gasped when she saw that the book was filled with her baby pictures, including a picture of her with two diapers on and another during bath time. Apple Bloom pulled the tip of her reporter hat over her head as she blushed from embarrassment.

The area where the school newspaper were created was located in an underground room of the schoolhouse with a few windows located near the top for air and circulation. Inside, Ruby Pinch and Truffles were busy working on typing up the stories as Shady Daze was working with a rather clunky machine that was the school's personal printing press, which kept squirting ink as it churned and whirred about.

Diamond Tiara was at the main editors desk, sitting in a very tall executive chair. She was currently reading an article that had been submitted, but then quickly crumpled the paper up and tossed it aside as the Cutie Mark Crusaders walked up to her desk, wearing their reporter hats and saddle bags.

The three fillies just looked at each other before presenting their articles to the spoiled filly. I don't know what you call this, but it sure isn't news!

While they were still dazed, their hats came flying out of the basement as well. As she said that, Featherweight was quickly snapping picture after picture as the three fillies were recovering and then zipped away.

It was then two shadows were seen on the other side of the school house. Sweetie Belle slowly walked over to the shadows to investigate. Get it off me, Snails! Sweetie Belle peeked from the corner of the schoolhouse to see Snips and Snails were stuck together by their flanks in a big piece of sticky bubble gum.

Snails was current trying to pull himself apart from Snips, at the latter's expense.

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Snips went flying off. But like a rubber band, Snips came back, smacking into Snails so the gum was now pasted against their backs as well. Sweetie Belle giggled to herself when she noticed a familiar Pegasus with his camera nearby. Sweetie Belle then returned to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, who had just put their reporter hats back on. The next day, a spinning newspaper appeared to show a front page with Snips and Snails stuck in the bubble gum.

And that's when the biggest jokester in school really stuck his hoof in his mouth - literally! Some of the other young ponies were chatting with each other as they read the newspaper, many of them sitting together in groups of three.

A few other young ponies were asking Snips and Snails to autograph their newspapers.

meet shady daze mlp

A picture was taken at that moment, which was later examined by Diamond Tiara, who was very impressed. I want more columns like this. Columns about ponies and their private lives, the things they do when they think their alone. You three are my new gossip columnists!

And I love the way you signed it! That was a stroke of genius! But a short time later, neither of the three fillies were feeling as confident as they sat a school lunch table. Several pieces of crumpled up paper were on the table along with a cup that had a hot drink of some sort, thought it couldn't possibly be coffee Do you have anything?

Sweetie Belle just looked worried as Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at the two colts annoyingly. Later at the Carousel Boutique, Rarity was using her magic to move some folded sheets of fabric across the room. For some reason she had her eyes closed as she did so.

Rarity suddenly tripped over something and tumbled to the floor, dropping and unfolding all the fabrics she had been carrying. Rarity turned her head to see that she had tripped over Sweetie Belle's saddle bag. Rarity found her curiosity getting the best of her. Rarity immediately started reading the article about Snips and Snails and giggled excitedly.

I, I was just-" Rarity stumbled as she put the paper back on her saddle bags. Rarity tried to hide the saddle bag behind her back with her magic as Sweetie Belle tiled her head from side to side to see it. Sweetie Belle then glared before she gave Rarity's horn a hard flick with her fore-hoof, making the elder marshmallow pony drop the saddle bag. I've never heard of her before.

Is she new-" Sweetie Belle then beamed with excitement before she ran out of the Boutique in a hurry and leaving Rarity no answer to her question about Gabby Gums.

It wasn't long before Sweetie Belle found Apple Bloom and Scootaloo still moping about at the school playground. We need to expand! Later on the Ponyville market area, several ponies were busy walking and shopping about when they were all startled by an ear splitting scream. Inside the jewelry stop, the cake twins, Pumpkin and Pound, had started crying and screaming, leaving Mr.

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Cake worried as well as embarassed. Especially when somepony captured the moment in a picture. We'll send 'em twenty more! As the rest of the other young ponies continued their work in the basement, Scootaloo was busy talking as Sweetie Belle wrote things down in a sheet of paper.

Apple Bloom then put the article into a box with the word IN on the label for printing. Ruby Pinch and Truffles worked hard typing up the articles as Shady Daze was busy working on the clunking printer. As several newly printed papers emerged from the machine, Truffles tied them together by a rope and pulled them out for delivery. The second the newspapers were available, pony after pony started to pick 'em up and read them.

Several of them even reading the newspapers as they sat outside. Meanwhile at the Ponyville Spa, the mane seven and Spike, minus Rainbow, were all sitting together enjoying a spa treatment.

Fluttershy just laughed as Twilight giggled to herself, she was sitting on the lounge chair next to Mario reading her book.

meet shady daze mlp

Book stores keep telling me they keep running out of copies. Spike just sighed contently as he reclined on his own longue chair with cucumber slices over his eyes and a pink blanket over himself. Rainbow didn't seem to be bothered by it. Awesome girls like to feel pretty and cute, remember? Who wouldn't wanna read that?

I'm proud to be dating such a loving, caring, and charming colt. You are very special to me. She might not be ready to admit she was in love, but she could at least let him know that he meant something to her. The other girls cooed and awed as Spike just smirked quietly.

I'm glad our dates our bringing us closer and we're learning to cherish and value one another. She then noticed that Rainbow hovered over to him as she turned her head away to relax.

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Not in a place like this. Besides, if Twilight has developed feelings for me. Then she'll tell me when she's good and ready. I'm not gonna pry that out of her. When she does tell me, I'll know it'll be from the bottom of her heart and it will mean far more than if I ask her to tell me. I know I'll love her forever and I'll wait as long as it takes for her to say the same to me.

His words just melted her heart and was grateful nopony could see her face at the moment. Twilight was on cloud nine, even after Rainbow called Mario a romantic dork. For some reason, none of the ponies noticed Featherweight peeking out from behind the curtains ready to take pictures, "Well, maybe just one little hoof. Lotus Blossom went to start filing them when Rainbow pulled her hind hooves away.

Shady Daze

Lotus Blossom tried again, but Rainbow kept pulling her hooves away, getting more and more uncomfortable. Lotus Blossom tried a few more times before Rainbow finally got up from the chair with a yelp. Mario recoiled off his chair and into the spa pool. He surfaced a few seconds later with a irritated look on his face. Pinkie and Fluttershy laughed as Mario slowly just let him submerge under the water for a few seconds. I'd love it if Gabby Gums did a story on me.

Back in the basement Spike opens up about Canterlot, naps, and his favorite jams"! I was sorta hoping we could start writing more stories like this one. Sweetie Belle then dumped both rejected articles into the trash. But then picked up the one with Mario and quickly tucked it back into her saddle bag. The next, a spinning newspaper appeared to show Applejack reclining against an apple tree next to a bucket loaded with apples on the front page.

The rest of the mane seven, minus Rainbow, and Spike were at Sugarcube Corner reading the newspapers. I was a Canterlot Snob. A well-placed scaly source close to the prissy pony says Twilight Sparkle thinks Ponyville is nothing but muddy roads and low class rubes". I never said anything like that!

Since his downfall on the racetrack, the washed up racer has been reduced to doing petty dance routines to make a living. Love interest Twilight Sparkle admits to dating him out of pity. But this dance was never supposed to be seen in public! We came up with it in under half an hour!

She doesn't care whose reputation she destroys! I do have a problem! Cake puzzled as she and Mr. Cake peaked into the room from the kitchen when they hear a sudden crash. There before them was a large mountain of newspapers. Speed Demon or Super Softie? Poor Rainbow can't even embrace liking girly things without being criticized because of Gabby Gums!

She's reprinted my diary! How could Gabby Gums possibly get access to my private diary?! Maybe she knows who Gabby Gums is. Why, she's the most innocent, most lovely-" "-most evil pony in Equestria! How could my own sister be Sweetie Belle quickly lifted her head since she was just reading on the floor. Gossip can be a very hurtful thing.

It is an invasion of privacy, just like when I snooped through your saddlebag. You didn't like that much, did you? Those of you reading must be hoping like I am that Rarity is taking what she just said to heart as well.

She knew what she had to do. All three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders knew what they had to do. Gabby Gums is my bread and butter, and I'm not gonna let you goody-two-horseshoes take that away from me!

As much as many would say that was true and a good point, the fact Diamond Tiara suddenly tapped her fore-hooves twice and donned a wicked smile on her showed that she had planned ahead for a situation like this. Sweetie Belle saw the picture of her in Rarity's peacock dress, a camera flash appeared, before she blushed. The next picture was when Scootaloo was struggling to hover out of the mud and being laughed at by the nearby birds.

Neighsay later pays a visit to the school to check on Twilight's progress, just as the new students decide to cut class for the afternoon. Twilight, Starlight Glimmerand Rainbow Dash distract him by giving him a tour of the school and summarizing the main points of its curriculum. The students return in time for Friends and Family Day, but changeling student Ocellus appears in the form of a giant insect-like creature, causing chaos at the event.

Upon seeing that non-ponies are enrolled at the school, Neighsay reveals his prejudice toward other creatures and insinuates that they would use the school's lessons against Equestria. Neighsay's sentiments are such an insult to Prince RutherfordEmberThoraxGrampa Gruffand Seaspray that they pull their students out of the school.

Determining that Twilight failed to uphold the guidelines and standards of the EEA, Chancellor Neighsay closes the School of Friendship and locks its doors with a magical seal. He declares that the school's non-pony element would be dangerous and unpredictable, but his views are opposed not only by Twilight but also Princess Celestia.

The chancellor eventually relents and leaves, proclaiming that Twilight's school could potentially destroy Equestria. Chancellor Neighsay appears again in Friendship Universitywhere he approves of and accredits Flim and Flam 's Friendship University, favoring it over Twilight's school due to its pony-only environment.

Fed up with Twilight constantly leaving the school insufficiently attended, especially during the crisis of magic disappearing across Equestria, he assumes control of the school and declares it to be for ponies only.