The relationship of new issue market and stock exchange

the relationship of new issue market and stock exchange

Stock market is a place where buying and selling of listed securities happens. has issued new securities on the exchange to raise funds from investors and. market, the instruments of issue, functionaries of new issue market and mechanism of new issue, apply for listing of shares on a recognized stock exchange. This article will help you to learn about the Relationship between New Issues Market (NIM) and Stock Exchange in India. Sale of Securities: The New Issue.

New Issue Market and Stock Exchanges are Inseparably Connected

The stock exchange unlike the NIM provides all the facilities in the form of a market. It is a well-established organization with professional brokers, financial literature, information about companies and the daily stock exchange lists are supplied for information to investors. The Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are well organized with proper electronic gadgets to receive information about stock prices from other parts of the country.

They also give the daily changes in prices of stocks. Another related factor between the NIM and Stock Exchange is the relative strength and public confidence in their joint participation in the sale, purchase and transfer of securities.

Relationship between the primary and secondary market Security Analysis and Investment Management

The usual practice by the firms issuing securities is to register themselves on a stock exchange by applying for listing of shares. Listing of shares provides the firm with an added prestige and the investing public is encouraged with this service.

the relationship of new issue market and stock exchange

The advantage of listing on a recognized stock exchange is that it widens the market for the investor. Secondly, the working of the stock exchange and NIM provides a greater protection for the investing public as the companies applying for stock exchange registration are bound by the statutory rules and regulations of the market.

Further, the securities markets are closely connected to each other because of the sensitive nature of the movements of stock prices. Stock prices are to a great extent affected by environmental conditions such as political stability, economic and social conditions, industrial pattern, monetary and fiscal policies of the government.

The New Issue Market enjoys neither any tangible form nor any administrative organisational setup, and nor is subject to any centralised control and administration for the execution of its business it is recognised by the services that it renders to the lenders and borrowers of capital funds at the time of any particular operation.

  • New Issues Market (NIM) and Stock Exchange

Despite this difference, the new issue Market and stock exchanges are inseparably connected: The securities issued in the New Issue Market are invariably listed on a recognised stock exchange, subsequent to their issue. This is of immense utility to potential investors who feel assured that should they receive an allotment of new issues, they will subsequently be able to dispose them of at any time.

New Issues Market (NIM) and Stock Exchange

The facilities provided by the secondary markets, thus, widen the initial market for them. Secondly, the stock exchanges exercise considerable control over the organisation of new issues.

the relationship of new issue market and stock exchange

In terms of the regulatory framework relating to dealings in securities, new issues, which seek stock exchange quotation have to comply with statutory rules as well as regulations framed by the stock exchanges with the object of ensuring fair dealings in them. Fundamentally, the markets for new and old securities are, economically, an integral part of a single market the industrial securities market.

Thus they are susceptible to common influence and act and react upon each other. Broadly, new issues increase when stock values are rising and vice versa.

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Also, the quantitative predominance of old securities in the market usually ensures that it is these which set the tone of the market as a whole and govern the prices and acceptability of new issues. Thus, we see that the capital market, with particular reference to company scraps, performs two distinct functions providing funds for trading in existing securities and funds for fresh issues of capital by the companies either through public issue or right issue or by private placement.

While in many respects, the market mechanism for capital markets is the same as for commodities, there is a fundamental difference that renders the former more complex, i. In the case of the capital market nothing is consumed away.

the relationship of new issue market and stock exchange