Meet the fosters season 2 premiere

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meet the fosters season 2 premiere

The Fosters (–) Season 2. Things Unknown. S2, Ep1. 16 Jun. Things Unknown. (). 0 . Callie meets her half-sister for the first time. Episode 1 of Season 1. 2. Consequently. 44m. Callie is accused of selling pills at school. Meanwhile, Lena and Stef decide not to punish Callie takes pictures of other foster kids to help get them homes. Mariana meets Zac's mother. With Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Hayden Byerly, David Lambert. Teenager Callie Jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological.

Bloody and nearly unconscious, he pulls himself into the car and the sound of the horn wakes him from his sleep. Dani and Brandon have an awkward exchange of words at his school.

Dani mentions moving in with Mike. Feeling guilty about their recent sexual encounter, Brandon reminds Dani of her unfaithfulness. Dani warns Brandon not to reveal their secrets to his dad as he may return to his old ways.

meet the fosters season 2 premiere

Jacob testifies to having taken care of Callie since she was 6 months old. At school, Mariana is trying hard to fit into the dance team.

With her heightened insecurities around her teammates, Mariana is consumed over the color of her hair. He tells Stef to leave the situation alone.

Later at home, Callie and Brandon catch up.

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During a nice family dinner, a social worker interrupts with bad news. He gives both Callie and Robert new perspectives on each other where he also makes it clear that he disagrees with Robert forcing Callie to live with him. Robert, after a meaningful conversation with Callie, he decides to sign his parental rights to Lena and Stef.

Jude goes to the hospital to see Connor despite Mr. Stevens banning him from seeing him, but Jude runs into Mr. After he calls Lena, Jude tells her about his and Connor's true relationship, and that Connor came out as gay to his dad.

This news prompts Lena to explain to Mr.

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Stevens that keeping Jude and Connor away from each other will not change his son's sexuality and he can only learn to accept it. Meanwhile, Mariana prepares for the crucial dance-team showdown, but sprains her ankle. Now that her team is short one member, she comes up with a creative way to make up for the lost sixth member.

On their way home with Ana, Mariana and Jesus realize Ana has gone into labor. As they try to make it to the hospital, a car slams into the side of their car, causing an accident.

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Austin leaves the cast and makes his last appearance. Casting[ edit ] In Marchit was announced that Jake T. Austin would be leaving the show. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family, it's been a pleasure. Meanwhile, Lena tries to reconnect with Stef, who is finding it hard to relax on their weekend getaway. Things heat up between Callie and Wyatt, but Callie realizes she may not be emotionally ready to take the next step.

Lena vies for the Principal's job at Anchor Beach, which causes some friction in her already rocky relationship with Timothy. When the dance team holds auditions for a new member, Mariana questions why she was chosen to join the team, and she doesn't like the answer. Emma second-guesses her breakup with Jesus, putting him in an awkward position with a new love interest and with Mariana, who becomes unwillingly involved in his dilemma.

Stef struggles with her suspicions about Mike and debates moving forward with her investigation into Ana's disappearance. When Brandon's bandmates take him on a hike for some "special" inspiration, Brandon opens up to an unexpected confidant about his past transgressions.

And Callie's emotions get the better of her when things get hot and heavy with Wyatt. Stef confronts Mike about Ana, and he comes clean about why he was at the halfway house the night of Ana's disappearance.

meet the fosters season 2 premiere

Meanwhile, Wyatt seeks relationship advice from a very uncomfortable Brandon, and Mariana is still furious with Jesus for putting her in the middle of his girl problems.

Callie brings Jude for a visit with the Quinn family in the hopes that Jude will no longer feel so threatened by this other side of Callie's life. Meanwhile, Jesus is torn between feelings of guilt over his failed relationship with Emma and pressure to prove his loyalty to Hayley.