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Read Vincent Nightray from the story Pandora Hearts Quotes by starshinr with reads. vincentnightay, sharonrainsworth, quotes. "All I want is to not exist a. Echo: I would like to tell you something Oz: Do you want to confess love to me? Echo: You have something on your chin. 25 quotes have been tagged as pandora-hearts: Jun Mochizuki: 'Now now, Emily , it isn't nice to tell the truth. “Echo is a servant of the Nightray house.”.

He displayed extreme hatred of the Intention of the Abyss after his brother attacked her for bringing it up so harshly; after which she went and sobbed to Jack, who had only wanted to bring her company.

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He decided that she was his enemy, both for causing Gilbert to become violent and for making Jack feel even worse. Vincent shows his intellect in chess game to Oscar Vincent after shooting William West Vincent falling asleep because of dormouse. Using Dormouse, he can put his opponent to sleep, but because he hasn't mastered his chain yet he has trouble controlling it [16].

Because of this, Vincent often falls asleep himself, which is shown when he is found asleep in one of the Pandora corridors [17] and later, during an important conversation with the Baskervilles.

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Using Demios, Vincent can decapitate anything. This was shown when one day when Gilbert was practicing with his gun, Vincent followed him and asked him if he can use his gun. Afterwards, Vincent practiced for only two more months before surpassing Gilbert, who had been training for a year during that time.

Vincent using Demios during his battle with Gilbert. It resembles the sleeping mouse, known as the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland but is much bigger. Dormouse has a toy-like tuner on its back and has stitch-closed eyes. It is always seen asleep and also makes its contractor, Vincent, sleepy. Vanessa said that Elliot's lying because he'd always complained about not being able to come up with anything decent in his letters and they laughed.

Elliot assured Vanessa not to worry, as he wouldn't die easily, suddenly the two notice that the fire was already starting to spread up to the second level of the mansion. Hans led Elliot and Vanessa through the second level of the mansion to evade the fire. Upon seeing the dead bodies, Elliot recalled his recurring nightmare, where his sword was covered in blood and he's in the centre of a massacre, this caused Elliot to faint.

Vanessa turned around, running to her brother, trying to wake him up. Upon unable to do so, she started looking for Hans. Vanessa met Leo at the stairs, where Leo asked if Vanessa was all right. Upon hearing Leo's voice, Elliot regained consciousness. Leo told Vanessa to calm down and listen to him, explaining that Hans had been decapitated downstairs.

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Vanessa overreacted and decided that Leo was in league with the attackers from the ballroom and that Leo was the one who killed Hans. Leo reached out for Vanessa to try and calm her down, but Vanessa claimed Leo a murderer and told him not to touch her, pushing Leo down the stairs.

Vanessa began crying hysterically while screaming to Leo that ever since he showed up, everything had fallen apart, with the death of her brothers and Bernice losing her mind. Vanessa yelled at Leo, telling him that he ruined everything and to stay away from Elliot, threatening to kill Leo if anything happened to Elliot.

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Vanessa heard more guests' screams and Leo deduced that the intruders were heading their way. He told Vanessa that he would distract the intruders to allow Vanessa and Elliot to escape the mansion, he also reminded Vanessa to take care of Elliot before running in the direction of Isla Yura's Cult.

Vanessa was shocked and called after Leo, muttering an order to not patronize her when Leo's out of reach. A brief of guilt flashed through her face. When she turned around, only to find Elliot was standing up and at the staircase, however it was not Elliot, as Elliot's Illegal Chain, Humpty Dumpty, made it his duty to protect Leo, and upon hearing Vanessa's threat and seeing Leo fall down the stairs, Humpty Dumpty put Elliot in a trance-like state so that he could make Elliot summon him to decapitate Vanessa.

When Elliot again regained control, Vanessa's head has only just hit the ground, and Elliot watched as her headless body tumbles down the stairs. Description Appearance Vanessa has shoulder-length black hair and blue eyes. In her left ear, Vanessa has the cross-like symbol of the Nightrays as a piercing. Vanessa wears a black overcoat and a frilled undershirt that shows at the ends of the sleeves on her overcoat.

On the back of her overcoat is a black bow, while on the front, Vanessa had a blue bow similar to the flower, statice, in colour. Vanessa wears black pants and a small leather choker around her neck.

Personality She is shown to care deeply about her brother, most likely because all her other blood brothers were killed by the Head Hunter, though it is unknown how she feels to Gilbert and Vincent, she is known to have hated the Vessaliuses with every fiber of her being.

Relationships Bernard Nightray Vanessa and her father's relationship is known to be very strained. While Bernard was one of few members of her family remaining, Vanessa hated her father.

This was because Bernard had gone as far as to ignore the fact that his wife was losing her mind and devoting her time to Isla Yura, also because Bernard then had the gall to collude with the foreigner, forming a partnership with him in pursuit of an investment in the House of Fianna.

Elliot Nightray Elliot comforts Vanessa Elliot was Vanessa's only remaining sibling after the Head Hunter plagued the Nightray family for the first time, eliminating Fred, Claude and Ernest and almost killing her foster brother, Gilbert. Vanessa devoted herself to protecting Elliot, always keeping an eye on him and trying to ensure his safety because she viewed him as all she had left.

Vincent has shown a murderous grudge towards Alice, as a result of her making Gil upset and Jack sad, when she made fun of his red eye, which caused Gil to pull her hair in response.

Caring little for what she did to him, Vincent could never get out of his mind Vincent's hatred towards Alice before Tragedy of Sablier occured in anime how she "hurt" those he loved, which arguably caused his later obsession for cutting stuffed animals with scissors. Ada Vessalius Vincent with Ada. Vincent has a rather complex relationship with Ada.

He has been shown dating her on a rather regular basis. His interest on Ada makes him believe he should taint her and corrupt her. However his impressions of her abruptly changed when Ada revealed to him that her interest on the occult, ghosts, torture, etc.

When Ada went back in time she encountered a young Vincent being guilt ridden about the tragedy, Ada shed tears for Vincent knowing the full extent of his pain and suffering. She attempted to cheer his past self. Vincent immediately pushed her away when Ada tried to comfort after learning the truth ab Vincent watching Ada's new life with another man in the final manga chapter.

When Ada told Vincent that she forgiven him for everything even if anyone can;t never forgive him, he allowed her to comfort him; This is different from when Gil and Noise tried to comfort him, Vincent pushed them aside. Initially, he tried to do the same with Ada but allowed her to comfort him.

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