After 10 years we meet again 096

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after 10 years we meet again 096

# Analyzing Online Learning Options for the Analyst with Lizzie Allen-Klein Moe, you and Lizzie met this year and I'd love to hear how you guys got into And I think it was a little bit like I was wondering, “Should I go back and study? . TW: Well, that was my first maybe only, my only multi-week. I'm early 40's, good-looking, healthy, very successful, intelligent and exciting. NYMV NYM L Playing For Keeps — something Jewish beauty, 5'6", with brains, . For the last couple of years I've run around and had my fill of clubs. NYM VI 17 Dreams — I've been having them again, in which I meet the right. How I long for Christmas and to see all of you, old boy, it seems to me that I've grown years older in these few months. For to my God I still give praise My boy, if illness and difficulties come to meet us, let us thank Him for bringing My word Yesterday evening I went to Richmond again,12 and took a walk there on a.

A decade after their high school graduation, Jake Tatum along with his girlfriend Dewan-Tatum and his former classmates, find themselves together again in their year high school reunion, where most have not seen each other in years. As one would expect, whether it was the jock, the jerk, the popular kids or the invisible ones, everyone has changed.

Some got married, some got famous, and some have changed to such a degree that they are no longer recognizable. In a film that follows various story lines, 10 Years shows us how the lives and relationships of all of these characters has changed, and how in one hilarious, yet unforgettable night friendships are rekindled, romances and conflicts are forced into closure, and, despite the many years that have gone by, old habits prove to never change.

As a particularly heartwarming film for those who have recently graduated from high school, [11] 10 Years is the perfect crossing between laughter and nostalgia, acting as the epitome of what an indie film should be: My favorite part of this film, and one of its greatest attributes, is how simple and realistic it is.

10 Years: A farewell from the Potatoes, till we meet again. | Fresh Potatoes

All of the various story lines had a theme or idea that easily resonated with most the average high school experiences. As a low budget film, 10 Years perfectly exemplifies the flexibility that indie films have when it comes to its themes and the actual making of the movie. This film in particular did a really beautiful job with the workings of the script, which along with its honesty and bluntness, provided the actors with a lot of freedom to do improvisation, thus adding relatability to the film.

With the small patches of humor, woven into the classic drama, they were able to not only make a film that resonated emotionally with the audience, but also one which was funny and enjoyable. Due to the flexibility provided to these actors, the song that he sings was in fact an original written by Isaac for the movie, adding to the authenticity and rawness of the film. Our whole goal and purpose, throughout these past 20 blog posts, has been to appreciate the art of film making for what it is, rather than judging them based on individualized opinions and negative criticism.

And that is where I really got my first introduction to SQL and it was through talking with my engineering peers. Believe in at all. Do you have anything to say about it? Yeah, okay, sorry, back to… [laughter] Wanted to take a little victory lap on that one. Yeah, I basically wanted to understand everything about how to query data.

What do I need to install and connect to, to just tinker around with this so I can work with you better? It took like two years to get there.

Like I said, I studied actual actuarial mathematics. I came out of college having taken a bunch of statistics courses, but I had like the freaking crypt keeper who crawled out of his, he was like 95 or something.

Teaching me theoretical statistics and he knew nothing about R or anything, and so I came out of that with no actual practical knowledge of how to apply these concepts, and not really understanding what they mean. And so, it was really when I started actually understanding how to query for data that started my fascination with going beyond and then applying some of the concepts I learned way back in the day in college and applying it to the actual data that I was grabbing and manipulating.

But to get to there, started off of talking to some of my peers at a start-up who were actually the ones who knew how to query code.

They were teaching me the concepts and I had to rely on that knowledge in order to build features and products for this start-up. I had to understand conceptually, what it meant to query and transform an aggregate data and then load it, which is a really hard thing. Especially if you miss that aggregation part. And I had to understand these concepts in order to make my features and my products usable and also just functional. There are trade-offs you have to make and you have to understand why you have to make those trade-offs and so you have to understand the concepts of basically ETL.

I wound up passing the class, and then had no… I was trying to learn in the abstract. I got it and then, oh crap. I have no idea… The more I think about it.

Oh I have gone through that so many times. I do wonder if some of it is the design of the courses, because, I mean, I did the R course through Coursera too, and I really, to be perfectly blunt, I struggled through bits of it a lot. I think that stepping away from formal education, if you want to understand how best to learn online, or other ways offline, know thyself. Look back at how you best learn over time, like how, like in your experience, what points in life work did you do really well when you were studying, what points did you not do well.

And for me, it was just because I need both practical application. I need to be able to use a concept on my own data. That, and I actually do need feedback and consultation from somebody. At some point, I get stuck. Certain programs have resources that you reach out to, or forums that you can talk to different people and learn from them. And I apply that everywhere. And so, if you have an experiential style or kinesthetic style, like getting your hands on it and doing it is like the only way.

Other people can read a book about it, and suddenly, sort of pieces of it makes sense to them because they have a visual or auditory style depending on, you know? Obviously, the people who listen to our podcast are auditory learners, maybe. Or just big fans of the show, whatever, not learning a darn thing. One or the other.

(, 79): To Theo van Gogh. Isleworth, Friday, 3 November - Vincent van Gogh Letters

But they keep insisting seeing it on Reddit and they just. It keeps their… Our huge new social strategy is all Reddit-based.

Shit, there are probably 15 online courses between self-paced tutorial on Code Academy, all the way through entire programs on edX.

after 10 years we meet again 096

I learned SQL kind of on the job. But… And that job being a product manager on Netflix, because we were launching new Numetrics and I needed to QA them. It was the break between Wizeline and joining Google on contract, that I dedicated myself to fine-tuning my skills and learning.

I wanted Code Academy to work. I need to be working towards something. And so, basically, in that tiny little break between my jobs, I decided, I was gonna start Udacity.

I take advantage of the trials to see if it sticks for me and for me, Udacity really did stick for me. I felt like I knew I was gonna achieve when I was done with each module, and I felt like my homework is getting graded. Not just pass-fail, but actually, I was getting feedback.

Well, I definitely have seen people who have taken courses in R and their code is abysmal and they clearly have not gotten feedback from somebody who knows how to write code. Oh that you… Now, I should say that in parallel, I was also starting a new job at Google, and I had the freedom to actually try and apply some of these concepts to what I was working on. I was managing experimentation for Google Cloud Platforms website, and it was all manual pulls out of GA input into a spreadsheet and use particular calculations for your statistical tests.

And I just was like… Aah… Uhh, nah. And so, I basically decided to start trying to pull the data through SQL and figuring out how to actually analyze the results of experiments using R, that I was learning in parallel through Udacity.

How within my 8-hour workday are you gonna let me do all this? Now, I have to pour in all the effort to figure out all the other stuff to get to use that one little function. But I think to, complementing Michael, when you said different learning styles, I also feel like being honest with yourself, like, do you wanna be uncomfortable? Are you ready to beat your head against the wall? SQL, Python, statistics, machine learning.

#096: Analyzing Online Learning Options for the Analyst with Lizzie Allen-Klein

None of those at this point have a… You can. I need to do more beating my head against the wall. And even if I still go ask someone, I remember how frustrated I was about the issue and then I remember the solution to the issue. I need to figure out how to take this really abstract complex problem and break it down into sub-parts, and then translate those sub-parts into code.

10 Years: A farewell from the Potatoes, till we meet again.

For me, I always… I was one of those geeks that would take the homework and repeat it over and over and over again like a fucking crazy person. But if you know the structure, you can figure out. And so, for me, it just trained me to learn how to solve the problem.

And I think when it comes to taking abstract, like business problems that you need to solve in real life, breaking that down and figuring out how to solve it through code is just another word problem. Literally, most of today, I was just looking at a word problem and trying to figure out how to translate into SQL and driving myself crazy.

after 10 years we meet again 096

Like you have to beat yourself up for a little while and either you have your epiphany or you ask for help. But what about that part of within a course getting help? With Udacity, they have forums, but I will be honest. But I definitely did Intro. I did the Intro to Programming. It was a nice intro to like Python and yada yada. I think, with the paid service, you can also reach out to a teacher or whatever. A person who knows more than you, whatever. It goes in two parts.

First, googling effectively and asking questions the right way. Those two things are our super powers. See, my biggest issue though is whether or not a course has an offline capability. I think they structure things really well, but if you wanna watch it offline, you have to go through and download every two-minute video. Is it really about a plane, Moe? Just by dint of being in Australia. My house is fine.

after 10 years we meet again 096

How much of a plunge I guess, were you taking with the Nanodegree? Well, then, how long did it take?

Wartime lovers meet again after 70 years

What kind of a commitment? That was just a personal decision for me. I decided I actually needed to challenge myself professionally because again, for myself, I knew that the best way for me to advance my techniques is to put myself in extremely uncomfortable situations in work and turn the heat up and rise to the challenge or fail and learn. I wanna kinda turn the conversation a little bit to a couple of other ways of looking at this.

Yeah, which hopefully, well… Great things. I think if I could go back in time, to my younger years in my career, I think I would have kicked myself in the ass to not be so insecure about asking other people to help me learn new skills. You just go down to the basement. I get to do everything in my eight hours.

I have a different experience in that, my company, we have learning day once a month. We have pet project day once a month. Yes, there is an issue. Like… Did you… Did you completely miss the point? I need people to ask for help.

I need to have practical examples.

after 10 years we meet again 096

I know a few years back, I rolled out the Coursera Data Science certificate at our company and offered to reimburse anybody who wanted to do it. Not a single person did it.