4b11 to 4b11t swap meet

Garrett Turbo Install And Dyno Tuning Ups Our Evo X To + WHP!

4b11 to 4b11t swap meet

Jun 24, In the process it also became the quickest Evo X around the legendary circuit, stealing the crown from the Koyama Racing Labo CZ4A. At the. May 29, AUSTRALIA'S FIRST 4B11T ENGINE SWAP ON E85 FULL EVO X TURBO SETUP APEXI ARC DESIGN INTAKE | RA BRAKE SETUP | APEXI. It might be cheaper/easier to swap a 4B11T into the lancer instead of upgrading the 4B I Think the dealer sales 4B11Ts for around $5k (don't.

Same reason why people mod their evo's in the first place, to be different, to make power, just to do it, because they have nothing else to spend their money on. The list goes on and on with the reasons why. If i can get the engine for the price advertised i will do it. If you are looking for someone to tell you if it is possible, don't bother because of course it is possible. Almost anything can be done with the correct amount of fabrication I realy can't seem to figure out why you even bothered posting this thread except to let everyone know you are going to be doing this time2evolve Also, OP put the 4b11 in a old mini cooper, or miata something different.

4b11 swap to 4b11T in 2011 Lancer De

Or if you end up putting it in your 8, then put the 4g63 in something super light. I can see that it could be cool to have a 4b11 in your car but really, some people will think its cool, some won't. The ones that think its cool will only do so for the 10 mins they meet you and see it. Its a waste imo. Is there any logical reason to do this swap GL on your build. I think that shows that with enough beer, cash and spare time literally anything is possible.

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Is why you need to keep the beer and garage separated far apart. Mike W Pops Mike W Yabit Mr. There's an analogy in here somewhere White chocolate isn't really chocolate anymore than x motor in an VII is an evo. Hey Mike, don't these motors spin in oposite directions? Would 1st gear start out with reverse and he'd have 6 reverse speeds? Maybe he could make it a rear engine so the gears would work?

4b11 swap to 4b11T in Lancer De - Lancer (DE,ES,GTS) - Project Lancer

Or would he just need to turn the shift knob backwards? Wait, could he use 1st gear in the 5th position someone give me a ballet anaology and work backwards Stock frame turbos are death on these motors if you do any long pulls. I would be suprised to see a 4b11 over whp survive a 5th gear pull to red line.

In my opinion running out 4th gear is risky enough and running out 5th would be impossible without damage. Thought he ran the AMS X kit on a 2. I wanna say he did something like mph at that Exyia Nearly all of that is attributed to one thing, turbo behind the engine. Design a better way of managing air flow via the hood scoop, and I'm sure the song will change. Umm, doesn't seem too complicated. Someone make a hood with a big fat hood scoop.

The hood on the X is kinda different in the way it works. I don''t know how to put it in exact words, there's a Mitsu article out here somewhere.

4b11 to 4b11t swap meet

But needless to say, a larger scoop simply will not do enough. I have been reading a bit in recent times about the aero of the car given my recent troubles and to find a way to direct more air in there.

You just described every single Evo 10 that is on a circuit track or any kid that does hwy pulls.

4b11 to 4b11t swap meet

Bingo, a big hole won't solve the problem, as most the air runs across the dp not the exhaust mani. A stratigic means of angling some heat shielding off the firewall "might" get the job done, that would be the "scoop" part.

If we think back to when it was stock bahahaha! Make a hood like ours, with a bigger hole, and angle it towards exhaust mani and down pipe. Herpa derp not that complicated. Not saying that one exists, just saying it's not complicated. See where hole exits. Does hole exit on exhaust mani, turbo, and down pipe? Sorry but this is totally wrong. Figured I should clarify.

4b11 to 4b11t swap meet

People beat on this motor, even people with over whp all the damn time on the track, drag strip, and street and it doesn't just blow up on the first pull. That must be why they have college degrees in fluid flow dynamics It tends to be very difficult to "bend" air.

Physics and all that jazz. Sure, cut a hole 2 feet in front of current hood scoop, problem solved: P HappyMint P Ya, so what you need is some of those tubes you can hook together that hamsters run around in. Take those and glue them underneath the hood so air going in the scoop enters the hamster tube. Then, make a roller coaster of tubes inside the engine bay for fun but make sure the exit is on the turbo. Add hamster with cape and goggles.

Oh where did I mention bending air?

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Pretty sure we can accomplish better cooling on the exhaust manifold with an expanded and if necessary slightly relocated scoop. Perhaps you meant something else: The main problem is where the ex mani is relative to the scoop take a look, it will make sense. I have no qualms with a hood scoop much further up, I do recall in its current location it's more or less above the manifold and to the right of it. Only problem being that the manifold is below the valve cover so much of the air would just skip right on over it and not actually hit the manifold directly, except in the case of a tubular manifold.