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The premise is that Ben Stiller's character, Greg Focker, is going to visit his There are great moments between all of the characters, driving scenes at the dinner table, Sure they have some quirks, the cat uses the toilet, Stiller wears a Speedo, and a I haven't see Meet the Fockers, which comes out on DVD on April Exhibit B: Meet the Parents () That's why the water volleyball scene in Meet the Parents, where Stiller's Greg Focker is forced to don a tiny Speedo, was such a huge surprise. You see the way he's cut in the hips?. Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Parents review, age rating, and parents guide. Greg inadvertently positions a nanny-cam so it's looking up the skirt of his Parents, don't forget these is a scene in this movie w. bizarre clothes -- enormous pants from Pam's brother, a tiny Speedo bathing suit See how we rate.

While trying to initiate sex, Greg uses a pet name for his penis as he begins to fondle the breasts of his girlfriend. Greg inadvertently positions a nanny-cam so it's looking up the skirt of his girlfriend's mother.

An ex-boyfriend of Greg's girlfriend tells him how she's a "tomcat. Frequent profanity, including "bitch," "s--t," "for Christ's sake. Thinking it's Greg, Jack starts making offhand references to different types of marijuana and makes a reference to quaaludes.

Greg smokes cigarettes and tries to hide it. Alcohol consumption at dinner, parties, and a rehearsal dinner; one man is shown too drunk to drive, with slurred speech. This movie has some strong language including "s--t"especially in reference to Greg's unfortunate last name Focker ; drug use plus cigarette smoking by the main character; and potty humor -- a septic tank backs up on the lawn, for starters.

There's plenty of lying, spying, and sneaking around by the main characters that they eventually all need to own up to -- like when Greg loses the cat and tries to replace it with a look-alike from the local shelter.

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Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what occurs in the film. After Jack begins playing the song, "Puff the Magic Dragon," in his car, Greg jokes about what the song is allegedly really about smoking potbut Jack won't believe it and then asks, "Are you a pothead, Focker?

Greg asks a store clerk about their champagne selection. Greg, Pam and her parents have wine with dinner. Greg opens a bottle of champagne. We see an old photo of Pam and Kevin with beers. Jack finds Denny with a small pot pipe, but Denny states that he found it in Greg's pocket which isn't true.

After that, Jack and others make offhand remarks and jokes about Greg being a pothead such as having the "munchies" or using pot for medicinal purposes. Later, Jack thinks that maybe Greg is a "pill popper" looking for "ludes" Quaaludes.

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Various people have wine at the wedding rehearsal dinner and Larry later appears a bit drunk. We see that the septic system has overflowed at the Banks' house and see the yard wet with sewage with everyone reacting to the smell. Kevin then shows up and backs his truck into the wet yard, not realizing what's happened. He then gets stuck and spins his wheels, sending sewage flying onto everyone but Greg.