Turtle and algae relationship quotes

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turtle and algae relationship quotes

The hippo and carp also have a mutual relationship because the carp eat the algae and parasites living on and in the mouth of the hippo. So the carp get food . [email protected] and quote miyagi-marugoto2012.info . Relative abundance of algae as a percentage of the total reef coverage animal optimises its diet in relation to its potential under specific conditions. Senft et al. Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Turtle covered in algae. In freshwater environments, there are algae that grow only on the.

Kauila wood is so strong that it can be used in place of metal and so the parents named the baby Kauila. They dug so deep that a fresh spring broke forth and filled the hole.

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Kauila emerged from her shell with a head as white as the snow on Mauna Kea. She went straight to the pond her parents had created and this is where she made her home. Born of magical parents, she was magical, too. Children often visited the pond to look for bubbles rising up from the bottom. If there were bubbles, it meant that Kauila was nearby. Kauila is said to be the first and mother of all Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Map of circumtropical locations of Green Sea Turtle populations. Photo courtesy of National Geographic There are seven species of sea turtles in the world and all but two are on the endangered species list.

turtle and algae relationship quotes

One thing that is consistent between the two zones are the tumors turtles in both zones have on their faces, necks, flippers and tails. Fibropapilloma is a herpes virus that only affects sea turtles. First documented in Key West, Florida in in a green sea turtle, fibropapilloma has now been reported in six of the seven species of sea turtles globally. The only exception is the leatherback—and collected research does not rule them out entirely due to insufficient data available at this time. Green Sea Turtle with Fibropapillomatosis Tumors.

Photo courtesy of fullspectrumbiology. Green sea turtles are found in over 80 countries and are the most dispersed of all the species of sea turtles. This means that a virus like fibropapilloma has circumtropical distribution and is now considered a pandemic. Studying the epidemiology of this disease is difficult and it is estimated that approximately 77 to 85 percent of green sea turtles observed on Maui specifically, Kahului Harbor and 49 to 92 percent of turtles observed at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu have fibropapillomatosis.

turtle and algae relationship quotes

This disease is the leading cause of death for Hawaiian green sea turtles. There are many notions surrounding why the turtles are being affected so dramatically, but the two most prevalent theories are warming waters and pollution and there are plenty of studies that back these theories.

One study, which was published in the scientific journal Peer J, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA and conducted at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, showed a direct link between the algae that the green sea turtles eat having a higher nitrogen content due to farming and agricultural runoff, or land-based pollutants.

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The higher nitrogen content is a great food source for invasive non-native algal blooms, allowing the algae to take over, doubling its weight in about two days.

The higher nitrogen content causes turtles to store high levels of arginine, an amino acid, in their tissues, which triggers the tumor growth for the grazing turtle population.

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This food source may explain why the leatherback turtle seems largely unaffected. They eat jellyfish, sea squirts and other soft-bodied animals instead of algae. Some move frantically; the one I found, whose shell is coated with algae and has been given the number 93, starts doing the crawl stroke again.

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The center keeps any turtle presumed dead for at least 24 hours. Over the years, Murley says, a few of these have revived. This is one of only two sea turtle species that lay eggs in mass nesting groups called arribadas.

turtle and algae relationship quotes

The other species, the olive ridley, lives in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. As they mature, they paddle west toward shallower water along the coast of North America, where they can live for decades.

Unfortunately for the species, people liked to eat the eggs, which were easy to harvest, and thought they acted as aphrodisiacs.

turtle and algae relationship quotes

By the s, the turtle population had plummeted. Mexico outlawed the harvest inbut poaching continued to take a toll. Meanwhile, increasingly scarce adults were often caught in fishing gear. Inonly turtle nests were found, the lowest number on record. With new, turtle-excluding fishing nets and better protection of their nesting beaches, the species has begun to recover. An estimated 8, females nested last year. By the s, maybe ten a year washed in, some of them still alive. Prescott and Murley organized a few people to comb the beaches in autumn and early winter.

Since then, the center has maintained a corps of about volunteers, nearly all retirees. The clinic is crammed with microscopes, computers and medical equipment as well as tanks of blue water that gurgle and hum. She lays the seemingly lifeless animal on an examining table. Jill Gary, a biologist with the aquarium, sinks a needle into the back of its neck and draws out thick, maroon-colored blood.

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Gary inserts a rectal thermometer into the turtle and the animal springs to life. Its temperature is Gary, however, is in no rush to change that. When people at the aquarium began treating cold-stunned sea turtles extensively, in the mids, little was known about hypothermia in the animals.

Through trial and error and the testing of various medications, they have figured out how to save about 80 percent of the turtles brought into the aquarium. The turtles are also susceptible to fungal infections. The main danger is pneumonia—about 20 percent of the turtles have it when they arrive, and perhaps 25 percent will contract it here.

After each turtle is examined, it is tucked into a square, temperature-controlled contraption that is basically a turtle refrigerator.

turtle and algae relationship quotes

At the clinic, a turtle with a body temperature in the 60s is plopped into a waist-high water tank to see how it swims. It does, but just barely. The blood-test results begin to come in from the lab equipment on the other side of the clinic.