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meet me in galilee

(Mt ) Why would Jesus go into Galilee and want to meet the disciples there? . It seems to me the Lord told them to meet him in Galilee. Evolution and Faith VIII – Meet Me in Galilee (Audio right-click to download). Mark When the Sabbath was over, [that is to say when the. If Easter could do that for me, that would be fantastic.” Instead he shows up briefly and greets them and then says, meet me in Galilee, which.

Go to the ordinary place where we first hung out: Believe — as an intellectual agreement — something that happens above the neck, is a Latin idea, not there in the original texts.

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The only way to trust is to trust. To act as though it is real, so that in acting on it, it can become real. Trust, faith, is a gift from God, grown inside you by God, and replenished by God.

For Easter, my friend wanted to trust that God is real. My friend wanted to live as one persuaded by the Holy One that Jesus is with us right now. I expect God to meet us. I expect us to experience resurrection in our own lives. Can you hear the difference? And then resurrection was just a part of the story, it was just the way God did it, the means by which the living Jesus is here with us.

Because resurrection is not an idea or a belief. They believed he was dead. And then he met them, alive, and they too were resurrected. God came into all of it, completely, everything that defeats us and breaks us and kills us, God came into that, and was defeated and broken, and killed, and buried in a tomb.

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And it was all over. Until an angel that looked like lightening shook the earth and terrified the guards into unconsciousness and announced to the grieving followers that Jesus was no longer dead, but out there in the world, alive, looking for us to join him in resurrection life, in enduring, unquenchable, not to be stopped by anything, life.

And with the risen Jesus right there in it with us, the end of the story is decided: And Jesus keeps on moving, keeps on calling us to life, alongside God and others, keeps on sending us into the world, into our lives, to find Jesus there.

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Even when there is the thing we most fear facing and spend our energy avoiding. Jesus, whom death could not contain, the very resurrection and life himself, has already gone there ahead of us to our own Galilees and is waiting to meet us in the place where trust grows.

My friend who wants to know God is real - if she were sitting here today, I would feel pressure perhaps, at first, to convince her with my eloquence or my sound doctrine or my compelling arguments that God is indeed real. To point to the empty tomb and wax eloquent on the meaning of the cross and give her some killer quotes from smart folks and great reasons for belief.

meet me in galilee

Jesus had been warning them that he would be killed but would rise from the dead Mark 8: For them to go to Galilee with he purpose of meeting him there would be an act of faith.

They would have to believe the eye-witness testimony of the women that they saw Jesus alive from the dead. They would also have to believe that Jesus was going to appear to them.

Evolution and Faith VIII – Meet Me in Galilee

This would separate them from the highly emotional environment of Jerusalem which might be seen as a place that could lend motivation for hallucinations.

If they were to meet Jesus in Galilee it would not be a mirage but the real person.

meet me in galilee

Sure Jesus is God but he still works within the parameters of free-will. The Passover pilgrims would be going home and a remote mountain in Galilee would be a good location to meet with his disciples alone without chance of interruption. This shows the brilliant wisdom of our Lord.

He knew the psychological state of the disciples at this point. Surely they were broken and in despair, probably even frightened. Judas was dead, Thomas was alone in his own dark depression, the others were confused.

meet me in galilee

His goal would be to regroup this band of soon to be Apostles and reconstruct their faith.