Fan meet kim soo hyun di indonesian

fan meet kim soo hyun di indonesian

김소현 Indonesia · @hello_sohyunnie. Instagram: kimsohyun_indonesiafans || Facebook: Kim So Hyun 김소현 Indonesia Fans ||. Kim Soo Hyun Fan meet @ GC Jkt, cr. cpblue weibo Di Indonesia, suasana menjadi gaduh oleh ulah bodyguard. Kim. "Saya tidak.

The thing he likes the most about the shooting is that he could live as a king laughed.

fan meet kim soo hyun di indonesian

How did Kim Soo Hyun manage to stay handsome while crying? The MC then concluded: That conclusion was translated to Soohyun and he laughed.

  • 2014 Kim Soo Hyun 1st Memories Fanmeeting in Jakarta, Indonesia

Next talk was about The Thieves. He played as the youngest thief with many veteran actors, how did it feel? He said that as the youngest there it was not tiring, it was more liked scary.

Initially he was scared in front of his seniors but then with the help from them, he was better. MC said that the shooting took place outside Korea and asked us the fans if we know where. Of course we know, we shouted Hong Kong and Macao. Soohyun said the most important thing when traveling abroad is health.

Personally when he visited foreign country he must eat enormous amount of local food in such short time. MC claimed that last night he ate nasi goreng together with Soohyun, but then he said it was a lie. Moving forward to Secretly Greatly. He said that indeed that he played a stupid character there.

There were many fighting scenes in the movie as well, so he also exercised for that. During the shooting of those scenes he often fought with his co-stars. And as the audience can see previously in the video, he had to show his upper body so he must look after his shape flashed his shy smile after saying that LOL. Grabbing this opportunity, the fans started screaming: They wanted Soohyun to take off his clothes, LOL perverted fans.

What are your favorite sports? The fans started to chant Do Min Joon name. Soohyun laughed hearing the last sentence. In the drama there were some scenes where he stopped time. Did other cast really not move during the shooting of those scenes? Soohyun said that other casts must not move during those scenes and since it was in winter they had to hold their breath as well.

In playful tones, he continued: MC asked if he practiced before the kissing scenes. Soohyun smiled mischievously and answered: The kissing scene look good not because of the practice but because of the camera angles. But the MC said that maybe because of the angles the kissing scenes look more beautiful that fans want to have some as well. Hahaha the last sentence was translated to Soohyun and he laughed.

Among those superpowers, which one do you want the most for your daily life? He picked 5 lucky fans from the box filled with tickets scraps. It took so long for the first fan to appear so we screamed to him: The first one got Dream High poster. Before leaving the stage she said: Soohyun saw that too and laughed hahaha.

Again, Soohyun took initiative to lower his body and grab the fan hand to put it on his right shoulder.

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Hahaha, Soohyun already reminded her that she had to do well. The first one was not okay and Soohyun asked her to redo it again. MC also showed him how to do it.

Finally she did it well.

Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) Cool Boy

Soohyun then left the stage to change his outfit and prepared for the next performance. He must learn that word previously backstage. After that MC came to the stage again and asked him why he chose to perform those particular songs. He said that personally he really likes those two songs. For the second song, Soohyun: After that they all sat down and MC asked whether he took vocal lessons for the fanmeeting. Soohyun said because after the drama ended he immediately started his Asia tour, he had no time for vocal lessons.

However, he held fanmeeting in some countries before Indonesia such as Taiwan, Thailand, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, so he had practiced a lot. He told us the story of each picture showing in the album.

fan meet kim soo hyun di indonesian

He was looking at the screen after the filming. Picture with Suzy and Taecyeon from Dream High, 3 years ago. It was taken before the shooting of the dancing scene so actually at that time he was a bit anxious because he had to dance afterwards.

Kim Soo Hyun 1st Memories in Indonesia [fancam]

It was the first time they shoot scenes outdoor in folk village. They wore the same hats so they took picture together. Picture of him taking the role of cameramen. He was at 6 meters height. For the fifth picture, at first he said it was a personal project he did and he called it classic project.

He continued explaining in very mischievous way about what happened during the shooting of Samsonite Red CF with Angelababy. So in the commercial, Angelababy was standing on the street and he supposedly drove his car passing by her. He explained in a funny way in Korean and watched the translator carefully if she could tell the story like he did.

And he laughed as well when the translator also used to sound effect for the car sound like he did. The sixth picture was him standing on the frozen lake tried to make holes. In that picture, Soohyun was ice fishing. With some kind of stick, he made some holes on the frozen lake.

After the holes were made, he supposedly put the fishing rod inside. But just after he made the holes, the fish came out by itself without he even tried. At that time they filmed the sad scene where Minjoon disappeared and promised to comeback so Songyi must wait for him.

Next was to grant the fans wishes from wishes board. The MC read some of the wishes. Hope you miss come to Indonesia. But hey, all wishes count! Soohyun looked at the board and made some remarks: He picked three wishes. Two of them had phone numbers and one only the seat number.

Before making a phonecall he asked the translator how to greet people on the phone. So the MC called the fan by her seat number. Again, the MC had to call that fan by her seat number. The fan was so slow to come to the stage so the MC had to shout to her: Kim Soo Hyun imitated him: I think he likes that word because after that he kept saying it whenever he asked to the fan to come closer hahaha.

The first fan, Soohyun: The second fan, Soohyun read the post-it that was written in English: Aigoo, why he picked such boring wishes. But I guess he played it safe. Those fans are smart to be honest, to write realistic wishes and granted by Soohyun. MC was kind of jealous that all fans were taking picture with the polaroid camera. He wanted one too. Soohyun said the wishes written on the board are very interesting.

He also learnt some new Indonesian words because of that. Since the feeling is good, he asked the fans to take picture together. He asked for the lights so that he could see the fans.

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He sat in the middle of the stage and took picture with the fans at the background. He saw the picture on the camera and said it looks good. The MC said that the fanmeeting is almost over.