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Explore Jordan Taylor Dworaczyk's board "Junior kimbrough" on Pinterest. Meet Me in the City: Junior Kimbrough: MP3 Downloads Rock Artists, Smooth Jazz. A hard copy lesson includes TAB plus an audio CD (not a visual DVD) on . Mae Hemphill: Eagle Bird, Go Back To Your Used-To-Be, You Can Talk About Me, Know Him, Out On The Rolling Sea; Junior Kimbrough: Meet Me In The City. The song consists of 3 main parts that interweave chords, bass lead lines, Junior Kimbrough's "Meet Me In The City" first recorded in is a master In America, McDowell became a frequent performer on the club and festival circuit.

In solo and ensemble settings it is often polyrhythmic, which links it to the music of Africa. Kimbrough recorded one session at American Studios. Claunch declined to release the recordings, deeming them too country.

Some forty years later, Bruce Watson, of Big Legal Mess Records, approached Claunch to buy the original master tapes and the rights to release the recordings made that day. Kimbrough's debut release was a cover version of Lowell Fulson 's "Tramp" issued as a single on the independent label Philwood in On the label of the record his name was spelled incorrectly as Junior Kimbell, and the song "Tramp" was listed as "Tram?

Among his other early recordings are two duets with his childhood friend Charlie Feathers in Feathers counted Kimbrough as an early influence; Kimbrough gave Feathers some of his earliest lessons on the guitar. Kimbrough recorded little in the s, contributing an early version of "Meet Me in the City" to a European blues anthology. This performance was recorded inin the Chewalla Rib Shack, a juke joint he opened in that year east of Holly Springs to divert crowds from his packed house parties.

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Burnside's son Garry Burnside on bass guitar. The album featured many of his most celebrated songs, including the title track, the complexly melodic "Meet Me in the City," and "You Better Run", a harrowing ballad of attempted rape. All Night Long earned nearly unanimous praise from criticsreceiving four stars in Rolling Stone. His joint in Chulahoma started to attract visitors from around the world, including members of U2Keith Richardsand Iggy Pop.

Why all the effort? Well, the boogie rhythm achieved with crossnote tuning cannot be done in vestapol tuning and the boogie rhythm is really the star attraction of the piece and the key behind Bukka's style. The simplicity of Johnson's single string slide following the vocal melody mixed with the complexity of his vibrato, hammer-ons, pull offs, makes for a workout.

And let's not forget seamlessly moving from alternating to single monotonic bass the keep the whole thing together. The great songster Huddie Lead Belly recorded this in His arrangement is played in the Open G tuning and uses full block chords across all the strings.

A dynamic and unusual arrangement. The real standout of this piece is the runs between the verses that once mastered are extremely satisfying to play. Yes, there are those who play slide in Standard tuning, but Son House was not one of them. Crossnote Tuning Rosa Lee Hill, the daughter of Sid Hemphillhas ties that go way back to earliest formations of what we call blues.

The Hill Country sound is possibly the result of her influence more than anyone else as everyone from that region had contact with her in one way or another. Standard A fan favorite, "Crow Jane" is a tune that many early pioneers say was one of the first blues they heard. Using these first position chord shapes outside of their typical area will really open up the fret board and make it less intimidating.

This is Skip James' arrangement. There really is no other tune quite like Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground in the prewar blue catalog, haunting is the most common description when talking about this masterpiece.

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Single string slide throughout but full of vibrato, hammer-ons, pull offs, and sporadic bass. The key is to not rush from one phrase to the next, let it breathe and the piece will come together. Rough and tough slide, baring the IV, V chord, and the main riff that is instantly recognizable to any blues fan. One of the many early American story songs that had as many variations as there were players playing the piece. The progression is simple, yet offers a challenge with the descending bass and ascending melody in the C to F section.

Tom Feldmann

Crossnote Tuning Crossnote tuning is a bit odd for newcomers but you will soon feel right at home with many similarities to playing in Open D Vestapol and also E position, standard tuning. Standard Son House called this progression, "A Down The Staff," and was used by all the early Mississippi blues players when playing out of A position. Taking a D7 chord shape at the 9 fret and moving down to your F shape A chord at the 5th fret and back-up, simple yet so effective.

Standard "Do Lord Remember Me" is a fantastic first song for fingerpickers. Single string follows the vocal melody with a consistent alternating bass and is a great place to start for those looking to into the Hill Country sound.

Ranie Burnette was born in No known recordings of Ranie were made until the s and early s. Feldmann teaches the original Howling Wolf recorded version, adds the variation from the Blues at Newport, and ends the lesson with his own percussive twists for solo performance. He recorded eight sides in for Paramount Records. His high voice combined with a unique slide technique make his recordings distinct from most other Mississippi bluesmen.

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He combined melodic treble lines played with the slide against rhythmic bass runs. Over this interchange he added his high pitched voice. His arrangements are played in the Open D tuning. With his trademark strum, single lead lines, bends and snaps, this piece is a master class for Delta blues in the key of C. The bottleneck echoes the melodic structure of the tune and between lines a single rhythmic lick is played.

A wonderful example of a variation on a well known theme. Open A tuning is the same as Open G but your strings are tuned up a tone. The guitar arrangement is economical with a simple fingerpicking pattern that carries the piece.

The tune does make use of hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends. His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee in Byhe was playing solo at parties, in taverns, and on the street. He was also invited to play several dates with W. In his travels as a musician, he was exposed to a wide variety of performers, including Bessie Smith, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Alger "Texas" Alexander.

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Like his contemporary Frank Stokes, he grew tired of traveling and took a permanent job in His position as a street sweeper for the city of Memphis, a job he held until his retirement inallowed him to remain active musically in Memphis.

He recorded for Vocalion and Victor Records from to Furry had a relaxed, almost happy style of playing the blues. He played in a variety of tunings and with and without the slide.

Standard Another one of John Hurts deceptively simple tunes in C. Three chords but fast fingers makes this a wonderfully fun tune to play and will be at for any Hurt fan.