Yona and hak relationship test

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yona and hak relationship test

Relationships. Yona. Yona is the main female protagonist of the series and is the main love interest of Hak. Ever since childhood, Hak has been close friends. HakYona is the het ship between Hak and Yona from the Akatsuki no Yona fandom. Hak and Yona have Status of Relationship. Unnacted Upon However, throughout the years, Hak's fortitude is tested many times. Once, when the fire tribe. Oc POV. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Yona, Hak, OC . Hak and I have a very strange relationship. I'll taste test it for you.

I am fated to sing songs of prayers.

yona and hak relationship test

All alone until I die I weave together the voice of the past. On the edge of a repeating history.

I search for myself in this fate. I continue to sing, not knowing anything. I will sing for all eternity. A song of the sun and of the rain.

Of an oh so gentle requiem You stopped halfway didn't you? Onee-chan, when she sleeps, it's hard to wake her up! I sat up, brushing my hair out of my face. For some reason, when I was singing like that I felt like that man was there beside me.

I silently began to sing again, shutting my eyes. I reopened my eyes when I felt something land next to me and I stared at the small birds with a blank look on my face.

yona and hak relationship test

X-X-X-X "Hak, if you sleep here, you'll get trampled on. Kana-hime, I'm sorry for Hak's insolence! As in, Yona is actually, on an attraction level, aware of Hak. Fast-forward to chapterin which Yona comes to realize just how strong her feelings for Hak have grown. What triggers the realization?

yona and hak relationship test

After she gifted him the lapis necklace and wishes him protection, despite how hard it is for him, Hak actually opens up and verbally acknowledges his affection toward Yona. He thanks her, earnestly telling her that his greatest happiness is her happiness. And with it, Yona too realizes she loves him. Hak personifies many love interest tropes, but the manga frames it in such a way where those tropes are not played straight.

This is merely speculation of mine; again, I have no idea if this is what Kusanagi intended with Hak as a character, but this is certainly my interpretation of him and part of the reason I love his character so much.

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Mundok had no choice to accept, but he believed in Hak and what he had to do. The trust that Mundok and Hak share allow for the Wind Tribe to remain in good hands, led by the responsible leaders. With his jet black hair, the dragons nicknamed Hak as the Black Dragon, just so that he would fit in with the rest of the monsters that stood by Yona's side.

Hak may not have the abilities of a dragon, but his powerful strength rivals that of the dragons themselves as he as able to fight by their sides without any trouble. Overall, the dragons believe in Hak, and Hak eventually was able to entrust them with Yona's safety when needed.

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Out of all the dragons, the one Hak is closest to in fighting would be Jaeha, or the Green Dragon. During the Green Dragon Quest Arc, Hak had met Jaeha without knowing about his real identity, and the two became mutual friends though their constant skirmishes in town together. As a person with a sharp-eye, Jaeha knows about Hak's love for Yona, and constantly pressures Hak. In response, Hak becomes defensive and bickers with Jaeha over Yona, sometimes giving Jaeha the cold shoulder.

This outcome is almost the same as when Hak interacts with the White Dragon, or Kija. When Kija believes that only he and the dragons can protect Yona, Hak becomes serious about defeating his enemies and even competes with Kija to see how many they could take down in gaining the pride of being able to protect Yona. As for the other Blue and Yellow dragons, Hak deems them as worthy fighters and treats them equally well, knowing of their purpose and their strengths. If in trouble, Hak would take the right steps to save them as he feels close to them as if they were his own brothers.

They believed in each other's abilities as they constantly competed against one another. Hak believed in Soo-won's strong spirit and attachment to the kingdom, and was willing to work hard to become his right hand man.

As a normal person that couldn't stand people at times and even hated some, Hak thought that Soo-Won's impartial thoughts on every person in the kingdom was something that was amazing. He thought that rather than him, Soo-Won would have made a great husband for Yona in the future, and Hak would remain their personal bodyguard, leading battles in conflicts that may have appeared.