Reader meet the author tanja boskovic

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reader meet the author tanja boskovic

Horoscope and natal chart of Tanja Boskovic, born on /06/ you will find in this page an excerpt of the astrological portrait and the interpration of the. Besides, this Volume contains several reviews of relevant authors and books. All papers are written in English which is broadening the market of potential readers . Tanja Bošković, The European Union as determinant of economic Lecture at the meeting of Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts, CANU. Tanja Tydén, Reader Comments (0) · Media Coverage; Figures Editor: Magdalena Grce, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, CROATIA Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. .. In order to meet the need for adequate knowledge about HPV vaccine, the Public health.

Tanja Boskovic: Astrological Article and Chart

Participants were male and 81 female medication-free patients with alcohol dependence and male and female unrelated, non-suicidal medication-free Caucasian healthy subjects. Patients with chronic alcoholism have different psychiatric comorbidities, and the most frequent psychiatric disorders related to alcohol use disorders are depression, anxiety, antisocial personality disorder, conduct disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Ducci et al.

reader meet the author tanja boskovic

Patients with alcohol dependence have a greater suicide risk than the non-psychiatrically ill subjects, and suicide risk increases if alcoholism is related to comorbid depression Sher, Alcoholism is associated with various dimensions of personality novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and reward dependence and age at onset Cloninger, Personality disorders and impulsive and aggressive behaviour, together with a tendency to engage in impulsive violence, are contributory risk factors for suicidal behaviour and completed suicide Brent et al.

Preclinical Gogos et al. Suicide attempters are more likely to be impulsive and aggressive Corruble et al.

reader meet the author tanja boskovic

It is postulated that increased dopaminergic activity might lead to greater aggression Gogos et al. The enzyme COMT transfers a methyl group to catecholamines like dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, and it is responsible for their degradation Weinshilboum et al. The enzyme activity is under control of the COMT gene.

The Val variant of COMT has a higher stability and activity, and it catabolizes dopamine up to four times the rate of its Met alternative.

An explanation for this gender-specific association could be due to the effects of oestrogen in females which modulates neurotransmission and neuronal excitability of the catecholaminergic system Balthazart et al.

Since chronic alcohol abuse increases dopaminergic transmission in the brain, while dopamine mediates the reward processes and alcohol-induced euphoria Blum et al.

reader meet the author tanja boskovic

In line with this, the Met allele, responsible for the low dopamine inactivation, has been reported to be associated with alcoholism Wang et al. The Met allele is associated with low COMT activity and this may lead to increased prefrontal dopaminergic activity and increased aggressive behaviour and consequently suicidal behaviour, which may result in suicide attempts. The Matica Srpska Journal for Slavic Studies publishes articles and treatises, contributions and materials, scientific criticism, reviews, chronicles and bibliographies.

The papers in Serbian should be written in accordance with the Orthography of the Serbian Language [Pravopis srpskoga jezika] by M. The papers should be 16 pages long 32, characters and are sent electronically in the Word format and, if necessary, in PDF to the email addresses: The papers are reviewed by two competent reviewers.

Tanja Bošković

The process of review is double blind. The authors are notified if the paper has been accepted for publication within two months since the submission of the manuscript. Elements of the paper in this order: When preparing the manuscript the author should take care of the following: Citing references in the text: They are listed in the following way: Flier Michael, Hughes Robert ed. Berkeley Slavic Specialties, Procedure and rules for manuscript review 1.

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All papers sent to the journal are reviewed. Reviewers are renowned experts from the country and abroad for the scientific field and topic of the paper which has been sent to the journal. The papers that do not fall within the scope of the journal or do not correspond to the scientific criteria of the journal are not reviewed. In that case the author is given a negative response.

Reviewing is double blind: The reviewers are familiar to the fact that the manuscripts sent to them for review are the intellectual property of the author and that they cannot use them or make them public. The review should provide an objective assessment of the paper and should analyze its good and bad sides. The review should be done within 60 days after the paper was sent to the journal.

The authors whose papers are rejected are also sent an explanation. Validating the arguments and evidence 1.