Vash and meryl relationship trust

Title: Love and Stryfe, Vash and Meryl, Trigun (credit to… - The Shipper's Manifesto

vash and meryl relationship trust

Vash is on his way back from his battle with Knives, how will his relationship with Meryl be affected? And what happens when Knives enters the picture?. Trigun Vash and Meryl Popular Anime, Cowboy Bebop, Anime Ships, Anime Love,. Popular . Best written characters with the best written relationship, in my . Trigun follows the misadventures of Vash the Stampede, also known as “The. Humanoid Meryl, and building their relationship through a series of largely unrelated stories. Beginning at the .. Bostalk does not trust them, but Stan guarantees.

She provides a nice foil for him. So many minor characters go through theses same stages. You might want to consider creating a character that embodies the average guy or girl generally speaking.

Sherlock had John Watson. John Watson embodies the average guy and as such, he helps us as an audience keep up and connect with the psychopath genius. She loathes him at first; he seems like a total idiot and a nuisance to her job.

Does the audience not feel the same way in cases? Thinking that Vash is an idiot and wondering how he got such an awful reputation? There is this complete contradiction of what she expected Vash to be and how he behaves. I love how the writer, Nightow, plays with reputation in this series. What Meryl lacks, Vash has. What Vash lacks, Meryl has. One way to create a humorous relationship is to make the characters opposites of one another.

So something needs to force your characters together. It can be a common goal, familial relations, or they could be trapped together somewhere like an elevator. Despite their differences, the more Meryl tails Vash, the more she realizes what kind of person he really is. Milly, who ironically catches on to everything, notices, but Meryl denies it.

I think Meryl not only denies it to others, but she denies it to herself. He showed her the darkest parts of himself. He opened himself up to her in a way he never had before with anyone.

He knows she wants to be there, at this point. Back at the beginning of the series, he was always alone. He had some friends here and there, but he never stayed long.

He steps around her when he leaves, redirecting her efforts to Milly, giving her a task. Of course, many point to the fact that Vash killed Legato to save the girls.

Meryl is one of his memories.

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When Vash wakes after ten days of slumber, the most important memories flood him, and one of them is his conversation with Meryl. I know this is a finer detail, but it sticks out to me because of the weight of the other memories he reclaims.

Wolfwood dying, then Meryl, then the dead saxophone player, then Legato. There are three deaths in those first four memories, and one life. That might not be so bad. He watches her, transfixed as she walks towards the man holding the gun, the one who wants to kill him.

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In that moment, he sees another human, like Rem, who would dare to save lives by ending the cycle of hatred. That must be it! He jumps up, but stays at her level, holding her close as his eyes close. You only know it because he has to turn all the way around to face Milly when she arrives. He leaves behind the coat. He finally makes the decision to move on, his business with Knives concluded, and he returns to Meryl. And the smile on his face is that of a soldier returned home.

I would say that he does.

vash and meryl relationship trust

At first, he lets the insurance girls see nothing but the silly side of him, trying to protect them from the darker side of things. By the end, he tells Meryl everything. He draws her into his life and his past and his fears.

vash and meryl relationship trust

Vash can be himself with Meryl, in all his incarnations. She has not only seen his wounds, but dressed them and cared for them. They are no longer his story alone, hidden beneath the geranium-red coat, but hers as well. He saw how she could care for people, nurture them, back with those orphans. He would never lead her on. He had to bury his past before he could even entertain the thought of a peaceful life. He told her that. She understood that, and he knows she does.

He has to know she repaired his coat, and he knows she cared for him. She accepted him as he was, right where he was.

vash and meryl relationship trust