Tron uprising beck and paige relationship

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tron uprising beck and paige relationship

General Tesler is the main antagonist of TRON: Uprising voiced by Lance Henriksen. Contents[show] Biography Beck's Beginning Tesler, one of Clu's generals, was tasked with Overruling Pavel, who had left Paige on a derezzing island to die, Tesler piloted a Light Copter out to the island and . Relationships Edit. Beck is the main protagonist of Tron: Uprising. Trained by Tron Once they'd escaped the tunnels, Beck left Paige in the Outlands and drove off. Back at Argon . Tron Uprising: Beck vs Paige by CaptainUnobservant Tron Uprising, Art Things, Sci Fi Lordmesa Art — “Slurp” Cisco and Harry's love/hate relationship.

This is the pay off. Grounded is the episode where Beck has to choose between his personal life, and his new duties. Betray Able or Argon. Watching him devolve from a competent, skilled general into his current state has been amazing. His obsession with killing the Renegade is such a detachment from his first appearance, and the transition was a slow simmer until it boiled over here.

Speaking, Beck learned this episode that Tesler wants to murder him with the same ferocity Tron had for Dyson. But seriously, this is where we learn Mara is a capable Program and it starts the seed that Argon city can stand up for itself when it needs to.

The Path to Tron: Beck learns he can depend on other people, the same way Tron is now depending on Beck.

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The Stranger Concerning the subplot to get it out of the way: As in Cyrus completely lost his sanity. Cyrus is a possible mirror image of himself. The episode also puts doubt in his mind concerning Tron. Stranger is a head-trip, and my second-favorite episode. Beck has to handle everything on his own, and Cyrus is a compelling character.

Trying to figure out how he went from the well meaning guard in Scars to the ax-crazy, destroy everything Villain he is in Stranger is great. Every time he touches them at the end of this episode, and in future ones, makes me happy for the continuity and design of the circuits under his body suit.

Being able to admit that is a huge step in knowing his own weaknesses. Tron also lets Beck make his own decisions in this episode. Beck gets to ditch the training wheels and takes the lead.

By doing so, he learns quite a bit about himself, and what it takes to be the leader Tron already is.

tron uprising beck and paige relationship

The point of filler, good filler, is to flesh out characters and world build. I had fun with it, and it was a nice break. One of the reasons Beck refuses to derezz programs, is he sees them as citizens just as much as anyone else, and that includes Paige. Beck is smitten with Paige.

tron uprising beck and paige relationship

He tries as both Beck, and The Renegade. And make no mistake—Beck has a relationship with Paige. In Rendezvous they are established as an item, and one line away from the next step romantically. So, why is this relationship so important to Beck and the overall Plot line of him becoming the new Tron?

It drives in the most important lesson Beck has to learn as the new Tron: Just as he had to choose between his friends and his duties, he has to choose between Paige and being Tron.

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I personally think this is the first real moment that Beck accepts the mantle as the new Tron. No Bounds This is the test. The episode where we take everything that Beck has learned thus far, and apply it to taking down the main threat of the season: If he passes, Beck has officially done what it takes to go from Mechanic to the new Tron and taking our plot to conclusion. It starts off with a callback to earlier episodes: Beck has to pick himself up after making his own mistakes, because Tron is basically out of the picture Tagged.

Beck stopped as his eyes caught sight of a program that he hadn't seen in a few cycles. It was Commanding Officer Paige. As a sigh escaped his mouth, Beck got up from his seat and began to walk over. Was this really the way to approach her? She didn't look too happy.

Maybe Pavel had upset her. Maybe Tesler had put her on watch, but she had intended to do something else that evening. Beck was stopped in his thoughts by Mara, shouting to him. You said you would dance with me ONCE! Well, this is a good song!

tron uprising beck and paige relationship

Beck smiled back but before he could turn to Paige, she had gone. After about an hour of hanging out at the club, Beck decided he wouldn't stay any longer.

He said goodbye and left Zed alone with Mara.

Most of the programs had gone home by now. So apart from the odd few, the two were alone together. Of course, Mara did not think twice about it but Zed began to get pretty nervous. He liked her a lot. Beck stepped out into the street. It was silent, par the few distance shouts and laughter. He looked around and was surprised to what he had seen. Paige was still on duty! A few other guards remained. Now was his chance to really impress her.

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He covered his face with his visor and walked over. He continued walking over to her. This clearly frustrated her. Suddenly, Paige jumped up and went to kick him in the stomach.