Meet rana and kochadaiyaan

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meet rana and kochadaiyaan

Kochadaiiyaan () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Rajinikanth plays both son and father; Rana and Kochadaiiyaan, respectively. The problem is . Review: Rajinikanth deserves applause for Kochadaiiyaan In the film, however , Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran (Rajinikanth) is the powerful commander-in-chief of Meet the man who did the Rudra Tandavam in Kochadaiiyaan. Super Star Rajini Kanth in Rana Super Star To miyagi-marugoto2012.infomar About Rana · " Rajini" Resumes 'Rana' in August Rana Movie Press Meet Photos.

Lulla, along with the team working on the costumes, created the looks of all characters on sketch. They had worked for about eight months on the various characterisations of Rajinikanth and the supporting cast. According to her, "It was a different kind of design experience altogether". And then we corrected the 3D model by tightening his skin to make him look 25 years younger. They used that technology in the film Tron.

Three teams of sound editors were working in Los AngelesMumbai and Chennai under him. The final phase of re-recording was done in Chennai at A. Rahman's studio during end-March In an interview with The Hindu he quoted, "For the war sequence, we got people scream like how they would in a war and recorded the sound.

I went to fortresses and collected samples of how sound resonates. Based on the impulse response data, we recreated the acoustics of a durbar.

meet rana and kochadaiyaan

He added that when his team started working on the foley ambient sounds he told the film director to provide him with the exact costumes used whilst filming. However, realizing that the filming was done using performance capture technologythe entire set of costumes were designed to provide requisite foley. He also paid attention to nuances extensively where he added, "For instance, the image you see on screen is a composite of several layers of images.

The clothes, the movement, the swords and so on were created separately and put together. My team also had to add sound, layer by layer.

meet rana and kochadaiyaan

The Secret of the Unicorn. During production, Kochadaiiyaan was the first Indian film to use the technology.

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However, Maattraananother Tamil feature, which also made use of the technology, was released before Kochadaiiyaan, making it the second Indian film to use the technology. Ravikumarstory writer of the film, announced that the filming would commence from 15 January It was then moved to London on 17 Marchwhere motion capture filming was done at Centroid Motion Picture lab [12] in Pinewood Studios [77] [80] Production in London lasted for 15 days, during which, Rajinikanth announced that the film might be released for Diwali The next schedule of the film shooting was planned at various locations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

It instead happened at Accel Animation Studioswhere the crew shot scenes which they were unable to complete during their schedule in London. However, the team was off with the lead actor to Hong Kong for the third schedule of the film on 12 May where some crucial scenes and combat scenes featuring the lead actor and the antagonist were shot at the State of the Arts Gallery studio.

The 48 cameras captured performance of artistes' at 48 angles. Kochadaiiyaan soundtrack The soundtrack and background score of the film was composed by A. Rahmanwho was initially hesitant to work on the project but started after he felt the "positive energy and the commitment".

Meanwhile, "Kochadaiiyaan" became a top trending topic on Twitter in India, making it a first for a Tamil film. A final release date was announced for 9 May[] but was yet again pushed to 23 May An estimatedtickets were sold out within two hours in Chennai alone when the release was set on 9 May The Telugu version had hit more than 50 screens in the United States.

The highest for any Indian movie released in Malaysia, beating the previous record held by Singam II.

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Sudhir Hasija, chairman of Karbonn, said, "We will roll out a million handsets by February-end or first week of March with a pre-loaded app for the movie. All the handsets will come with the signature of Rajinikanth. This is the first time any mobile handset maker is launching products with an augmented reality app.

A company called InGage Technologies have done its complete development. Using augmented reality, they set interactive Kochadaiiyaan hoardings in association with Karbonn Mobiles. Eros has deployed interactive hoardings across India. People will have to stand in front of the hoarding and send an SMS to activate the hoarding. Karbonn stated that an estimate of hoardings would be put up across the country, majority in southern states of India.

Kingdom Run and Kochadaiiyan: Shankar and his team worked for about 10 days to get the synchronization of the chair movements, sprayings and light effects for the trailer.

meet rana and kochadaiyaan

For the legion of Rajinikanth fans, this film is definitely worth a watch. Suganth of The Times of India gave the film 3. The film is motion capture 3D computer-animated but the animation is primaeval. There is also inconsistency in the animation.

Like any other Rajini movie, Kochadaiiyaan too worships its star. His character appears in almost every scene and there are fan-pleasing moments in the form of stylistic gestures and dialogues. However, its Tamil version has the potential to prove a big hit because of the demi-God status enjoyed by Rajinikanth among the Tamil-speaking audience and also due to the novelty factor.

Soundarya's project management skills are exceptional and this being just her first film; her capabilities at pulling off such a film are truly praise-worthy. He praised the director stating, "As director Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin puts it in a pre-movie build up scene, it's homage to Years of Indian Cinema. Kochadaiiyaan attempts to bring to life a whole new world replete with a virtual environment, virtual props, as well as virtual characters.

Though set in the era of kings and castles, the richness and grandeur seem to be missing. Most scenes are shot at twilight or at night so the film sorely lacks colour. Deepika Padukone plays Princess Vadhana, the love interest of Rana.

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Shobana is paired opposite Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran. Their costumes add some colour to a palette of a dozen shades of just black and grey that makes it extremely depressing at times. There are far too many songs in the film and they really begin to annoy you, especially when neither the music, nor the sound effects or visuals do the film much credit.

The first half is slow and chaotic, but the second half slowly draws you in and one gradually gets attuned to the characters and their situations. Despite all the technological hype, it is still extremely tough to connect with the virtual characters, especially Rajini, whose larger-than-life persona cannot be captured by any path-breaking technology.

While Kochadaiiyaan may not the giant leap for Indian cinema, it is definitely a start to an alternative form of filmmaking. Despite its faults, both Rajini and Soundarya deserve to be applauded for daring to take a path not travelled by Indian filmmakers.

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We may still need to go a long way before we make an Avatar, but thanks to Rajini and his daughter, we have at least taken our first step.