Will schuester and emma pillsbury relationship

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will schuester and emma pillsbury relationship

Though Emma has a rare amount of relationships, she does foolishly marry the school's football coach to get Will Schuester. The Emma-Will Relationship, commonly known as Wemma, is the friendship, and now relationship between Emma Pillsbury, and her husband Will Schuester. "I Do" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the American musical television series the events surrounding the long-anticipated wedding of Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury. Kurt and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) sing " Just Can't Get Enough" and decide to briefly rekindle their relationship, causing Tina.

Carl Howell John Stamoswhich leads to a Vegas wedding. Carl arranges a meeting with sex education teacher Holly Holliday Gwyneth Paltrowand reveals that they have yet to sleep together. Emma confesses that she may still have feelings for Will, and Carl tells her he will be moving into a hotel until she is certain of her feelings. Because of the stress, Emma's OCD affects her far more than usual, and she feels regretful because she thought she would have overcome it by that point in her life.

Will tells Emma that he will be there for her no matter what, and also urges her to get treatment for her OCD. She starts seeing a psychiatrist in the episode " Born This Way ", and is showing signs of improvement by the end of season two. Over the summer, Will and Emma move in together, although they have not consummated their relationship. They ultimately agree that Emma will stay behind and the two will reunite on weekends. They are desperately trying to do so in the fifth season's tenth episode " Trio ", and are caught having sex in the school by Becky Jackson Lauren Potter.

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At the end of the episode, Emma reveals to Will that she is pregnant. During the final season, in the episode Transitioningshe convinces a torn Will to choose what's best for him, to stay at Vocal Adrenaline with a promising salary and facility but unhappy or to stop. In a parallel episode to the Pilot,she is aware and concerned with Kurt's depression and consults with his father about it and also convince Will to stay with the Glee Club as the kids still needs him and that it what makes him happy.

In the series finale, " Dreams Come True ", she is now living happily with the newly promoted Will as the principal and in the future they have more kids together. She appears at the McKinley auditorium's rededication to Finn Hudson and enjoys the final performance of the New Directions. She is visibly shocked when Will and Terri hug and together with all of the Glee Cast take a final bow.

Development[ edit ] Casting and creation[ edit ] Emma is portrayed by actress Jayma Mays. Prior to her casting in Glee, Mays was already an established actress in both the television and film industries, but had little theatrical experience. In casting Glee, series creator Ryan Murphy sought actors who could identify with the rush of starring in theatrical roles.

Auditioning actors with no theatrical experience were required to prove they could sing and dance as well as act, and Mays auditioned with the song " Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me " from The Rocky Horror Show. Actually, the second I got the sides.

I got the sides just for that character before I got the whole script. And just from the sides alone in the pilotI could tell she was such a well developed character.

And there was so much going on with her just from those few sheets of paper that I had kind of describing who she was.

will schuester and emma pillsbury relationship

I knew immediately that there was a lot that was going to be going on with her. And I think that's hard to find sometimes with roles for women. There's maybe not so many layers to them, always. And I just felt from the get go that there was so much going on.

And I also knew that Ryan Murphy was involved. I knew that was exciting to me, too. As soon as I heard that, I knew that there would be something good on the page. So I was immediately drawn to it.

But Emma is not a cheater. Emma is also so obsessive-compulsive she counts the bristles on her toothbrush. Sure, she's terrified of germs and in love with a married man, so seeing her as the voice of reason for the kids is amazing. Upon discovering that she is, he leaves the room angrily.

Emma asks Holly if she can keep her feelings a secret from Will. It is later revealed that Carl wants an annulment. Will comforting Emma when her OCD gets worse.

In A Night of NeglectWill finds Emma polishing a table, and learns that her OCD has come back worse than ever since Carl filed for an annulment, they eat lunch together and Will tells Emma he will help her through this and be there for her.

Holly and Will later break up because Holly cannot commit and she knows Will is still in love with Emma which leads Holly to finally tells Will that Emma is in love with him too. In Born This WayEmma and Will are still working through her problems, and he tries to help her get past it, by getting her to eat unwashed fruit which doesn't work Emma helps Will with the Glee Club in making costumes for their number Born this Way so they can come to terms with their differences.

Will puts "Butt Chin" on his shirt and in the end, they hold hands and dance with the Glee Club. In RumoursEmma sneaks into April Rhodes and Will's practice session, where she overhears them practising over her up and coming Broadway show, written by Will.

During the performance, Emma realizes that Will can be achieving so much more with his life, and not just remain a high school teacher. When Emma confronts Will about this, although Will knows he has potential, he can't ditch his kids. It's been his dream to be on Broadway, but has a bigger dreams of winning Nationals. Emma is also seen having a better control over her OCD since seeing her therapist.

She's been using her prescription regularly and was shown eating grapes, without the extreme cleaning. In FuneralEmma and Will are in the his apartment packing up his belongings before he heads to New York with the kids.

After Nationals he will be staying for a while to appear in Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Storybut he's shown to have little confidence that the play will succeed and plans to be back a week after it opens.

Emma Pillsbury

Emma encourages him to follow his dreams, telling him that he's given up so much for others to succeed and that now it's his turn. In New YorkEmma is congratulating Mr. Schue on coming 12th, even hanging a banner. Will thanks her and is humored by the banner.

There was also a deleted scene that shows what happens between them when Will gets back to McKinley. Season Three The writers stated that Will and Emma would be getting major forefront focus the entire year, especially the front ten.

According to Murphy, Will and Emma's new series storyline was going to be their journey to marriage and a family. They were also seen having a brief kiss in one of the season promos. Emma makes breakfast and lunch for Will and they shared a brief kiss in the kitchen. In Asian FWill invites Emma's parents over for dinner. Will later yells at them for being ginger supremacists and for criticizing Emma for her OCD and calling her freaky rather than helping her.

This leads to the three of them singing Wedding Bell Blues. At the end of this number, Emma accidentally asks Will to marry her. Will then makes a Proposal assignment for the Glee Club.

They help him with finding the perfect song to sing to Emma. Will goes to see Emma's parents to ask for their permission in Emma's hand in marriage, but they do not give permission.

They think it is not a good idea because if they ever have children, they believe Emma wouldn't be able to handle the pressure. At the end of the episode, the Glee Club are doing synchronized swimming while singing We Found Love. In The Spanish TeacherEmma mentions that she and Will reveal everything as Emma helps Sue due to the declined request from Will to be her donor using pamphlets. Emma comes home to a frustrated Will with a new box of pamphlets in hand and hands them to Will to see what he thinks of them.

He rejects her saying that all these pamphlets are useless and her life story should be imprinted into a pamphlet. Emma storms off in anger missing Will's apology from afar. Emma comes home to find a neatly plated dinner table and a pamphlet made by Will.

The pamphlet shows an implication of what of his wrong actions followed by a sincere apology which concluded with a kiss. Episodes Before the pilot, it has assumed that Will and Emma have known each other for a while. Ken obviously has a crush on Emma, but Emma has a crush on Will. When Will tries to inquire Emma about him taking over Glee Club, Emma's shoe is stuck by the gum on the floor.

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Will sees it and helps her by using his credit card to take the gum away, due to the fact that Emma is mysophobic and has OCD. Emma then signs up as a chaperone for New Directionsto see their rivals, Vocal Adrenalineperform, so she can spend time with Will. Ken tries to ask Emma out, but she tells him that she is interested in someone else Will.

At the VA performance, they share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Will's wife discovers that she is pregnant so Will resigns, in need of a better job to support his family. Emma is dismayed to learn this and she tells him that the only life worth living is one he is passionate about. This advice, along with hearing the Glee kids perform Don't Stop Believin'convinces him to stay. Pilot Emma catches Will after hours at the school while he is working as a janitor.

She offers to help him clean and the two chat. He asks her about her deal with cleanliness and she tells him about an incident that happened when she was younger which resulted in her mysophobia. Will tries to help her through it by putting chalk dust on her nose, his attraction to her surfacing for the first time as they almost kiss. Showmance Will gives Emma mild hope that he may have had a crush on someone other than his wife before. She asks him if he can think of any other options she might have and he has no answer.

In the end, Emma accepts the proposal, under certain conditions. She tells Will and they share a longing look from across the hall.

Will gives Emma dance lessons. On her first lesson he sings Thong Song and ends up slipping on her overly-extravagant dress and pulls her on top of him where they lie together smiling and laughing with each other and looking like they're about to kiss. Will then tells her she needs a new dress. He goes with her to the bridal salon and is as smitten as ever when he sees her in the new dress. They waltz together to see if she can dance in it and once again their attraction is strongly evident.

Emma says that Will's sunglasses are sexy. Will also, when telling Emma that the two songs don't go together, is referring to she and Ken. Mash-Up Will leaves Terri after finding out that she has been faking her pregnancy. Emma tells Will he's a lot to lose.

Mattress Emma attends Sectionals for Will and Ken dumps her because of this. She admits her feelings to Will and decides to resign from the school as she is ashamed of actions towards Ken and heartbroken over Will. As she is about to leave Will catches her and they share their first kiss. Sectionals Will and Emma at their first date The show returns to find that Emma has, in fact, not resigned from the school.

Will and Emma sit in her office, smiling with Will noting that it's weird how they have been in exactly the same situation before, but now he can kiss her if he wants. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him and tells him she needs to clean up first. He tells her that he doesn't care because they've kissed before. Emma apologizes for the unattractive quality that is her mysophobia and Will tells her that she is adorable and she is right.

They need to clean up before they can begin a relationship. He says they should go on a date at his house. Will says it's the perfect song for them and Emma loves it. They kiss slowly and then fall on to the couch kissing in an almost passionate way until Emma breaks away saying that it's too much too fast for her. She admits to Will that she is a virgin because she hasn't found the right person who won't reject her when things get hard with her problems. Will doesn't seem very pleased by this news, but tells her it's okay.

She doesn't believe him and begins to cry. Will tells her that he understands then kisses her forehead and goes to put in a movie. Will and Emma go on their first date where Emma admits she is a virgin.

It appears that Will isn't very pleased with this news. Later he meets the Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran and the two have a make-out session in Will's apartment.

will schuester and emma pillsbury relationship

Will stops it before it go any further. He tells her that he is still married and is kind of seeing someone that he really cares about, but for some reason, it isn't working. Shelby tells him that he needs to get himself straightened out and when he does, to give her a call.

She gives him her card and then leaves. A few days later Emma is making Will a surprise dinner at his house when Terri comes by to pick up the rest of her DVDs. She and Emma have a small confrontation until Emma asks her why she is there because she would like for her to be gone when Will gets home. Terri goes to the living room and finds Emma's copy of The Jazz Singer. Emma tells her that it has her and Will's song in it.

Terri says that that was her and Will's song at prom and, if she doesn't believe her, then to look it up in the old Thunderclap. The next day Will is in Emma's office looking at books when she walks in with the yearbook. She hands it to him and tells him to turn to page 42, the page of the prom. He does and realizes what she is pointing out. He says that he has no memories of that night. She tells him that he still does subconsciously.

She is on the verge of tears as she tells him that he needs to spend time alone and discover who he is by himself before they can begin relationship. He agrees to this and leaves her in her office to cry at her request. Hell-O Will and Emma discuss the issues of virginity the girls of the Glee Club have been facing recently.