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meet the candidates timmins news

People in Timmins will be voting for School Board Trustees, City Councillors for Wards , Meet the Candidates: Filed under: Local News. Residents in Iroquois Falls who are still mulling over who they want to vote for will have the opportunity to attend a Meet The Candidates Night. The Daily Press emailed all four Ward 2 candidates, asked them to we can put short and long term plans in affect to meet not only the basic.

Bottom line is I would like to see South Porcupine boom again. Lorne Feldman What track record, experience or qualities do you have that make you a good choice as a city councillor for Ward 2? It was always instilled in me by my Dad Morris Feldman to never forget where you come from and the importance of always making positive contributions to your community especially when times are tough.

Debate for Ward 1 and 5 candidates draws packed house | Timmins Daily Press

Growing up, I learned the importance of customer service. I was taught to value, appreciate and respect our customers or someone else will.

Jay Timmins

Consequently, our population is declining especially among our youth leading to further erosion of the tax base. What results are poorly maintained roads, school closures, neglect of parks, recreational facilities and lakes specifically Porcupine Lake. We must make Timmins affordable and enjoyable. Affordability begins with restoring fairness to the tax system. We cannot accept our families, particularly seniors absorbing nearly 65 percent of the tax burden which equates for many into an additional, monthly mortgage payment.

A balance must be reached where all residents can benefit from what is one of the richest resource based communities in the world.

meet the candidates timmins news

We can all agree our children represent the future. Incentives should be provided to local youth who remain or return home. Our children deserve our investment. Jean Fex What track record, experience or qualities do you have that make you a good choice as a city councillor for Ward 2? I was born and raised in Hanmer Ont, a small town just outside of Sudbury. After high school a joined our Armed Forces and spent a tour in Germany.

Introducing Timmins' candidates for Ward 2

After the forces i studied business. I am employed with Metro in the Porcupine Mall and presently managing the store. I also own and operate two local businesses. In my 35 years of work I have managed renovation businesses since the age of Owned and sold 3 businesses that are still around till this day.

I am a proud husband to Catherine and father of two and adopted parent to my grandson.

Introducing Timmins’ candidates for Ward 2 | Timmins Daily Press

Dubeau said he voted with all council members to investigate the possibility of having a three-day festival. Instead, he said the mayor came back with a proposal for an eight-day festival. Dubeau said a deferral on the full eight-day festival was requested at that time by Coun. Joe Campbell and supported by himself. The rest of council opposed the deferral and rushed through the approval for the festival. The transparency concern was also spoken to by candidate Szczebonski Ward 5. He said he believes a future city council should return to the committee system, so than any new projects are properly planned and vetted at the council table.

Szczebonski said this would bring transparency to the taxpayers. Marks Ward 5 also commented on the transparency issue when he spoke about the budget process, which he said is a key function of council. Marks said it is important for council to hear from ordinary taxpayers when it comes to discretionary spending, things that council can decide for or against, such as new sidewalks, street repairs, snow plowing or playgrounds.

But then where is that transparency that is required? Ivanovs Ward 5 also spoke on transparency and reminded the group that he approached city council as a citizen at one meeting in to request the right of citizens to make presentations on a specific issue at the same meeting where that issue would be discussed by council.

Ivanovs said council would only allow that if there was a vote taken with a required two-thirds majority that night, otherwise he would have to submit a request two weeks ahead of time to speak on the subject. He said the request to address council that evening was not approved. Candidates were also asked where the city might consider spending more money if additional money was allocated. The question was put to Roy Ward 5.

He said the social system does a lot for homeless people, but said the system is still lacking. Roy said if there was extra money, the city could also look into constructing a homeless shelter. He added that the city would have to keep an eye on the budget for any spending.

Boileau Ward 5 said her priority would be to direct additional money toward providing affordable social housing.

meet the candidates timmins news

She said it is difficult in Timmins to find any affordable housing, but said the city could invest in social housing. Murray Ward 5 said if there was additional money to be allocated, she too has a concern for the homeless but added she also fervently believes in the need to invest in arts and culture.

Rinaldo Ward 5 said any additional money would be nice but the important thing would be to invest in partnerships with other groups and organizations to improve the city. That way, she said, the city could double or triple any funding that is available.

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Dubeau Ward 5 also commented on additional spending and said if funds were available his choice would to be spend the money on infrastructure, for things such as sewer and water. He said if the infrastructure issue is not addressed as soon as possible, it would only get worse.

Also on the issue of money, candidates were asked if they had to cut a service provided by the city, what would they cut. The question was put to candidate Robin Ward 5. Robin said it was not the best idea to have cuts for sake of saving a handful of dollars for each taxpayer. He said the city would be losing out on serious services.

He said it might even force discussions into shutting down the Golden Manor long-term care home. Robin said all city services cost money.

He said the city cannot just start slashing costs without there being consequences. He said at this time, unless there is a major push by taxpayers to cut some specific spending, Robin said he would cut nothing.