What episode do starfire and robin meet

which is the episode when robin meets everyone and forms the teen titans? | Yahoo Answers

what episode do starfire and robin meet

Starfire and Robin have been through a lot in Teen Titans — and That's all the more true when you're Batman's adopted kid and an fans had to do a lot of waiting because they didn't get that kiss until the series ending. "How did Robin meet Starfire? What was Beast Boy's first joke? Why did Cyborg build his Sonic Cannon? When did Raven first call the Titans. But there are many more people that do not judge people based on how they look, . Above all, Starfire wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for One significant example is when Robin fights Starfire and easily defeats the other.

It's how she learned English, by planting a big smooch on Robin.

Which is the episode when robin meets everyone and forms the teen titans?

This was their first meeting and he thought she was a rampaging alien invader at the time too, so it was somewhat awkward. As neither had any feelings for the other yet, it didn't count as a "first kiss".

what episode do starfire and robin meet

They mutually went their separate ways when he went off to college and joined the Teen Titans, but he might not be completely over her.

Because on one occasion Starfire put on an old Batgirl costume as a prank and Robin became, eh, interested.

Especially when she said it was too tight for her to take off. Still, it made the Boy Wonder all red in the face. It tends to have political ramifications. So it's not too surprising that she was married twice in the comics, both times to guys from her home planet Tamaran. The first was simply to formalize a peace treaty and didn't last, but the second time occurred after she and Nightwing's relationship was on the rocks.

Her second husband, General Phy'zzon, she did love but he ended up sacrificing himself to save their planet. Maybe the third time will be the charm? It was always present certainly, but in five seasons it was only the focus of an episode's plot five times. That's only once per season. Robin's obsession with the villain Slade had more episodes devoted to it. It's a testament to the writers, animators, and voice actors that they could make something so memorable with such little screen time.

Apparently not though, as he might not even be aware of his own adopted son's romantic partner. Seriously, Batman has encountered Starfire personally on at least two occasions and doesn't acknowledge their relationship. It's clear he knows who she is, but it's never clear if he knows she's Robin's girlfriend. That seems like something you would be aware of when you're saving the universe together. But Batman never goes, "Hey, that's my son's girlfriend.

Like when your spouse is resisting the oppressive body you're the face of.

what episode do starfire and robin meet

That's what happened in the Nightwing: New World Order storyline. In an alternate future, Dick Grayson becomes the public face of an anti-superpower government that's forced many of his friends underground, including Starfire. She's joined the resistance against the very people he works for. This strained not only their relationship, but her relationship with their son Jake too.

Nightwing eventually saw the error of his ways though, reuniting with Starfire and helping the resistance. Robin's case is more well-known of course. It was the accident that cost him his parents' life that led to Bruce Wayne adopting him.

It was his need for closure that led Batman to train Dick Grayson to be his partner. Starfire has lost her parents too. The King and Queen of Tamaran fell defending their planet from the Gordanians, an enemy species that enslaved Starfire and her sister.

Being orphaned has had profound effects on both. It's a little more surprising when you remember they were created decades apart. Back in the s, Robin's creator Bill Finger based the Boy Wonder's iconic red and green costume on the look of Robin Hood, which is also where the name came from.

And in the s Starfire's creator George Perez based her look on the female barbarian hero Red Sonja, though Starfire's outfit was far more modest. How's that for a coincidence? Take Robin for instance. Part of the inspiration for his classic look is the red-breasted robin, a bird to match Batman's winged look.

But Starfire has an animal connection to that doesn't come up as often. Her species, the Tamaranians, are descended from felines. Like how humans evolved from apes, they evolved from alien cats. You know, given how cats and birds usually get along, it's kind of surprising these two are in a relationship. Nightwing and Starfire would know, both are well-known for their attractiveness in the world of DC Comics.


Her growing long fiery-red hair is down to her waist and straight with bangs. She has small eyebrows, and green eyes with light-green scleras or in other words, the whites of her eyes are colored light-green. She is tall, with bright orange skin, or it seems to have a yellowish skin tone in the comic strip aboveand her outfit is mostly violet with a glowing belt, her neck corn collar and gauntlets being silver with green jewels compared to Blackfire's black outfit.

She also wears a silver armband on her right arm. She wears a sleeveless crop top showing her midriff, a stem stalk mini-skirt, and thigh-high boots all in violet, and her tight-high boots have white stockings. As a Tamaranean, she has alien physiology which includes a long violet tongue and nine stomachs, probably for storing food during meager times. She also seems to resemble some Japanese girls, inheriting similar eyebrows and very shiny hair.

In " Bunny Raven As a tiger, she loses her hair and boots. Her eyes are now feline-like, and has a white underbelly, and a tail. She still wears the same outfit. Personality Starfire is very cheerful and sweet, yet somewhat naive and considerably insecure, but her naivete is not to be mistaken for stupidity. An alien and an outsider, she is still rather new to Earth and its customs.

For example, she did not understand what a boy meant when he asked if she was "diggin' the scene" when she was at a party, and stated, confused, "I did not know we were supposed to bring shovels. Presumably, because English is not her first language, Starfire speaks without contractions and misuses idioms e. Additionally, she uses several Tamaranean nouns, such as "bumgorf" term of endearment towards one's own child"K'norfka" parent or guardian"clorbag varblernelk" insulting term"G'lufnog" bless you; said after one sneezesand "shlorvak" dream.

She also insists on sharing her own customs with other members of the team such as providing a crown of raw meat to be worn on one's birthdaybut Starfire doesn't generally take offense when they don't understand or refuse her. In one instance, she lies about a holiday celebrated by destroying drapery and blows up a window to explain an accidentally torn curtain; an act that barely registers as odd behavior by the others.

Starfire's love for mustard. She takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others, especially her friends, argue or fight. She is arguably the most social of the Titans, regularly meditating with Ravenor lifting weights with Cyborg.

what episode do starfire and robin meet

She can also be particularly indignant to the point of snubbing her teammates when she believes they do not care for her friendship or company. Above all, Starfire wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for everyone to get along. This is in part probably, as before coming to Earth, Starfire didn't have real friends apart of her adoptive father, as she mentioned in Go!

Starfire watching fireworks in awe Her personality changed dramatically from her first meeting with the Titans in Go!. She demonstrated her power and strength as she escaped from the Gordanian ship.

While the others saw rampant destruction without a cause, Raven saw her trying to free herself from her handcuffs.

What episode do robin and starfire kiss in the rain? | Yahoo Answers

As mentioned above, Tamaraneans learn language through lip contact, and having gotten what she wanted from Robin, she leaves him with a warning to leave her alone, she flies away knowing full well that the Gordanians were still hot on her trail.

As she fought against the Gordanians with the four other young heroes, her personality calmed dramatically, and she eventually apologized for the destruction she had caused during her escape. This change in behavior suggests truly was, at heart, a somewhat friendly, kindhearted person.

The reckless behavior seen in the beginning of the episode might lend some credence to why Tamaraneans are so feared throughout the galaxy: It also proves that Starfire, when the time is right, is not afraid to "kick the butt". While naive, Starfire is extremely perceptive. As shown in " Apprentice - Part 2 ", while knowing Robin and Slade had similar personalities, she refused to believe he had gone to be Slade's apprentice of his own accord, spending hours looking for him.

Later, she states that she "cannot live in a world where they must fight," showing that she values her friends more than anything. Starfire has also shown that she has a lot of wisdom, most notably in " Snowblind ", when she got Red Star to embrace his powers. She cares about each of her friends, but there is one person whom she cares more than anyone on Earth: Since the day they met, both her and Robin have had romantic feelings for each other, which are obvious to everyone including a few villains.

There have been multiple hints throughout the show showing how much they care about one another as evidenced in " Sisters ", " Date with Destiny ", " Betrothed ", " Stranded ", " Go! At that time, they share a few scenes with each other and have attempted to kiss twice. By the end of the movie, Robin and Starfire finally reveal their feelings for each other, and they finally share a real romantic kiss. They are seen the next day holding each other's hands, confirming that they have finally become a couple.

Relationships Starfire in a prom dress in "Date with Destiny". Starfire is close to all her friends, but the most important person that she loves more than anyone is her best friend Robin. She has secretly harbored romantic feelings for him ever since they first met, though what she doesn't know is that Robin feels the same way about her. Until the events of the series finale movie, both were too afraid to confess how they really feel about each other, even though it was obvious to all of their friends and even enemies.

Since she is still new to Earth and its customs, Robin takes the time to help her learn to adjust to life on Earth which also strengths their bond with each other. On occasion this had led to dates or date-like events - for example, at the beginning of " Sisters ", where Robin explains to her that fireworks are not a signal of an impending attack whilst they are riding a Ferris wheel.

Starfire enjoys Robin's teachings to no end, and they get along very well. There are many hints throughout the show that they have feelings for one another. One significant example is when Robin fights Starfire and easily defeats the other Titans when Slade commands him to The Apprentice.

However, it's shown that he actively avoids battling Starfire, and when forced to face her, he refuses to strike her down even when Slade repeatedly orders him to.

Robin also defies Slade's orders to be silent, saying Starfire's name before he can stop himself. Robin is usually the first to jump in and save Starfire when she is in trouble, often catching her when she falls, or shouting her name when she is in danger. There are many times when Robin saves her from falling or being hit by something.

Equally, Starfire saves Robin just as often; usually by grabbing him and flying out of danger. Since they are allies and part of a team, these acts are rarely given second thoughts, but Starfire and Robin save one another significantly more often than they save the others - but that doesn't mean that they do not care for the rest of their team, however.

Having such strong feelings for him, Stsrfire often gets extremely jealous when other girls flirt with Robin, such as Blackfire and Kittenas shown in " Sisters " and " Date with Destiny " respectively. This tends to happen more often, as it is frequently mentioned by various villains with varying degrees of interest in that Star is very beautiful - this is even noted in the opening monologue in " Transformation ".

Throughout the series, there have been crucial moments to the growing bond between Robin and Starfire, even having 5 episodes which focus primarily on their feelings for one another: The show's finale film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo also had their romance as a major plot point.

what episode do starfire and robin meet

Robin and Starfire enjoying a Ferris Wheel ride together. At the start of episode, they are on a Ferris wheel, enjoying a fireworks display together. Starifre is still having a hard time to adjusting to life on Earth, but is enjoying herself. During the ride, she is suddenly snatched by an alien robot.

The Titans destroy the robot, and when they return to the Tower they find a surprise visitor: Starfire's older sister Blackfire.

what episode do starfire and robin meet

At first, Starfire very happy to see Blackfire, however, she soon starts to become upset as Blackfire quickly makes herself popular on the team, due to her rebellious lifestyle and better understanding of Earth. As she tries to spend time with her friends, but is blown off as they prefer to hang out with Blackfire. However, she only becomes truly upset when Blackfire is shown to be constantly flirting with Robin. Robin attempting to comfort a dejected Starfire. Later on, they all go to a nightclub.

Blackfire and the Titans are really enjoying themselves, except Starfire. She goes onto the roof of the club and starts to think that maybe she doesn't belong on Earth after all, seeing that sister fits in much better.

Then, to her surprise, Robin appears and ask what's wrong, tries to avoid the subject, but Robin can easily see that she is distressed. Eventually explains she is unhappy because she doesn't fit in and is nothing like her older sister. Robin begins to console her, but is suddenly interrupted and literally dragged off by Blackfire who wants to dance with him, leaving by herself on the roof.

Later she is attacked by three robots like the one from the Ferris wheel. When Blackfire destroys them practically single-handedly, she is offered the chance to become a Teen Titan. At this, decides that it's best that she leave the team, thinking that Blackfire is better suited for the job.

Just before leaving, however, she is stopped by Robin. She flies down to him and is about to explain to him why she has decided to leave, but is suddenly attacked and kidnapped by two aliens. As the aliens are about to leave, they are attacked by Robin, who grabbed on to the underside of the ship saying "no one's taking [her] away". After fighting the aliens, they then learn the truth: Starfire reveals she has never been to the Centuari Moons, but Robin remembers that Blackfire has. The two realize that it's really Blackfire the aliens are after, and she came to Earth Starifre could take her place in jail.

She then soon confronts her sister, fights her and wins. Blackfire is taken away, but not before she swears revenge. The next morning, Starfire is sitting on the Tower's roof. When Robin joins her and asks how she's doing, she replies saying she is sad about her sister, but is glad that the truth was discovered before she was replaced.

Surprised, Robin asks what Starfire means. She explains that everyone liked Blackfire so much that it seemed she would take her place. However, Robin states "your sister was interesting, but she could never take your place. No one could ever take your place.

Robin and Starfire in Date with Destiny. The villain Killer Moth threatens to release an army of mutant moths on the city unless Robin takes his daughter, Kitten, to her junior prom. Starfire is horrified at the arrangement, but with no other ideas on how to stop them, Robin is forced to agree. Later, Robin tells the Titans to investigate Kitten and find out what her connection to Killer Moth is unaware that they are relatedand having Starfire found a loophole in "investigating Kitten" acquires a dress, Starfire goes to the prom, too.