Superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

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superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

Superman & Batman: Generations is the umbrella title of three Elseworlds comic . Meanwhile Wonder Woman II, Flash IV, and Green Lantern discuss Batman III, . is stuck at the physical age of 11, Ator is uncomfortable with the relationship. .. Bunny · Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator · Superman vs. In the New 52, the relationship between Superman and Batman has been set up to socially (other than Flash and Green Lantern as they were friends before the formation of the Justice League). Superman versus Batman. The relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman has been stretched While many other DC superheroes like Batman, Green Lantern, and The 17 Their First Live-Action Appearance Together Was Batman vs.

Superboy investigates and is attacked. The army, commanded by Captain Sam Lane arrives. Superboy destroys the aliens with a device provided by Bruce. A dying Saturn Girl uses her powers to erase knowledge of the event from everyone's mind.

superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

The time machine returns to the future, with Lois and Lana aboard. Superman is troubled by memories of an alien invasion in that no one remembers. He travels to New Genesis to confer with Highfatherbut when he arrives he sees the fire pits of Apokolips go out. The Supergirls and Omac fight Luthor and his mysterious allies, but he gains the upper hand and neutralizes Omac. Knightwing arrives, but Luthor's allies vanish before they can be caught.

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Luthor tells Knightwing this is the day the world ends and detonates some kind of bomb. Out of the Ashes — years ago Luthor activated a device that prevents all power sources on Earth or a thousand miles above it from being used. Civilization is in ruins and the survivors, led by Batman and his descendants, live in an underground complex. The surface is left to mutant animals and a few humans, including a man named Kamandi.

Superman has not been seen in nearly a century. Knightwing, now posing as Superman, and the Supergirls are all that remain to fight the Parademons. Batman manages to revive the Brother Eye satellite. He has been keeping tabs on Kamandi, who is a descendant of Buddy Blank, a.

Meanwhile, stranded on New Genesis, Superman has married Beautiful Dreamerwho manages to unlock his memory of the invasion that Saturn Girl had repressed. As seen at the end of Generations 2, the dying Mrs. Wayne gives her son and ex-husband a tape to play that reveals Bruce is not BJ's father. Analyzing the tape, they deduce it was recorded in London. Cyril takes them to a recording studio where they are attacked by one of the gangs infesting London.

They manage to subdue the gang and listen to the tape, which reveals that BJ is Bruce's son; Mrs. Wayne lied to trick BJ into using the Lazarus Pit, something he had refused to do before. As BJ dies, the ghost of Kara Kent appears and takes his spirit to the afterlife. On Earth, Supergirl Blue is in love with Green Lantern Ator, but since her body is stuck at the physical age of 11, Ator is uncomfortable with the relationship.

Several other Green Lanterns find the buried robot body of Lex Luthor, who goes on a rampage. While the Green Lanterns fight Luthor, Supergirl Blue uses gold kryptonite to remove her powers, allowing her to age. Ator manages to stop Luthor, but Luthor uploads his mind into the city's computer, leaving Ator with an atomic bomb about to detonate.

Ator contains the explosion with his power ring, but is trapped inside with the radiation. The now powerless Supergirl Blue must stand by and watch Ator die. After Superman convinces them of his identity, Batman tells what has happened. In addition to the Parademons returning every years to attack Smallville, civilization had been destroyed by Luthor. Supergirl Blue uses Luthor's serum to restore her powers and convinces Batman to use it as well.

superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

The two find they are immune to kryptonite and finally defeat Luthor. He tells them the answer to the Parademon attacks lie in the future and flies off to the 30th century. She digs up a box which contains Superman. His attempt to reach the future was blocked and he was hurled into the late 19th century.

Kent is seeking revenge against Jonah Hexa bounty hunter Kent claims killed fourteen innocent men.


In a showdown, Hex easily disarms Kent, then breaks Kent's glasses instead of killing him. Just then, the criminal that Hex was hunting appears and fires at Hex. Hex kills the criminal, but the shot meant for Hex hits Martha instead. Superman forces Metron to bring a doctor to save Martha's life, but her injuries mean she will never have children.

Jonathan tells Martha that they will get married as soon as she is well.

superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

Metron tells Superman he cannot reach the future under his own power and places him in a suspended animation chamber underground. Meanwhile, Darkseid reveals his greatest weapon: Parademons with the power of independent thought. He hides in a small house, where he meets the owner, an elderly blind woman. The Parademon tells her his history. Centuries ago, Apokolips was destroyed in the final battle between Orion and Darkseid.

Darkseid's essence was preserved by special machinery hidden in the heart of the planet. When Darkseid was revived, he developed new Parademons with the ability to think for themselves.

Their mission is to travel back in time to defeat the heroes of Earth. The old woman, actually Supergirl Blue, kills the Parademon so that no one will learn they are sentient. In the future, the time machine with Lois and Lana finally materializes.

A dying Metron appears and gives Superman a device that will allow him one round trip to New Genesis. He activates it and is met by Lar-el and Vara, his children with Beautiful Dreamer. Parademons attack, followed by Darkseid. All of the New Gods are killed, leaving only Superman and his children.

Darkseid captures Beautiful Dreamer and kills Superman's children when they try to rescue her. Darkseid leaves, but not before breaking Beautiful Dreamer's neck. Superman returns to Earth to tell Batman what has happened. There they discover that Clark Kent is Superman and Lois will one day marry him. Outside, they stumble across Superman fighting a troop of Parademons. Well, until Justice League Volume 2, Issue The issue focused on the Justice League's battle spirits of their deceased loved ones.

Following an incredibly emotional battle where Diana sees Steve Trevor who she thought was aliveshe is left with feelings of loneliness. Especially when the most infallible heroes are shown as expressing evil. Doomed shows an infected Superman dealing with an aggressive virus.

Despite defeating Doomsday's beast, he becomes infected with the beast's blood which causes him to change. Rather than being the reserved Superman fans have always known, the infection changes him in to an aggressive beast, slowly transforming him in to a monster. While trying to comfort him and support him through fighting the virus, Clark attacks Diana. While not in his right mind, it is one of the first times fans have seen him lose control.

Initially, Clark believes that he is the only survivor and sadly buries both Batman and Lois Lane. That is until he discovers Wonder Woman has survived as well. While they eventually discover other heroes have survived, most of them have lost their powers.

This leaves Superman and Wonder Woman as the last heroes on Earth.

superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

However, amidst all the chaos, one beautiful thing does occur - they have a son named Bruce. Even though the world will never become what it was before, they can take solace that they were the last of their kind. When an evildoer is targeting Lois, Clark comes up with a plan to save her. Unfortunately, this also means he needs to break her heart.

In order to distance himself from Lois, Superman and Wonder Woman fake an engagement to drive Lois away.

superman vs green lantern and batman relationship

The hope is that this will keep her safe because only Superman will be under attack. While comics have given us many of them over the years, DC seems to enjoy giving fans Superman versus Wonder Woman battles on many occasions.

Green Lantern bonds with Batman

Sometimes they fight to save the other, and other times they are fighting based on a disagreement. This story takes place early in the career of the original Robin and depicts his first meeting with Superman. This annual follows the trend set by Joe Kelly's work, reimagining another Silver Age tale. Joe Casey[ edit ] In "Prelude to the Big Noise" 64Batman discovers information on Superman's Kryptonian origins that place the two in danger unless Superman is willing to sacrifice himself.

However, Casey's original scripts were devoid of references to the crossovers, scrapping the plan for future stories in the intended vein. This is revealed as an induced dream created by Scarecrow who had captured them, but Batman is able to free himself and defeat the villain. In addition, this issue featured an all-star lineup, including Steven T. Kruland David Finch. Following Bruce Wayne's death during Final CrisisSuperman has trouble coping with his friend's death, even informing Dick Grayson that he is essentially wearing Bruce's skin by dressing as Batman, but a conversation with Wonder Woman allows Clark to accept what has happened to his friend and acknowledge Grayson as the new Batman.

After a shallow grave is discovered in Metropolis, Supergirl tries to get the help of Batman to investigate, but ends up only finding the current Robin Damian WayneEven not doing well, they discover that the victims are killed by a sudden heart attack and all of them are employers of LexCorp.

While infiltrating a party with another members, Supergirl finds the culprit to be The Scarecrow who wants revenge on Lex Luthor since the latter stole his Sinestro Corps power ring from him.

He then uses a concentrated version of the fear gas to make Supergirl hallucinate, but Robin manages to calm her down and the duo arrest Scarecrow.

Coming directly from the DC One Million storyline, Epoch The Lord of Time arrives in the rd century trying to conquering it and is quickly subdued by the Superman and Batman versions of that time. However, he reveals this all to be just a plan to get access to the Batcave and a powerful armor he uses to trap One Million Superman and Batman in an eternal time loop before going back and ends up battling Superman, Batman and Robin from the 21st century.

Epoch again gains the upper hand by trapping the three inside an impenetrable barrier, but the heroes free themselves using their science skills as Superman breaks his time travel device, sending the villain randomly through time back to the rd century, where he is finally arrested by the Superman and Batman from that time.

Phantom Stranger warns the Shadowpact about an upcoming magical threat. When they get to the appointed location, dozens of demons arise, followed by a silver-armored knight who fights them; after he is killed, the knight is revealed to be Superman.

When the real Superman is informed, an alternative Batman appears and abducts him; meanwhile, the real Batman is working together with Detective ChimpDoctor Occult and Klarion the Witch Boy to find the demons' source.

The strange Batman takes Superman to his world of origin-a possible future where the world was cursed in a spell summoned by the Coven, a group composed of Felix FaustMorgan Le FeyBrother Blood and Blackbriar Thorn. The future Batman reveals that the Coven plan to send a powerful monster through time to assure their victory in the past.

Supergirl and Batman Dick Grayson are trapped on the Justice League satellite with the Cyborg Superman and Doomsday, who are attempting to tear each other apart, and ends with Doomsday beating and taking both Supergirl and the Cyborg.

When the body of Garret Remington, a young journalist and friend of Perry Whiteis found in Metropolis, Clark Kent is assigned to the story. Somehow, Remington discovered Gotham City's greatest mystery: Batman warns Clark to stay away, especially after Clark finds Garret's original clue, a Batgadget with a Wayne Enterprises serial number that was left on by an inexperienced Batman.

Batman's own investigation reveals the murder culprit to be the Jokerwho attacks Clark for continuing Garret's story. Batman intervenes to protect Clark's secret identity. After apprehending Joker, Superman and Batman confront Martin Mayne, Garret Remington's boss, with the knowledge that he is the one who gave the tip to Joker in order to increase his newspaper's sales.

Although the duo do not have enough evidence for a conviction, they reveal that Bruce Wayne had bought the journal and fired him.