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meet the skylanders wildfire pic

Snap Shot is a blue crocagator who is the leader of the Trap Team in Wiki Activity · Random page · Community · Videos · Images. in: .. Meet the Skylanders Snap Shot He and Wildfire are the only Trap Masters to have Dark counterparts. the Drow running. Now as a member of the Skylanders, Splat makes quite the impression wherever she goes! . Upon leveling up; "Picture perfect!" - When checking Meet the Skylanders SuperChargers Splat and Splatter Splasher Alt Decos Dark Blast Zone - Dark Hammer Slam Bowser - Dark Spitfire - Dark Wildfire. Thumpling is one of the four Sidekicks in Skylanders: Giants. to the Skylands to meet their regular-sized alter egos and tag along with them on adventures.

In fact, his response to most things is to set both barrels blazing. Trigger Happy first appeared in a tough frontier town on the furthest reaches of Skylands.

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The town was dirt poor and had recently been beset by a band of bully bandits. One day, having grown bored of terrorizing the townsfolk with their bad breath and sheep-shearing jokes, the bandits were holding up the local bank. Outside, their dragon steeds were fired up for a quick getaway. Suddenly, a short, stumpy stranger strolled into the high street. And after taking one look at the bandits, Trigger Happy started shooting.

Gold coins sprayed everywhere, embedding themselves into the buildings and the behinds of the bandits, who promptly hightailed it out of there. The town was made instantly rich and Trigger Happy a legend. His gold-slinging antics soon reached the ears of Master Eonwho immediately made him a Skylander.

Trigger Happy remains true to his name, by shooting first and asking questions later. Actually, he never bothers to ask questions.

meet the skylanders wildfire pic

Trigger Happy was in a training session with Jet-VacSpyroand Drill Sergeant when Spyro's attempt to master his Daybringer Flame attack went out of control with him accidentally unleashing his flames upon Trigger Happy and Drill Sergeant, leaving the two Tech Skylanders singed. The Skylanders battled against mega-sized Chompies, but were outmatched until Kaos arrived and saved the heroes by suspending the Chompes in midair with a magic staff.

When the Warrior Librarians Curator, Wiggleworth, refused to hand over a book from the Archive Kaos was after, the evil Portal Master released the mega-sized Chompies upon the heroes, but the Skylanders managed to defeat them with the help of a mega-sized Spyro. The Skylanders were soon attacked by Kaos and his Troll Bombers while searching for the Mask of Power piece, but with the efforts of both Spyro and Trigger Happy, they were able to drive off Kaos and find the Mask segment that had taken on the form of a sheep.

meet the skylanders wildfire pic

However soon after retrieving the segment, all of the Mask of Power segments were stolen by a Goliath Drow who was serving Kaos. Trigger Happy, along with the other Skylanders who previously took part in the search for the parts of the Mask of Power, teleported to Kaos' Kastle to stop Kaos from using the Mask of Power.

Despite getting through the castle's defenses, the Skylanders were unable to stop Kaos from putting on the Mask of Power.

Lightning Rod

With it, Kaos was able to steal the Skylanders' powers, including Trigger Happy's, leaving them defenseless. Before the evil Portal Master could finish the Skylanders off, they were safely teleported back to Eon's Citadel.

meet the skylanders wildfire pic

Trigger Happy, having lost his gun accuracy, was disheartened along with the other powerless Skylanders as Kaos wreaked havoc across Skylands with the Mask of Power. The gremlin's spirit was lifted when Spyro encouraged his fellow Skylanders not to give up, and the assembled heroes created a make-shift carrier in an attempt to protect the Core of Light from Kaos.

Before Kaos could unleash his attack on the Core of Light, Trigger Happy, along with the other Skylanders, coaxed Kaos into using all of their abilities at once, causing the evil Portal Master to lose control. Trigger Happy took this oppurtunity to pull the Mask of Power off Kaos's face, restoring all of the Skylanders' powers and allowing them to ultimately destroy the Mask of Power.

With Kaos defeated once again, the Skylanders know that the evil Portal Master would return, but they, including Trigger Happy, are certain that he and the Skylanders will be ready for him. When Kaos sent his minions to destroy the Core of LightTrigger Happy didn't appear in battle until he arrived and helped out Stump Smash fight a large number of Kaos' minions when the tree creature was outnumbered, taking out a few enemies with several shots of his dual guns.

They both worked together in defeating the horde of enemies, including two Goliath Drows individually: Just as the Skylanders were winning the battle, Kaos unleashes his Hydra and it successfully destroys the Core of Light.

Trigger Happy, along with the other Skylanders, were banished from Skylands and were sent to Earth where they were turned into toys, waiting for the new Portal Master to find them. The three Skylanders all shared a knowing glance to one another, as Kaos rambled on vowing that he'll keep returning until Skylands was his if he was to be banished to the Outlands again. Instead, Kaos was banished to Earth where he was turned into a toy, and shortly after his departure, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy celebrated their victory together.

However Blades, who was still learning how to be a Skylander, was on the verge of ruining the mission due to his recklessness. After an attempt to teach the young dragon about the value of working as a team, Blades claimed that he didn't need anyone's help and went on ahead to stop Magus by himself, prompting Trigger Happy, Bouncer and Night Shift to follow after him. The experienced Skylanders managed to save Blades just in time at the entrance to Magus' stronghold.

Soon he was the most revered monster hunter in Skylands — a reputation that caught the attention of Master Eon. It was this elite team that tracked down and captured the most notorious villains Skylands had ever known! After a lengthy battle, the Trap Masters succeeded in defeating the Doom Raiders and locked them away in Cloudcracker Prison. Responding quickly, Snap Shot and Wallop arrived at the Mabu mining expedition in time to assist the three Skylanders, with Snap Shot briefly stopping Wolfgang by shooting the werewolf in the back with a traptanium arrow.

While Wallop dealt with the trolls, the crocagator Trap Master fought with Wolfgang, easily overpowering the werewolf by hurling him into the air and allowing Wallop to deliver the finishing blow to the villain. After Wolfgang's defeat, the Skylanders hauled the werewolf back to Cloudcracker Prison. The Mabu leader thanked the Skylanders and the Trap Masters for their successful efforts in protecting the Mabu and the Radiance Crystals.

However they came to notice that the Fork of Infinite Resonance needed for the mining expedition was stolen by the trolls during the attack.

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Pondering, Snap Shot was left wondering what Kaos was up to. This not only shattered the Traptanium stronghold, but also released the Doom Raiders and other villains from their imprisonment.

Return of the Dragon King When Malefor was launching an attack on the Skylanders AcademySnap Shot was one of the remaining Skylanders that attempted to protect the school.