How did paul rudd meet judd apatow

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how did paul rudd meet judd apatow

Producer, writer and director Judd Apatow, tells the BBC about working with his Iris Apatow, Maude Apatow, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann "So when I meet someone like Lena Dunham [Girls] or Kirsten Wiig [Bridesmaids]. Comedy director, writer and producer Judd Apatow is married to one of the funniest women in Hollywood, Leslie Mann. The two have worked. Judd Apatow is willing to sacrifice for his art. Apatow and Mann met on that film, which he produced for director Ben Stiller, and Mann film Perfume or Paul Rudd, who plays a sort of stand-in for Apatow in This Is

I feel pretty OK about turning I know myself a lot better.

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But sometimes I think: Her hair is scraped back in a ponytail and she wears little make-up. Mann says she does not feel that it becomes harder to work as she gets older. I felt that more when I was There was more urgency then. I had this terrible agent who would tell me I was too old — I finally got rid of him when I was The woman was just there to act p— off or sad. At one point, Debbie walks in on Pete sitting on the lavatory playing Scrabble on his iPad.

Why is your instinct to escape? But she did not confront him there. Because you can never make everything perfect and the harder you try the worse things become. She always says how happy she is and how hot he is and how they have great sex all the time. As a child she was taught not to express her emotions. So when I went to acting class, I found I could express myself.

It was such a great feeling that I got hooked on it. I was very shy, but when I was acting I could pretend I was someone else. I met my acting coach there, who told me I should move to Los Angeles. And I got lucky and started working after about a year. Not only did she get the role, she also met her husband-to-be.

We recently spoke with him on a variety of subjects ranging from his new movie, Our Idiot Brother, to facial hair, hippies, incest, and his I Love You, Man-esque relationship with Jon Hamm.

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In Our Idiot Brother you share the screen with a number of intriguing co-stars, the most interesting, of course, being your giant beard. But usually in the winter. And when we were filming last summer it was and-some-odd degrees.

Judd Apatow 'Uncomfortable' Watching Paul Rudd’s Sex Scenes With Wife Leslie Mann - ABC News

It was kind of a drag. Yet this time you actually get to be the idiot.

how did paul rudd meet judd apatow

I never thought of the character as being dumb! He might make some choices that are considered idiotic — like selling weed to a uniformed police officer, which, yes, is superdumb. But I think of him as idealistic.

Did that idealism and hippieness resonate with you? Well, I did used to have really long hair.

'Knocked Up' Sequel? Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann In New Judd Apatow Film, Director Confirms

I was always really into having my own look. In eighth grade I wore a tie to school every day. What about in college? For a while I tried to masquerade as somewhat of a hippie because I was under the impression that was the kind of guy girls would like. I was pretty unsuccessful because I liked the idea of camping more than actually camping.

I did go to a Grateful Dead concert, but I was pretty bored. Since you mentioned Michael Hutchence, I have to ask: Did you ever go full Hutchence? Did you tie your hair back with a rose?

how did paul rudd meet judd apatow

You know, I also had an Adam Ant phase. Puberty hit me like a Mack truck, and my hair went from straight to curly overnight.

how did paul rudd meet judd apatow

But it was an easier pill to swallow because Adam Ant had curly hair. I used to ask my mom to try and shave my head on the sides to give me a receding hairline because Adam Ant had one. I just thought he looked cool. She also shot me down when I asked if I could bleach just the top of my head like Howard Jones. You asked her to enable you! Your mistake was trying to get her involved.

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