The help minny and celia relationship questions

There’s Something About Celia | A Critical Review of the novel The Help

the help minny and celia relationship questions

These relationships are very different. Hilly's bridge club, as well as her involvement in the women's organization always reminds me of high. Out of the many relationships between characters in The Help, one very I begin to ask questions like why is Miss Celia reaching out to Minny. Minny also learns that Celia is from Sugar Ditch, a place Minny says is as In The Help, Celia isn't the only character equipped with infantile behavior. The film doesn't spend much time delving into big-picture questions.

They think big strong Minny, she sure can stand up for herself. I know it makes no sense and I get so mad at myself for being so weak! How can I love a man who beats me raw? Why do I love a fool drinker?

Character Study | A Critical Review of the novel The Help

One time I asked him, Why? Why are you hitting me? The book ends on page And yet, the torment Minny goes through is not fully explained or explored. This could have been a character as strong in the same vein as say, a Fannie Lou Hamer.

And I fully recognize that for many readers, the character of Minny is a favorite. In the story, Minny has been married to Leroy for some time. Their oldest child is a teenager.

Character Study

Minny is the bossy comic relief. Well, in this case the stereotype wins. She blusters, she bullies, she gossips. And like Sofia, she would have left Leroy a long time ago.

The Help- Children's Benefit Ball

Minny does not withdraw from her social circle. Even bruised, she attends church and is as belligerent and gossipy as ever. Does she get depressed like Celia? She pays Minny well and respects her authority in cooking and cleaning. She even likes to have lunch with Minny and ask about her day. It seems that after years of being abused by white women Minny wouldn't mind the change, but she does not know how to react to Miss Celia's friendliness.

Celia does not know the rules that Minny expects her to follow.

the help minny and celia relationship questions

She does not even realize she is breaking any rules. Celia grew up in poverty perhaps even more extreme than the one Minny endures. She does not know how to properly clean a house because she didn't have much of a house, and she cannot cook because she was never taught. This lack in Celia reveals even further how much she does not fit into the community in which she married.

Miss Celia's desperation to have a child is revealed through these chapters.

the help minny and celia relationship questions

She has suffered a series of painful miscarriages and has been hiding them from her husband. Her fear of telling him represents the larger fear she has about losing her place in a society she does not understand and in which she cannot seem to gain entry. She is terrified that if she tells Johnny, he might reject her, too.

She thinks if she limits her movements and drinks tonic made by a medicine man back home she can increase the likelihood of having a baby. Miss Celia is heartbroken and feels that each baby wants out of her failing body. The revelation of her suffering and fears win over Minny.