Are we still scheduled to meet tomorrow

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are we still scheduled to meet tomorrow

(neutral) Would it be possible to meet on (date) at your / our offices to discuss. business, I will be unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I would be grateful if you could indicate a convenient time to meet during this week . Do you think we should meet in the morning or in the afternoon? A: I think the afternoon would be best. B: That will work out. I will e-mail the exact time tomorrow. Can we meet next Wednesday? I won't be able to meet on Wednesday. I will be unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

The cumulative impact of these trends is that there is a significant chance that prices of both crude and distillates will be meaningfully higher in than they are currently.

This is a rise that would be compounded if there was a lack of product to meet demand, and one that it would be reasonable to assume would widen as refineries looked to continue to offload their by-product into the only realistically viable market.

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It is for these reasons that Genoil, a leading publically traded clean technology engineering company, has developed its technology — the Hydroconversion Upgrader GHU — for the marine market.

The GHU converts heavy crude oils and refinery bottoms into clean burning fuels for the transportation industries.

are we still scheduled to meet tomorrow

For ship owners it negates the requirement to invest capital in scrubbers or to switch to LNG, and for fuel suppliers it ensures a reliable supply of compliant fuel oil, which they can provide to customers at a reduced cost, but at a higher margin than traditional distillate or low sulphur products. And of course for the fuel payers, their fuel bills are significantly reduced. In conjunction with this, in a highly competitive market, port authorities will be able to differentiate themselves, and increase their competitive advantage by being able to guarantee the continuous supply of MARPOL Annex VI-compliant, cost-effective fuel products, delivered through a state-of-the-art bunkering infrastructure.

The shipping industry in many respects has traditionally been sceptical of innovation, and the lack of widespread uptake in clean technologies that increase operational efficiencies has long been evidence of this.

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The company has also filed more 20 patents in relation to its GHU technology, including the process for treating crude using hydrogen in a special reactor unit. Most significantly, credibility is often measured by the company that you keep.

Beijing Petrochemical is a division of Yanchang Petroleum, sitting at position on the Fortune list. This is a project that will see, following the implementation of the GHU technology, a production capacity ofbarrels per day of low sulfur crude oil. Due to its international nature, the shipping sector is fundamentally different from other transportation modes, which are subject to local laws.

How to increase your odds that a busy, cool person will meet with you 2. It becomes an interchange vs. A few ways to lead with value: The digital landscape is filled with opportunities to support someone.

are we still scheduled to meet tomorrow

Do they have a blog? Demonstrate that you read it by consistently providing thoughtful commentary or sharing it. Share their job postings in a public setting or even introduce people to the company that might be a good fit.

are we still scheduled to meet tomorrow

Are they speaking at an event? Rally people to go check it out and then let that person know what you learned from them. You should just assume this. Grab the bull by the horns and shoot them a thoughtful feedback email. Key elements of this email to keep in mind: Thank you so much for helping me grow.

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Anyways, I just moved to New York City after graduation last year and have been really trying to build my skills as a business development professional. Lastly, I saw your company is hiring inside sales reps and have passed the opportunity along to some friends who I think would be a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you, -Scott Key elements of this email: Intro Context My name is Scott Britton.

I just moved to New York City after graduation last year and have been really trying to build my skills as a young business development professional at Y company.