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meet the deadline translation

Since meeting my deadlines is so important to me I was a nervous wreck by that point Delivering on-time is a must for a freelance translator. with the requirement of meeting a deadline working on deadline . Britannica English: Translation of deadline for Arabic Speakers. Comments on deadline. French Translation of “to meet a deadline” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over French translations of English words and phrases .

Adhering to deadlines is the most important quality a professional translator can have, which is why a recent job nearly had me tearing my hair out. I had accepted a large legal job that turned out to be a more dense than I expected and b contained one attachment that was extremely technical and outside my ability. The client had asked that I deliver 15, words of a rental agreement over a 5 day period. She contacted me on a Thursday afternoon and asked that I deliver the next Tuesday.

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After slogging through the dense legalese over the weekend I let the client know on Monday that I was running late and also asked if I could subcontract the last file 2, words to a colleague who specializes in this kind of technical text. The colleague said this text was similar to other texts she had translated in the past and promised delivery by the end of the day on Wednesday. I finished my portion on Wednesday, and my colleague kept changing the delivery time. She ended up delivering on Thursday morning.

meet the deadline translation

Since meeting my deadlines is so important to me I was a nervous wreck by that point and had literally broken out in hives.

My colleague is a wonderful translator and the final translation was wonderful, however the fact remains that it was late. The client had also asked me to translate another 3, words after delivering the first file before the actual delivery of the first jobbut since it was in the same technical vein she agreed that the colleague could do it.

The colleague once again really botched the delivery delivering on Monday afternoon instead of Friday as promisedand the client informed me she would never work with her again.

meet the deadline translation

Delivering on-time is a must for a freelance translator. Are you sure that she is competent with the content? She just has problems with deadlines.

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As she herself stated, she allowed too many distractions. Needless to say I was not amused. I had known she had a problem with deadlines, so it is my own fault for thinking it would be different this time. If you want to be a successful translator and have a thriving translation business you need to make sure you meet your deadlines.

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There are other cases where the customer is not at all pressed for time, and it makes little difference if a translation is delivered in a week or in ten or twelve days although such cases are rare, they can be common with certain clients or certain situations. Respecting a deadline is essential for consolidating the image of a translation agency as a serious company.

Resources that work for this agency translators, editors, proofreaders, designers should be aware of this rule and consider it a fundamental axiom.

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In a translation agency, everyone collaborates with this goal on their mind. Whether from managers and project leaders who are planning a translation to the resources that must assume the responsibilities and meet deadlines. There is no deadline that is set unilaterally. A Project Manager cannot decide the deadline on his or her own if the customer is pressed for time; along the same lines, a translator or editor cannot take liberties with the deadline simply because a translation has some drawbacks.

The deadline, then, is not determined by a single person, but is determined in close consultation by respecting a set of guidelines, requirements and directions that come from both sides.

How To Meet Each and Every One of Your Project Deadlines

This guideline is so important that no matter how well a text is translated, if it is delivered two days later than requested by the client, the job may be rejected. This does not mean that quality is not important.