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Mute Modi: Why Is the PM Terrified of Holding Even a Single Press Conference?

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will address a press conference on Friday, his second and possibly the last during UPA-II. Singh, who is. If PM interact with press regularly, they would take a part of his statement out of Saw many people supporting PM for not attending any press conference. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address a press conference tomorrow ( Wednesday) to brief journalists about the outcomes of her.

Asked why he had not gone to Pakistan since taking office inthe prime minister said he "would very much like to go to Pakistan.

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Have been speaking up: PM Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday denied that he had not been speaking up on issues concerning the party and government. I will continue to do so in the future," the prime minister said while answering a query at a press conference in New Delhi.

pm press meet the

Modi will be a disaster for India: He added that he was fully confident that the next prime minister, after the Lok Sabha election, will also be from the Congress-led UPA coalition. Row over diplomat won't hit Indo-US ties: The prime minister told the media here that the UPA government attached "the highest priority to strengthen the strategic partnership between our two countries.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addresses media Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be the PM candidate: I will hand over charge to a new Prime Minister after the elctions in a few month: We will announce the Congress PM candidate at an appropriate time: All emerging economies including India faced slowdown in the past couple of years We are set for better times, says PM highlighting growth rate in past 9 years is the highest.

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Not successful in controlling inflation, need to increase supplies to keep food prices under control Concerned over not generating employment in manufacturing sector; need efforts to support medium and small enterprises Worry about inflation is legitimate but income for most people have increased faster than inflation: Number of people below poverty line has come down: Global growth cycle turning for the better: We need to improve supply chain bottlenecks Food Security Act will sheild common man from inflation We haven't been able to control inflation We need to generate employment in manufacturing sector The official is subsequently subjected to hostile questioning.

While the government may be gleeful, the citizens are poorer as the government is using intimidation to cover up information it does not want leaked.

pm press meet the

This clearly is a PM who truly believes that he is above institutional scrutiny whether from the media or citizens. A watchful eye Modi has also discontinued the practice of the prime minister having a press advisor who used to be a point person for the media. Before Modi, all prime ministers, including Atal Behari Vajpayee, had a senior journalist or an official as press advisor.

Pm Press Meet

Now the media has no clue as to whom to call in the PMO. A trusted Modi aide has been deployed even in the Central Hall of Parliament where journalists earlier had access to members of parliament and ministers.

pm press meet the

Clearly those so openly watched and listed now avoid journalists for dear life. Gujarat journalists who have covered Modi as chief minister are not remotely surprised.

Jaitley hits back at PM, calls his press meet a farce - India News

They say Modi employed similar methods in Gandhinagar to completely freeze the press out. Modi also ensured that the assembly barely met and that even when sessions were on, they were hardly attended.

The current truncated winter session is a testament to this.

pm press meet the

The winter session was truncated because Modi and his entire team was busy campaigning in Gujarat. The trouble is that no questions are tolerated or allowed in this one way spiel.