Msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting


msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting

In , Jim founded TheStreet, one of the "most visited" financial media Money premium service, and participates in video segments on TheStreet TV. Meet the Press, Today, The Tonight Show, Late Night and MSNBC's Morning Joe . Meet the Press is the longest running show on television. Videos. ICYMI: Bashing the political news media isn't new, but things have changed. msnbc. com. For This 'Meet the Press' Producer, Darden's D.C. Program Was a 'No-Brainer' months to get an interview with [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau. at the time and also hosted “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC at the time. show to a daily cable news program, a podcast, and in hosted our.

And listeners pay attention. She explained that while Prudential has and runs a full service internal agency, she still reaches out to external agencies for things she wants perspective on.

Prudential are always tweaking their approach to media and messaging. Prudential is purpose led and bred in a low engagement category. Shah believes in brands as publishers, telling stories. Started with Pandora Day one campaign—following people on the first day of their retirement Used influencers to promote 4.

How we confront mortality and health takes bravery. We wanted to have a light touch with the branding. Podcasting also fits well into the marketing mix.

And she used multiple channels, amplifying this effort through social and events. Garrubbo said she was proud of being the number one publisher of podcasts.

And our Smart Speaker Survey shows these folks listen to more audio on all devices.

Bernie Sanders Responded to Mike's Criticism on 'Meet the Press'

Kelly McEvers, Host of Embedded, featured a live presentation of her show, where they go deeper into the news. This season will focus on Donald Trump. Carruth concluded with the succinct tagline: Lee returned to the stage to discuss Time Inc. And this content can be applied across all the ESPN properties: Radio, TV, and web, opening up 85 million impressions. ESPN shared an interesting example of integration with Mini.

msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting

How can we not just interrupt but add to the experience? We tried to have a personal approach to a personal medium. Podcasts are the story. You make emotional connections and go deeper.

NBC Meet the Press

We treat the audience as peers. It gives us a place to test our ideas and publicly think through things. Friedman presented a fascinating case study with Talenti.

He pointed out sponsorship for My Favorite Murder is nearly sold out. Friedman welcomed his client from the NFL who said they were excited to grow the podcast space. The NFL have four podcasts and are looking to grow these, and build more.

msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting

He took the opportunity to announce a new Podcast: Game Theory and Money. PJ Vogt and Alex Glodman from Reply All, a podcast with content based on the internet, talked about making the internet less technical, plumbing the ocean of stories from the web, and how they impact your life.

msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting

Blumberg talked about Homecoming—fiction, a Peabody finalist. Anna Sullivan, VP Sales, Gimlet, talked about the mission of helping brands find their voice in audio. Serial 3 is coming. There were 30 unique sponsors for This American Life. The message is more integrated. All will be supported by a gamified mobile app delivering more content and rewards for interacting.

They had hosts incentivize listeners to take a survey as a benchmark pretest and then they had a different group answer the same questions plus recall after the podcast.

He also mentioned that Forbes was looking to expand beyond their owned web properties with both Facebook and podcasts. They are going to integrate podcast content on their new site. Bouvard provided some insights on frequent podcast consumers: Consumers thought there could be more ads and they could be pre-produced. People would pay money to subscribe. They find the content valuable and would pay for an ad free platform. Sound is growing with Smart Speakers. How can you talk to your customers when they have you on mute?

A sound strategy is a podcast strategy. Immersive storytelling makes people care immensely. Lopez handed out eyeshades and turned down the house lights so the audience could concentrate on two sample podcasts, Dirty Job and Tales of History. Two podcast hosts, Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale and Davy Rothbart of Found, talked about the emotional connection they have with their audiences. Brandon Monaghan, CEO, Panoply said he has seen great traction with Direct Response clients, but also with more mainstream brands also.

Ryan Zack explained the new technology, Megaphone Targeted Marketplace. Advertisers can use Megaphone to push to platforms. They easily add markers where ads can be dynamically inserted and they can change these ads across demographics and geographic parameters.

Podcast targeting can be more like display. Conal Byrne, President, HowStuffWorks HSWdescribed their network as the biggest for-profit platform with 1 billion downloads, tying together authenticity and curiosity.

It is storytelling for the curious. More than one hundred hours of new programming each month. When compared to standard podcast listeners, HSW listeners skew female, with a higher income and younger. Authentic is growing the market with great content. Characters and plot that draw you in. The creators at Authentic work hard to find the right material. For every 15 ideas pitched, the producers at Authentic research 5, and only produce 3.

It was storytelling like a novel, like a character study. Previously, she told stories from the mitten state, wandered around St. Louis with a microphone, and taught English in the Vegas of Asia. He is an award-winning radio journalist.

Prior to joining Gimlet, she worked at The Huffington Post, where she developed the podcast and audio program. Before that, she worked in marketing at Uber. Previously he worked as a producer at Chicago Recording Company. He was a founding member and toured with The Hudson Branch. He can still be found writing and playing music with these two bands: He also has a degree in Math and Physics.

He recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and he's a fan of all things writing, comedy and basketball. Previously, she hired people and managed talent strategy at Time Inc. Before coming to Gimlet, she bought, planned, and implemented media campaigns for clients in retail, CPG, tech, finance, and entertainment. She plays roller derby under the name Rat Queen. Previously, he worked at Townsquare Media. She is based in Chicago with Mollie. He also co-hosted For Colored Nerds, an independent podcast about race, news and pop culture with bmluse.

Prior to working at Gimlet, he helped nonprofits and foundations develop digital strategies at Fenton.

msnbc meet the press video podcast hosting

His favorite comic is Secret Wars 8 The issue, although the issue was pretty cool too. She used to produce and report news in Oregon — the greatest state in the union. Before coming to Gimlet, she wrote stories for Refinery29 and attended graduate school at Northwestern University.

He also leads partnerships for Gimlet, including efforts to extend our reach to new platforms and identify exciting distribution opportunities for our content. He does stories on This American Life. He wrote a few books and some magazine articles. His new show is called Heavyweight. He is responsible for all financial operations at Gimlet, and also assists the BizOps team across a variety of growth and audience development initiatives. For a decade prior to Gimlet, Jim worked at the Boston Consulting Group, helping media companies solve a wide range of business issues.

Outside of Gimlet, he's a practicing artist and musician. Elise Harven Elise is a graphic designer at Gimlet. Previously, she worked at an ad agency doing social media for Don Q Rum and Sony. Elise enjoys listening to french music and going to shows.

Prior to joining Gimlet she worked in sales at the Wall Street Journal and with big brands and small businesses at Google. She likes improv and does not like locksmiths. Previous jobs include waitress, biologist, fact-checker and registered nurse.

David Gregory, former "Meet the Press" moderator on split with NBC News, new book - CBS News

She previously worked in sales for Gawker Media and is based in Chicago. Meryl Horn Meryl is an associate producer at Science Vs. In his free time, he writes and records music under the name Soltero. Before joining Gimlet, she worked at NPR for nearly a decade. Her last job there was senior editor for All Things Considered.

She did the vampire thing for a few years as an editor for Morning Edition, and worked on NPR's newscast unit. When she's not listening to great stories, she's all about spontaneous dance parties with her daughters. She lived in Mexico and thus has very strong opinions about Mexican restaurants. In high school Erin was voted most dependable. The only reason she took 4 years of Latin in high school was because the department made feature-length movie musicals entirely in Latin: She graduated from Bowdoin College, where she studied Political Philosophy and English and co-hosted a radio show.

When she's not in the recording studio, she's most likely in the metalworking studio. If you have an hour to kill, ask her about hammers. Previously, he worked at Vox, where he produced podcasts like The Weeds and mixed audio for Vox videos. You can also find him playing bass and synthesizer in his band, Sunbathers.

Development Producer at Gimlet.