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Meet Dublin Zoo's adorable new arrivals - a pair of red ruffed lemurs Keepers said that the electric fence overhang had been “working. Dublin Zoo is one of the top three family attractions in Ireland. mate Leonie (35) , their daughter Riona (10) and niece Mujur, born in Dublin Zoo in are also 'meet the keeper' sessions and 'keeper talks' at various times during the day. his toddler sister by a Brazilian tapir at Dublin Zoo and saw his parents daughter's life, has been awarded €25, in the Circuit Civil Court. for the family to accompany a zoo keeper into the tapir enclosure. . Opinion: 'Nobody should have to live like this - I need more care to meet my basic needs'.

We have to give them extensive pedicures and a hot wash… all on their terms.

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Much of the job in general involves liaising with the vet team, working in nutrition and habitat management, doing student talks on zoo conservation, meeting with the public… it's a brilliant job. I've never not walked around in my 31 years here without a bounce in my step. The zoo is in such an exciting phase; it's at the peak of its game and in terms of global standards, out reputation has sky-rocketed in the last decade.

I'm aware of where we've been in that past; this was an old-fashioned zoo in the '80s, which we inherited from a previous generation. But now, we're one of the best in the world when it comes to best practice in animal care.

Dublin Zoo facing criminal charges after Brazilian tapir attack on mum and 2-year-old daughter

The whole driving force of the zoo is education and conservation, and we have what's called a 'Studbook' database, which is a bit like an international dating agency for elephants. When we got word that our elephants were pregnant, I was like an expectant father. I can't tell you the relief and excitement of the whole team when the first of the calves arrived. It was a hugely emotional event for all of us.

Technology is wonderful; we watched it all on CCTV in my office. The other animals let us know when the elephant was about to give birth; the herd was waving their trunks and helping those babies get to their feet.

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When I was 16, I started working on the big cats with my father, and I have memories of pushing the meat barrow around the lion house. Everyone my age remembers the lion house. In my early 30s I got a job as a team leader working with the small primates, and it was the most exciting section of the zoo.

Chimps, orangutans and gorillas are very interesting and challenging, and need constant stimulation.

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There are so many different aspects of the zoo, and keepers need different abilities in different areas. I always say that the keepers who look after the reptiles are the most laid-back in the world.

On my days off, the kids always want to come to the zoo, and I love that. It was such a valuable childhood experience for me. Mia is already showing great credentials as a zookeeper; she has three snakes, three turtles and three canaries. I asked her why she wanted three of everything and she said, 'because if one dies, then the other two will always have a friend'. Development is on-going at Dublin Zoo and so there is always something new to see and experience.

Current plans include the development of a Gorilla Rainforest which will provide a new home for the Gorillas whose current enclosure is not ideal. Visiting Dublin Zoo Dublin Zoo is a magical place for children. Once inside, the Victorian buildings, elegant landscaping and the exotic animals sounds all add to unique excitement. Be sure to take in a Keeper Talk and take a trip on the Nakuru Safari. At certain times of the day, keepers whilst feeding the animals are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Using Donegal sandstone and 6, cubic metres of sand, an area of 22 square metres, formerly belonging to Aras an Uachtarain is now home to animals more usually seen in Kenya. The Savanna has been created in order to improve the lives of many of the larger African animals and allows for many of them to be located together in an environment that more accurately mimics their traditional habitat.

Animals in the Savanna include the Giraffe, Zebra, Ostrich and the exotically named, Scimitar Horned Oryx, which apparently is an endangered species already extinct in the wild. There is even a dairy cow, which can be seen getting milked on the farm everyday!