Beg the questions used to flirt

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beg the questions used to flirt

Get Grammar Girl's take on begs the question. Learn how to properly use the phrase begs the question. Which begged the question—why was Gregory bothering with politics in I know you are used to lovely houses like these, but this is the grandest one I've ever. Disclaimer: While some guys might use these questions to flirt with a girl, that's not always advisable. Women often feel offended (that's a little.

The answerer in such a position has failed to detect when different utterances mean the same thing. The questioner, if he did not realize he was asking the original point, has committed the same error.

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But if he has knowingly asked for the original point, then he reveals himself to be ontologically confused: In pointing this out to the false reasoner, one is not just pointing out a tactical psychological misjudgment by the questioner.

It is not simply that the questioner falsely thought that the original point, if placed under the guise of a semantic equivalent, or a logical equivalent, or a covering universal, or divided up into exhaustive parts, would be more persuasive to the answerer. Rather, the questioner falsely thought that a non-self-explanatory fact about the world was an explanatory first principle.

For Aristotle, that certain facts are self-explanatory while others are not is not a reflection solely of the cognitive abilities of humans. It is primarily a reflection of the structure of noncognitive reality. In short, a successful resolution of such a fallacy requires a firm grasp of the correct explanatory powers of things.

Without a knowledge of which things are self-explanatory and which are not, the reasoner is liable to find a question-begging argument persuasive.

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Also called petitio principii, the fallacy is an attempt to support a claim with a premise that itself presupposes the claim. When the fallacy involves only a single variable, it is sometimes called a hysteron proteron [8] [9] [10]as in the statement: Linguistic variations in syntax, sentence structure and literary device may conceal it, as may other factors involved in an argument's delivery.

It may take the form of an unstated premise which is essential but not identical to the conclusion, or is "controversial or questionable for the same reasons that typically might lead someone to question the conclusion": Rather, an arguer might use phraseology that conceals the fact that the conclusion is masquerading as a premise.

The conclusion is rephrased to look different and is then placed in the premises. Begging the question is not considered a formal fallacy an argument that is defective because it uses an incorrect deductive step. Rather, it is a type of informal fallacy that is logically valid but unpersuasive, in that it fails to prove anything other than what is already assumed.

Begging the question

Circular reasoningComplex questionand Ignoratio elenchi Closely connected with begging the question is the fallacy of circular reasoning circulus in probandoa fallacy in which the reasoner begins with the conclusion. However, circular reasoning is not persuasive because a listener who doubts the conclusion also doubts the premise that leads to it. For example, "Which color dress is Mary wearing?

beg the questions used to flirt

There are probably more of these people than you think, and they are judging the rest of us. For these people, the only "correct" way to use the phrase beg the question is with the meaning "to ignore a question or issue by assuming it has been answered or settled.

Rich parents send their daughters to all-female schools; why shouldn't the daughters of the poor enjoy similar advantages? That's an appeal bound to elicit sympathy, especially from guilty liberals, but it begs the question of whether the daughters of the rich benefit from single-sex education. Perhaps they benefit merely from being rich and attending elite private schools with favorable student-teacher ratios and superior facilities and curricula. Concealed in him must be an even smaller man who watches an itsy-bitsier TV, and so on ad infinitum, like nested Chinese boxes.

In our dictionary the sense bears the label "formal. Beg the question is a phrase from formal logic. We have Aristotle to thank for it—or, actually, an anonymous 16th century translator who took Aristotle's phrase petitio principii and rendered it in English as "beg the question.

beg the questions used to flirt

If left to themselves, children will naturally do the right thing because people are intrinsically good. This statement tries to prove that children will naturally do the right thing by using the unproven assertion that people are intrinsically good. That assertion is problematic because it is little more than a broader version of the thing that is being proven.

So that's where beg the question comes from, but all this, ahem, begs the question of what you should do with all this knowledge about the phrase.

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Liberman recommends that people avoid it altogether but also "cultivate an attitude of serene detachment in the face of its use by others".

You may take his recommendation, or you may use beg the question to mean either "to cause someone to ask a specified question as a reaction or response" or "to ignore a question or issue by assuming it has been answered or settled. One more little matter here: Some of you may be quick to notice that steroids and other PEDs [performance enhancing drugs] are banned.