Ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

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ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

Click the link to learn the meanings of cause, effect (noun), and affect (verb). There are many You will also learn how to express cause and effect in English. Recognize prepositional connectives that express a cause-effect relationship; review words The result is a sentence which could be understood in two ways. 5 Using linking words to express cause and effect relationships. In essay writing, as in everyday life, it often happens that something causes something else to.

The kid got a medal. The man is old.

ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

The cat finds the way out. The cat is intelligent. We stayed at home. The first move is to look for the cause in question 1. How can I find out the cause? I need to ask the question, a. Why was the kid audacious? There is nothing in the sentences telling whybut b. Why did the kid get a medal? Yes, the connection here is logical and clear M. The kid got a medal thanks to his being audacious. The kid got a medal thanks to his audacity. Thanks to his audacity, the kid got a reward.

Thanks to his being audacious, the kid got a reward. The first move is always the same. It is to look for the cause among the two provided sentences so as to connect them to show the cause and effect relationship.

Advanced Vocabulary of CAUSE & EFFECT

Therefore, I need to ask the question, a. Good students could join the sentences differently, a. Once the technique is well assimilated those redundant first steps could now be skipped, 3. The cat finds the way out thanks to the fact that it is intelligent.

Causes and Effects in English

We stayed at home on account of the fact that it was rainy. More Practice True to life issues can be engaging and beneficial for the learners to be interested; hence, more accurate and fluent.

A well chosen topic for discussion will be a good reason for the learners to practice what they have learnt like, Why do some students fail in school? Anyway, this sort of brainstorming will entice the learners to start a cause and effect essay writing on the topic. And this needs some more guidance. All in all, the inefficiency of the students with learning deficiencies does not only concern cause and effect relationships, but also other connections such as concession and contrast. I wish you all the best of luck.


War, meantime, had broken out between the United States and Mexico. The main cause was a long standing dispute over where the southern boundary of Texas belonged.

ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

Americans were saying it lay along the Rio Grande, and the Mexicans were insisting that it belonged along the Nueces River. Henry Graff, The free and the brave.

ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

While this is not the place to discuss the pros and cons of American policy in Southeast Asia, Americans should not have been surprised by Martin Luther King's stand. In opposing what he considered to be an imperialistic adventure and a war of colonial oppression, King was acting in the great tradition of Negro leaders throughout American history.

ways of expressing cause and effect relationship

Frederick Douglass, it will be recalled, had denounced the American war against Mexico; his son had ridiculed and protested the American war against Spain. And to a man of Dr. King's historical scholarship, the dangers to the struggle for Negro rights of continued American participation in the Vietnam conflict seemed clear.

First of all, no matter what the proclaimed intentions of the American government might be, American soldiers were fighting against a colored people as they had in the Philippines from to ; and that could only aggravate anti-Negro feeling domestically.

Secondly, Negro troops who provided more than eleven percent of the American combat forces in Vietnam and suffered eighteen percent of the casualties might well ask themselves the same question that Private William Simms found unanswerable during the Philippine campaign. In the third place, militarism had always been the arch-enemy of tolerance and progress.

After each of America's wars, there had been a reaction of more or less severe hysteria against all progressive movements, including the struggle for Negro equality. And finally as Dr. King reminded his criticshe had received a Nobel Prize for peace, he was a citizen of the world as well as an American Negro, and he felt himself responsible to work for peace everywhere.

From the viewpoint of history, it would seem that Dr.