Cobb county state swim meet

cobb county state swim meet

Those who qualify in the top 3 places advance to the GRPA State Meet two weeks after The Cobb County Swim League only allows each team to have - Meet Schedule. All Meets at Cobb Aquatic include Diving. Thursday Jan. 24th, Cobb County Diving Championships, Cobb Aquatic. Friday Jan. Saturday Feb. 9th, The State Swimming Championships – Finals, Georgia Tech. Though the county aided in putting on the event, the administrative and That's exactly what the Cobb Summer Swim League was hoping for when the Association state meet, which will be held July in Carrollton.

Each swimmer competing in the county meet will get to choose two individual events and two relays to compete in during the county meet totaling it out to four events per swimmer. However, we as the Sibley Forest team are only allotted a maximum of five SF slots per event, so we as swimmers, parents, and coaches have to work in coherence to place the swimmers in their events in order to abide by the meet regulations.

Once we've gotten our initial head count as to how many swimmers will be attending this meet, we will distribute the materials for you to select your events. The only qualification requirements are for swimmers ages, or who plan to compete in freestyle or backstroke events.

Overall, though, nearly every swimmer on our team meets this requirement.

County Meet - Sibley Forest Seahorses

However, be certain that your swimmer would like to participate in this highly competitive event… I suppose this would be the only other requirement! Saturday, July 1, Ages, and compete; meet starts at 9: Warm-ups for finals begin two hours after the conclusion of the preliminary rounds. Saturday, July 2, Ages, and compete; meet starts at 9: Our goal is to help our swimmers simulate and perform best in a highly competitive swimming environment like the Patti Wilder State Qualifying Meet.

Stay tuned for more information! How much does it cost to participate?

2018 - 2019 Meet Schedule

For the season, the team is planning to cover ALL expenses required for our swimmers to participate in the Patti Wilder State Qualifying Meet! If the swimmer swims up for one relay event, s he must swim up for all relay events.

No swimmer may ever swim down in an age group. We make every attempt to "take turns" with which swimmers are swum up. The Rules The technical rules of swimming are designed to provide fair and equitable conditions of competition and to promote uniformity in the sport. Each swimming stroke has specific rules designed to ensure that no swimmer gets an unfair competitive advantage over another swimmer.

The technical rules for each stroke may be found in the publication "United States Rules and Regulations. Trained officials observe the swimmers during each event to ensure compliance with these technical rules.

If a swimmer commits an infraction of the rules, he will be disqualified from that event, which means he will not receive an official time nor be eligible for an award in that event. Disqualifications may result from actions such as not getting to the starting blocks on time, false starting, walking on or pushing off the bottom of the pool, pulling on the lane lines, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

ONLY the head coordinator may approach the official at a swim meet. Parents may not talk to the officials for any reason during a meet. Diving and Starts for Meets and Practice At our regular meets at Tolleson Park, the swimmers can dive from the side of the pool but not the starting blocks at the deep end of the pool. The requirements will vary at each pool, and we will notify the swimmers about each pool's requirements for away meets.

Please note that our regular season practices and meets operate under the rules of the Cobb County Summer Swim League. Therefore, the rules may differ for competition under the two sets of rules. The required minimum depth for diving from the starting blocks and diving from the side of the pool are different under the two sets of rules. At Tolleson Park, at the shallow end, the depth is 3 feet. For the regular season: Sit-starts and in-the-water starts are acceptable alternatives to diving, especially when the depth is too shallow for diving.

In the case of a sit-start, the swimmer starts sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water. Swimmers may not use the leverage on the gutter or the lip of the pool to start. If every lane at the start end of the pool is five feet or more in depth, starting blocks may be used. But each swimmer still has the option of starting from the side of the pool. S he will be more strict as the season progresses. Disqualifications can be for various rule infractions, including but not limited to: If a swimmer is disqualified, he should ask the coach at the next practice exactly why he was disqualified and make sure he works to correct whatever was wrong.

The coach will have the DQ slips where the referee indicates the nature of the infraction. For beginning swimmers, a disqualification should be treated as a learning experience, not as punishment. They should be considered in the same light as an incorrect answer in schoolwork--they point out areas which need further practice. The DQ is necessary to keep the competition fair and equitable for all other competitors.

Our swim team is not a member of USA Swimming. Any swimmers who swim with one of these teams will generally automatically be a member of USA Swimming.

This definition includes home-school swim programs run by USA teams.

cobb county state swim meet

Teams can have an unlimited number of USA registered swimmers but may only have 20 USA registered swimmers on their roster for each meet. All families will need to fulfill their fair share of volunteer responsibilities. The number of volunteer shifts a family will be required to work will be determined by the number of families represented on the team.

You will receive instructions from your team coordinator about how to sign-up online for volunteer shifts. The volunteer coordinator will assign families to any remaining volunteer shifts that have not been filled, making sure that all families meet their obligation for the minimum number of required shifts.

We will offer training for all jobs. Some positions require more specialized training, including starters, announcers, and score-keeping.

Many of you prefer to work at meets, rather than sitting and watching. We will always welcome those parents to work as much as they like!

cobb county state swim meet

These ages require additional supervision and assistance during the meets. Parents of swimmers in the "rookie" group will be asked to volunteer for the "Rookie Races" as needed.

Bullpen shifts for ages 7 through 12 are for an entire meet and count as two shifts. Your team coordinator will tell you at the start of the season how many volunteer shifts each family is expected to sign-up for. This depends on the number of swimmers on the team—the number of swimmers may change from season to season; however, the jobs that must be filled remain unchanged.

Generally, if all of the swimmers in your family are 13 or older, we ask that you sign up for a minimum of 4 volunteer shifts. If any swimmer in your family not counting Rookie swimmers is under the age of thirteen, then the minimum number of recommended shifts is as follows: If your circumstances prevent you from being able to fulfill this requirement, please see the volunteer coordinator to discuss a suitable alternative.

Also, before each home meet, we will ask for food and drink donations for our concession stand. The team relies on concession sales to help cover our operating expenses. Works with the coordinators, coaches, and timers. Requires training and sitting with other starters to get familiar with process. You will be on your feet during the meet. Concessions Sells food, drinks, and candy at the Tolleson concession stand of which all profits benefit the team.

We try to make sure we have enough people working that you can leave your post to go watch your children swim. Place Judges Place judges will determine the place the swimmers finish in each event. On each side of the pool, there will be a place judge from each team. One will call the races, and one will write down the order of finish. If you are not sure, do not guess. The place judges determine which ribbon each swimmer will receive. Times do NOT determine the order of finish. Place judging is especially difficult in our 8-lane pool.

Although you are provided with chairs, we strongly encourage the place judges to stand for the finish of each race for a better view of the finish. Timers A timer uses a stopwatch to record the amount of time the swimmer in his lane takes to complete the event.

The timer then records the time on a scoring card. Timers stand most of the time, and usually their feet get wet.

We generally place timers on both ends of the pool. Time trials are a great time to get experience. Each team provides a timer for each of its lanes.

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The timer must, in all events and at all times, command a clear view of the course and finish line. They should, whenever possible, place themselves directly over the finish of the lane. The timers will begin timing when the starter sounds the whistle or bullhorn of strobe light flashes, not when the swimmer leaves the block. Smyrna uses a starting system that has s strobe light start. You will start your watch on the strobe light. The timer should record the times on the event cards or sheets provided to the scorer.

Please confirm that the swimmer in your lane is the swimmer named on the lane sheet. If you miss starting your watch at the beginning of the meet, please yell out for the backup timer.

cobb county state swim meet

This person will start all races and stop their watch after the last swimmer finishes. Do not just start the stopwatch late. This would result in a swimmer getting a much faster time than he actually swims, and give that swimmer an unfair advantage in all future seeding of relays and other events.

The swim team will provide you with a stopwatch and clipboard. Please turn them in at the volunteer check-in table at the end of the meet.

Any time that the coach or coordinator determines to be inaccurate may be disregarded in future seeding of relays and meets.

Runner Runners collect the scoring cards from both place judges and timers, and run them to the scoring table. Wear comfortable shoes because you really will run or at least walk a lot! Water Hostess Take water to timers, judges, starters, ref etc. Scoring Working at the scoring table requires prior training to score in accordance with League policies.

You will help score the meet, working with someone from the other team. You may also enter event results into the computer. Computer knowledge is a benefit.

This would be a good volunteer position for someone who is willing to stick with it for all of his or her assignments. Each team will provide at least one scorer. They work together at the scoring table.

They will enter the scores from each event on the score sheets immediately after each event. The scorers are responsible for turning in the scored sheets to the team coordinator upon the completion of the meet.

Bullpen Parents Bullpen parents help the swimmers under the age of 13 to keep track of their events and make sure they get to the starting blocks at the correct time. You will need to work the entire meet if you sign up for this job.

It is too confusing for the kids to switch halfway through a meet. The bullpen volunteers are responsible for promptly sending all swimmers to the deck or starting blocks as soon as their event is called.

The bullpen is provided with a list of the names of the swimmers in all events in the order in which they will swim. They will notify each swimmer to wait behind or beside the starting area until the starter takes over control of the race.

Set-Up Help set up for the meet Lane ropes, flags, tables etc. This shift is from 3: Floater This person will fill in wherever needed during the course of their shift.

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Shark Bites This is a where anyone can purchase an announcement. The Shark Bite worker will give out paper for the message to be written on, take the money and check to make sure the message is appropriate including good sportsmanship and that the message can easily be read.

After a few messages they will take messages to the announcer or find someone to deliver runner, coor. Ribbon Policy Swimmers will be awarded a ribbon for the position in which they placed in their heatunless they are disqualified.

If a swimmer does not get the ribbon s he expected to receive, please let your Coordinator know. We choose to continue to participate in the District Meet instead. The top three swimmers in each individual event at both qualifying meets qualify to swim in the State Meet. There are three times as many swimmers in the County Meet as in the District Meet. The District Meet is smaller, lasts only one day instead of two and our swimmers have a much better chance of qualifying for State.

We highly encourage all swimmers to participate in the District Meet. Even swimmers who do not expect to place in the top three to qualify for the State Meet can still enjoy the experience. It is a great chance to swim in a "big" meet against multiple teams and with automatic timing.

Most swimmers swim personal best times in these circumstances. Several times brand new swimmers have surprised themselves by qualifying for the State Meet during their first season on the swim team!

If a swimmer wants to swim in the District Meet, s he should be signed up by the deadline.

TeamHandbook - Smyrna Sharks Swim & Dive Teams

Any fees for entering that meet should be paid by the deadline. Please note that the minimum age for participation in the District and State Meets is seven. District and State Meet Bullpens The bullpen will not operate the same as a regular season meet. Heat sheets will be available for sale at the meet. When you arrive, you should mark your child's arm with eventheatand lane.

cobb county state swim meet

Note that event numbers are not the same as in regular meets. All swimmers should remain in the Smyrna bullpen.

cobb county state swim meet

If they need to leave for any reason, they should first ask a Coordinator and let them know where they'll be. They should return as quickly as possible. Announcements will be made as to when swimmers should report for their event.

Parents and swimmers are ultimately responsible for reporting to the staging area in time for an event. Missing swimmers may cause an entire relay to be scratched and not be able to swim. Parents must assist in keeping track of which events should report to the staging area, and keeping track of which swimmers have left the tents.

Results will be posted throughout the meet. Check the results board to see if your swimmer qualifies for the State Meet. The top three finishers automatically qualify, but subsequent finishers may qualify if one or more of the top three will not attend the State Meet.