The following mike and max relationship quiz

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the following mike and max relationship quiz

Start studying AET - Squarecap + Quizzes + Review Questions. Which of the following is required for Max/MSP to interact with the world around you? .. According to Dr. Stamps, what is the relationship between constraint and . According to Dr. Stamps and Mike Alger, what factor is essential to consider when. In the scene, we get to see Mike reunite with Eleven, Nancy saving Dustin that happened between Lucas and Max that fans can't quite seem to get on . The relationship between Kate and Emaline has become one of the show's QUIZ: Which famous guy would be your New Year's kiss? Follow Us. Follow Us That's right, starting this quiz off early with a season 2 question. playing for ten hours, and Mike's mom is pretty taken aback at this realization. . Eight and Eleven have an interesting relationship that develops shortly . Max is a new character in season 2, and she quickly grabs the attention.

When it comes to real life, telekinesis is not going to help much. How do you choose to defend yourself? Question 16 Do you prefer to be blunt or sarcastic?

Blunt Sarcastic There are a lot of people who beat around the bush when it comes to communication. Those who are tired of that speak bluntly. It can upset some people, but is the most effective method of communication. Other people use sarcasm to convey their opinions to be funny or hide their strong opinions. Communication can be tough. Which of these communication tactics do you use more? Question 17 Are you good in a crisis? I am calm in a crisis I panic Being caught in a crisis is extremely stressful.

A good example of this is when Joyce's son went missing and she did not handle it very well.

Fans Are Calling Out “Stranger Things” Over THIS Scene Between Max And Lucas

However, everyone faced it differently. Some people scream in the face of danger and other people pull themselves together in these moments and think clearly. It depends on many factors and includes lots of adrenaline! Question 18 Which holiday do you prefer? Christmas Halloween To communicate with Will, Joyce Byers had to put Christmas lights up and write letters on her wall. Will spoke through them, lighting up the letter he wished to convey.

It certainly highlighted a Christmas spirit, but the show itself is more centred around Halloween. After all, it is meant to be spooky!

Which of those two holidays do you prefer? Question 19 Are you more of a morning person or a night owl? Morning person Night owl Being a morning person and being a night owl can vary to two extremes. Being up all night is not all fun and games, but neither is always waking up early. Nonetheless, some people love getting up early morning to eat breakfast and hear the birds chirp. Other people will murder you if you go near them since they were up until very late. Which one of these are you?

Question 20 Which of these do you value above all else? Safety Happiness There are so many elements of life that you can value but then there are these two that seem to recur in Stranger Things. It seems as if they are always pursuing safety and that it is unattainable. Hopper does all he can to keep his town safe, but it is to no avail.

The kids always want to be together and have fun, but happiness is not always possible for them, especially for Eleven. Which do you pursue more? Question 21 Have you ever been grounded? Yes Nope Being grounded is no fun. You are forced to stay at home and be with your parents with no access to the outside world or people there. Even the best of kids get grounded from time to time. Eleven was grounded and Max once snuck out of her window. When you get grounded as a kid, you come up with all sorts of creative ways to sneak out of the house.

Have you ever been grounded? Question 22 What is your greatest weakness? My strong emotions My stubborness Everybody has a weakness and it is not something that we like to discuss. However, knowing what your weakness is will help you overcome it and become a stronger person. Some people just have bad habits and some people get addicted to drugs Question 23 What is your greatest strength? Intelligence Loyalty Yes, you may have your weaknesses, but the good news is that you also have your strengths!

Like everything, each person has their pros and cons. Eleven and Max both have their fair share of weaknesses and strengths, but it is your turn to think about yourself and figure out what your biggest strength is. Is your biggest strength your loyalty or your intelligence? Question 24 What are you secretly skilled at? Picking locks Eating a lot There are so many secret talents that people have.

You may not even know that you have these talents! It is fun to discover what you can do and then show it off. Or, it may be a secret in which case you would only use your secret talent in emergencies or in private. The characters from Stranger Things are all skilled at many things, but think about yourself.

However, Ryan has actually caught her and takes her to his apartment to torture her. Ryan waterboards Penny as Penny has a fear of water and drowning. The trade goes according to plan, until Theo and Ryan begin shooting at one another, and Ryan shoots Penny, who was between him and Theo.

Theo leaves but swears revenge on Ryan for killing the only person he cares about. After using Ryan's former colleague, Gina Mendez, and her family, as bait, Ryan goes to a safehouse where Mendez was staying, but brings a small team of agents that he trusts to bring Theo down; however, Theo runs away and wounds an FBI agent in the process.

Theo ambushes Ryan as he tries to call an ambulance for the wounded agent, and Theo takes the two agents hostage. After killing the other agent, Theo prepares to murder Ryan, but is stopped in the nick of time by guards of a rich financer, Eliza, who falsely believes that Ryan knew her dark secrets and wanted Theo to bring Ryan to her so she could find out what he knows. While Theo is being tortured, Ryan frees his hands which were tied behind his back, and escapes.

the following mike and max relationship quiz

However, Theo also escapes and tells Ryan that he is going to get to Gwen, and kill her once Ryan's baby is born. He also says that he will ensure that the baby will be exactly like Theo, abused and neglected. After Theo kidnaps Gwen, Ryan chases them down and shoots Theo, seemingly killing him.

However, as Ryan and Gwen embrace, Theo tackles Ryan and they both fall off a bridge. Theo falls into the water, while Ryan holds on to the side of the bridge, but lets go after telling Gwen that he loves her. Neither Ryan's nor Theo's body was recovered.

In the last scene of the show, the camera follows a limping man moving through the hospital where Gwen, Mike and Max are. The man goes to Agent Campbell's room, where she is recovering from a gunshot wound. The man is then found to be Ryan, who tells Campbell that he knows that she was a double agent and was responsible for Gwen's kidnapping.

Ryan tells her that those he loves are not safe with him around, and says that he will pick apart those who pose a threat to his loved ones while the world thinks he's dead. It is then implied that he kills Campbell.

Ryan then walks through the halls, stopping to look at Gwen, Mike and Max, before leaving the hospital to begin his new life as a vigilante. James Purefoy portrays Joe Carroll. Portrayed by James Purefoy. He is a former professor of English literature at Winslow University. Little is known of his early life, other than that he was born in England and has a half-brother.

Carroll's teaching emphasized the romantic period. He believes, like Edgar Allan Poewhom he admires intensely, in the "insanity of art", i. Carroll began making "art" by eviscerating female students. He killed fourteen of them before he was caught by Ryan Hardy. While serving out his sentence at the Virginia Central Penitentiary in Waverly, VirginiaCarroll gathers a cult-like collection of followers who are willing to murderkidnapand sacrifice themselves for Carroll to execute his plan of revenge against Hardy.

In the season finale, Carroll is apparently killed in a massive explosion outside his lighthouse after a brutal showdown with Hardy. In Season 2, it is confirmed he survived and has been hiding. When Joe attempts to return to his old ways, he meets Lily Gray, a follower of him and a brief love interest, as they spend the night at the end of "Reflection", but he leaves her after she drugs him and Joe expresses his contempt for her.

He then travels to a cult called Korban and, after manipulating and later killing the leader Micah and his wife Julia, becomes the new leader of Korban with the intent of raining havoc on New York. As Joe explains to Ryan, he has moved on from Poe he has also given up all dreams of becoming a writer to the Bible which is ironic as Joe does not believe in God. Joe kidnaps Tanner's son and forces him to kill someone, then has his father get on his knees to admit there is no God.

He tries to force them to kill one another, but Kingston kills himself while Joe kills Preston later. Joe is then captured again by Ryan and sent to prison despite his efforts to goad Ryan into killing him. After being absent for a few episodes, Joe is eventually seen again when Ryan comes to him looking for information regarding Joe's escaped former mentor, Arthur Stauss. Joe agrees to help Ryan should he visit him every day until Joe's impending execution. When Strauss's favourite student, Theo Noble, convinces a former member of the military to pose as a guard in Joe's prison, Noble and Joe speak via a microphone on the guards person, and Theo can see Joe through a pair of sunglasses in the man's pocket.

When the facility is made aware of the man's presence, Joe strangles and kills him, taking the glasses to make a weapon out of. On the day of his execution, Joe kills two guards and keeps three people hostage, and demands that Ryan Hardy attend the execution, otherwise he will kill the hostages.

When Ryan arrives, he has to handcuff his hands behind his back before entering the room. Ryan is then attacked by Joe using a stun gun. After coming around, Ryan gets Joe to release one hostage. Joe then gets Ryan to admit that the relationship between him and Joe is the most important in his life, after speaking of how Ryan killed the man who murdered Ryan's father. After the remaining hostages are released, all the gates to the cells are opened by Penny, Theo's sister, who was trying to get Ryan killed.

One inmate, who Joe had told earlier wasn't worthy of his soon to be empty cell, took Joe into the cell. After killing or incapacitating the inmates, Ryan saves Joe and they kill the remaining inmate.

Joe is then executed as planned, as Ryan watches.


Ryan goes to a bar and drinks that night, ordering two shots every turn, as he imagines that he is drinking with Joe. Ryan's illusions of Joe continue, particularly as he over-steps the lines and tortures Penny. Claire Matthews[ edit ] Portrayed by Natalie Zea. Claire is a professor at the university where Joe worked before he went to prison.

Inshe told Joe that she was pregnant with their son Joey. Claire told Ryan to speak to Joe when Ryan had a question about a murder case, not knowing Joe was the killer.

Once Claire learned that Joe was a murderer, she divorced him and got custody of Joey. Claire made the first move when it came to her and Ryan. Claire meets Ryan's sister Jenny, who tells him that she likes her. Ryan later ends their relationship because he wants a better life for her and Joey. After Carroll, whom Claire calls a madman, kidnaps their son, he sends men to kidnap her too. She is placed under protection, then Ryan takes her into hiding. She tells Ryan that Joe wrote her a letter.

In the season 1 finale, Claire is injured by Molly, one of Joe's followers.

the following mike and max relationship quiz

In the beginning of Season 2, Mike states that she died of her injuries. However, in "Unmasked", it's revealed that she survived and has been in protective custody since then, to make sure Joe and his followers can't find her. After hearing of Joe's return, Claire wishes to help the authorities, leaving witness protection so she can see Ryan again. She reunites with Ryan and attempts to help him find and kill Joe. She escapes her custody to meet Joe after delivering a message to him but runs into Emma again.

They engage in a struggle with Claire killing her, but she is captured by Luke and Mark. She is saved by Ryan and Joe, while Luke is killed and Mark gets away. After Joe is sent to jail, Claire breaks up with Ryan, believing she's the one who drags down their relationship.

Shawn Ashmore portrays Mike Weston. Portrayed by Shawn Ashmore. He is a young FBI agent. Weston wrote his thesis on Joe Carroll while in training and sees Ryan Hardy as a hero. He is considered the team's expert on Joe Carroll and displays a proficiency with computers. He is portrayed as Ryan's partner throughout most of season 1 and later in season 2 alongside Ryan's niece, Max Hardy, as the two develop feelings for one another. After Lily Gray kills his father, he swears revenge on her.

Eventually he kills her, causing concern in Ryan and Max. In the season 2 finale, Mike goes to save Ryan from the twins Luke and Mark.

Fans Are Calling Out “Stranger Things” Over THIS Scene Between Max And Lucas - PopBuzz

Mike saves them as Max kills Luke. Afterwards, he and Max kiss, beginning their relationship. It is revealed in a flashback that they broke up when Mike went with other FBI agesnts to hunt down Mark Gray, the man who killed his father.

Mike and Max have sex behind Tom's back, but feeling guilty, Max immediately regrets it and tells Mike to leave. These cameras are what tip Mark off that the FBI have found his safehouse, and he flees. During the raid of the house, Tom finds the laptop and sees the incriminating footage.

He then takes the laptop without reporting it. When Mike and Ryan realise that Kyle and Daisy are targeting the daughter of the judge overseeing Arthur Strauss' trial, they go to save her, but during the process, Mike is knocked off the roof and hangs onto a rail. Tom finds Mike, and after a moment of hesitation, helps him out. Max and Mike succeed in apprehending Strauss, but when Mike sees Mark running onto a boat, he leaves Strauss to Max and goes after Mark.

Daisy then assaults Max and frees Strauss. Meanwhile, Mike corners Mark, and prepares to kill him, but Ryan stops him. As Mike and Ryan talk, Mark escapes. They then learn of Max's injuries. Tom destroys the laptop after overhearing Max and Mike discussing how they've found out that the possessor is in the building.

Tom then goes to his apartment, where the body of an FBI agesnt, who he inadvertently killed during a struggle over the laptop. However, he is ambushed by Daisy and Mark, who request that he bring Mike to them. Tom lures Mike out with him by pretending to have a lead on the murdered agent. Here, Mike realises that Tom is handing him over the Mark.

After he hands Mike over, he has acid thrown on his face and is shot and killed. During the trade, Penny is killed and Mike is recovered safely. After the separate questioning of Ryan, Max and Mike, Mike and Max embrace and decide to give their romance another go, however, Mark shows up and stabs Mike, but before he can harm Max, Mike shoots and kills him.

Mike recovers from his injuries around the time that Ryan and Theo scuffled and fell off a bridge, leading to both being presumed dead. Mike and Max then discover that Ryan's former girlfriend, Gwen, is pregnant with Ryan's child. They insist that Gwen won't be alone in bringing the child up. Unbeknownst to all three, Ryan was watching them from a safe distance, alive and well, ready to protect them while pretending to be dead. Valorie Curry portrays Emma Hill.

Portrayed by Valorie Curry. A follower of the cult, she first met Carroll at a book reading in and became one of his first and most devoted followers. At his direction, she assumes the name "Denise Harris" and gets a job as nanny for Carroll's son Joey.

She assumes de facto leadership of the small cell tasked with abducting Joey and has no qualms about using violence to accomplish her goals. In the year following Joe's supposed death at the lighthouse, Emma lives with a handful of surviving followers. The two remain together as they and Mandy leave Lily to go to the Korban cult compound. After they leave Korban, Joe receives a message that Claire is alive and asks Emma and Robert to find out if it is true.

Eventually, Emma and Claire come face to face, resulting in Claire stabbing Emma and throwing her out of a second-story window. Emma makes one last attempt on Claire's life but fails and apparently dies from her stab wound. Jennifer Mason[ edit ] Portrayed by Jeananne Goossen. She is no-nonsense, but has a clear love for her job. Mason only appeared in the Pilot. She was replaced by Debra Parker. Debra Parker[ edit ] Portrayed by Annie Parisse. Her expertise leads to her being called in to head the investigation of Carroll and his cult.

She grew up in a cult, fleeing, without the approval of her parents, when she was sexually abused by the cult's leader. Parker dies in the season finale after being buried alive by a couple of Carroll's cult members, who are subsequently killed by Hardy.

Paul Torres[ edit ] Portrayed by Adan Canto. He first appears as "Billy Thomas". Their homosexual relationship is initially a cover to fool Sarah, but Paul develops genuine feelings for Jacob. He has to share Jacob with Emma and is unhappy with the relationship, often referred to as a "third wheel". After being severely injured, Paul asks Jacob to kill him when it appears that they might be arrested; Jacob obliges.

Jacob Wells[ edit ] Portrayed by Nico Tortorella. He first appears as "Will Wilson". Jacob is Emma's lover and a Carroll follower. Will and Billy pose as a gay couple as part of their cult activities, using the ruse because they believe Sarah will not feel threatened by a gay couple. While Jacob is loyal to Joe, he later reveals that he never killed anyone, which causes friction with Emma and Paul.

After Emma abandons him and Paul, Jacob begins to take after the other followers. However, after Jacob reveals to Emma that he doesn't want to die for Joe's cause, Emma kills him Jacob was born to a successful doctor in Lake Whitehurst, Jacob didn't want to become one himself.

He dropped out of medical school, and was persuaded to join Joe's cult. It was suggested in The Curse that he has a difficult relationship with his father.

Jacob is one of Joe's most long-term Followers, though unlike many of the others, he hadn't killed anyone when joining them. During meetings with the other Followers, he claimed to have killed a girl while he was in high school and dumped her body in the ocean. He told Joe the truth early, but Joe was okay with it and agreed to keep it secret, saying he would commit his first kill when he was ready.

He met Emma when she visited Joe in prison and was set up on a blind date with him. He later witnessed her killing her mother and helped her get rid of the body.

Over time, he formed a bond with Paul, a recent new follower who eventually discovered of Jacob's inability to kill. He promised Jacob he wouldn't tell anyone on the condition he return the favor someday.

They later were assigned to keep track on Sarah Fuller, Joe's last victim, and act gay for her to gain her trust. Unknowingly, Jacob was torn for his feelings with Emma and his friendship with Paul due to Paul seemingly gaining real feelings for him. Dentist Carnival School Jonathan is a good brother and a respectful son. He just tries to do his best, and not step on too many peoples toes, or to get too involved with the people around him. But his little brother means the world to him, and he would stop at nothing to protect him from harm.

Soon after, they begin to realize exactly what has happened, and rightfully they begin to scour the town and inform Hopper. Of course, even in a small town, you usually have to travel a decent distance to get to a friends, or the arcade, or a diner, or whatever nostalgic locale you desire. Joyce Will's Father Jonathan Hopper is a good man, a solid police officer, and a distinguished leader.

He always seems to be the man that would willingly sacrifice himself for the people he cares about, and he never seems to be scared of the terrifying things he faces throughout the show. And Hopper and Joyce certainly have a past, which makes it especially difficult for Hopper when Will goes missing, because he obviously has feelings for Joyce.

Hopper Nancy Benny This circumstance happens shortly after Eleven escapes from the Hawkins National Laboratory, as Eleven wanders into a random restaurant, in search of food and shelter. She ends up getting discovered by this individual after they catch her stealing food from the back of the restaurant. But does she have more than 50 lines in the first season? Mage Leader Dungeon Master For those unfamiliar with the game, Dungeons and Dragons, there is always one person who is guiding the adventure, and is making sure that the players have an intriguing story and set rules to follow.